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sarsip 06-27-2011 06:17 PM

Uriah Heep -- Ridgefield, CT -- June 25th, 2011
I have never seen them. When shows were announced I made plans to go.

Venue- (Ridgefield Playhouse)The venue was actually an old school auditorium doctored up nicely. Good size stage and seriously great sound! Along the upper trim above the stage the names of some of the great composers were etched. The only names missing were Tipton, Downing, and Halford.

Opener- Whitewood is a cover band specializing in southern rock. Here's the set-

Flirtin' With Disaster
I Know a Little:D
Green Grass and High Tides
Can't You See :party:
Red, White, and Blue

Fantastic choice to open this show! The crowd really embraced them.

Heep Set;

I'm Ready
Return To Fantasy
Rainbow Demon :drool:
Money Talk
Nail To The Head
The Wizard
Into The Wild
Look At Yourself
Kiss of Freedom
July Morning
Lady In Black


Free and Easy
Bird of Prey
Easy Livin'

The sound was amazing! The band was really tight and right on. During Free and Easy, Mick Box invited headbangers on stage to participate. Pretty cool.

What bugged me was the crowd's lack of interest for the new songs. When older bands come back the old farts in the audience don't care for the new music. Too bad, because the new tunes were great!

Final thoughts-

-The executive director had larger biceps than me. She should be a bouncer in her own venue.
-I would wear the same zebra cowboy boots Bernie wore
-I question liquor sales at a show like this. Maybe with chasers of Geritol?
- Large women with limited physical abilities should never attempt to climb on stage

Travis The Dragon 06-27-2011 07:43 PM

I'm so glad you enjoyed your first UH show so much! My dad and I saw them last year and they were just as amazing.

Jasonic 07-27-2011 07:10 AM

I hope to see them in a couple weeks.
I saw them last year and they were amazing.

I too was a little disappointed at the lack of crowd response.

Unfortunately, unlike bands like RUSH, DEEP PURPLE, etc, most of the younger generation of hard rock and metal fans have not yet discovered the Heep!

I am 36 and was EASILY the youngest person in the crowd when I saw them last year.

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