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mankvill 06-27-2011 10:03 PM

Forbidden --- Kansas City, MO -- June 27th, 2011

What an amazing show! Every single band was spot-on and really fun. My neck is going to be killing me tomorrow.

I got to The Beaumont Club about halfway through local epic band Vanlade. For those who don't know, Vanlade play an infectious brand of power/speed metal, not too much unlike old-school Manowar or Judas Priest. They sounded great tonight and the crowd was receptive as always.

The first of the touring bands was Havok, and I was most excited to see them. I am a huge sucker for new thrash bands, and Havok pretty much stands far above the rest of the field. They opened their set with a savage one-two punch of "No Amensty" followed right by "Fatal Intervention" and every head was banging. They actually saw my post on Facebook about requesting a song off of their new album, which they obliged and thanked me for! The song was "DOA", and it sounded fantastic. They ended with yet another blistering rendition of "Afterburner" that immolated all posers within a 50 mile radius.

I was actually a little wary about White Wizzard being on the bill, but they were actually awesome! Every member of the band is really talented, especially their bassist! I only knew their opener "Over The Top" but they ripped through their set. I guarantee that if we could get a time machine and go get Iron Maiden circa 1979-1982 and bring them to modern times, they'd be White Wizzard.

Another big reason for attending this show was Revocation. It was my third time seeing them. Although the sound wasn't nearly as good as I wished it could be, the band more than made up for it. Dave Davidson really earned his title of the Best Modern Metal Guitarist from MetalSucks. His solo on "Age of Iniquity" was worth the price of admission alone, and they've gotten so good at playing "Dismantle The Dictator" that the performance of that song will be considered legendary in time.

I can cross Forbidden off my list of legendary thrash bands to see. I had so much fun screaming along with them to classics like "Step By Step" and "Off The Edge", but even their new songs ripped, especially "Omega Wave"! Their setlist on the stage had only 10 songs on it, but they added a few, including "RIP" and a cover of Black Sabbath's "Children Of The Sea" which sounded surprisingly great! They ended the set with thrash anthem "Chalice Of Blood" and members of all the opening bands came out to sing the chorus. It was a fantastic way to end the night. Although there weren't a ton of people at this show, we let Forbidden and all the other bands know that we really appreciated and loved them for coming through time. Now to go rest my neck...

Forbidden setlist:

Forsaken at the Gates
Off the Edge
Forbidden Evil
Step by Step
Adapt or Die
Omega Wave
Twisted Into Form
Through Eyes of Glass
Children Of The Sea (Black Sabbath cover)
Chalice of Blood

Revocation setlist:

Cradle Robber (new song)
Age of Iniquity
Dismantle the Dictator
Conjuring the Cataclysm (new song)

White Wizzard partial setlist:

Over The Top
White Wizzard
High Speed GTO

Havok setlist:

No Amnesty
Fatal Intervention
Morbid Symmetry
Covering Fire

Vanlade partial setlist:

Life By The Blade
Blood Eagle

Forbidden: 9/10
Revocation: 8.5/10
White Wizzard: 8/10
Havok: 9.5/10
Vanlade: 8/10

NecroRob 06-27-2011 11:10 PM


They actually saw my post on Facebook about requesting a song off of their new album, which they obliged and thanked me for! The song was "DOA", and it sounded fantastic. [/QUOTE]

That's pretty fuckin sick, especially considering that song rips :rocker:

[email protected] 06-28-2011 10:27 AM

Forbidden mixing it up a little from their Chicago show. Good to know they make changes along the tour to make it a little more special for those who attend the show.

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