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Skinny Juice 07-17-2011 09:16 AM

Stone Temple Pilots -- Deadwood, SD -- July 14th, 2011
[B]Stone Temple Pilots - Deadwood, SD - July 14th, 2011[/B]
Opening bands: None
The show was held in the brand-new casino/hotel Deadwood Mountain Grand. It's a smaller venue, only holding 2,500 people.

I decided to go to this show a few days before, getting free tickets from the radio station I work at. Despite making a 4 hour drive, I didn't expect a whole lot from the band. I figured it'd be a decent show and I was more stoked to gamble and drink in Deadwood.

Luckily, I got a pleasant surprise and STP kicked some serious ass. After seeing footage of Scott Weiland butchering Dead & Bloated at a show last year, I expected the band to be fairly sloppy. They were tight, solid and played a killer set:

Crackerman :D
Wicked Garden
Heaven and Hot Rods :tongue:
Between the Lines
Hickory Dichotomy
Still Remains
Big Empty
Bi-Polar Bear
Superman Silvergun :D
Interstate Love Song
Big Bang Baby
Sex Type Thing
Dead & Bloated (w/ Audience Member singing intro) :tongue:
Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart

The show started almost abruptly. No openers, so STP took the stage about 8:20. They came out with Crackerman, and about 3/4's of the way through the song, the power to the P.A. went out. The band stood on stage for a few moments and Scott Weiland tried to address the crowd with his mega phone. But they ended up leaving the stage. Very, very odd. Considering this is only the 2nd show to be held at this venue (first rock show), I wasn't shocked about the delay. After a 20 minute delay, the band took the stage. Scott apologized about the "technilogical difficulties" and they kicked right back in to the part of Crackerman where they left off. That was pretty impressive

The set overall is really varied, with most of it from Core & Purple. Only 2 from the new album, I was happy it was only two. I was ecstatic that they played deeper cuts like Heaven & Hot Rods from No. 4 and Bi-polar Bear from Shang-ri-la-dee, while skipping songs like Sour Girl and Days of the Week :allan:.

They came out for their encore and Scott asked "Does anyone in the front couple rows know the words to our next song?" and he picked a guy from the crowd to come up. After whispering in his ear, the audience member takes the mic and belts out the intro to Dead & Bloated. The dude nailed it too.

I wasn't planning on posting a review to this show before going, but after seeing the band play a spot-on set, I almost felt obligated. Almost 20 years after Core came out, Scott can still hit the notes and the band was pure rock 'n roll. If you've been on the fence about a show near you, I recommend going. :horns:

The Ghost at Number One 07-17-2011 12:10 PM

Still Remains
Bi-Polar Bear[/QUOTE]Awesome.

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