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adamclark52 06-26-2011 05:40 PM

Entombed -- Toronto, Ontario -- June 1st, 2010
Yeah I know this was a year ago, I don't know why I never posted it then. I've only got Entombed's setlist but that was sort of all that mattered that night. They hadn't played Toronto in a LONG time.

the opening acts were Ending Tryanny, a deathcore band from Hamilton, Ontario. They weren't my thing. After them was Rumplestiltskin Grinder. They were actually really good. The singer was pretty funny. I don't know any of their material but they played one song that had a beat that sort of reminded me of Metallicas [I]Leper Messiah [/I]which was really good. If anyone knows what song that could be I'd really like to know.

There were rumors of a delay at the airport but thankfully Entombed were up next.

(intro) DCLXVI
1. Eye For An Eye
2. Demon
3. Wolverine Blues
4. When In Sodom
5. Crawl
6. Supposed to Rot
7. Serpent Saints
8. ?
9. Sinners Bleed :rocker:
10. ?
11. Stranger Aeons
12. Damn Deal Done
13. Night of the Vampire
14. Left Hand Path

They sounded great. Highlights had to be [I]When In Sodom, Crawl, Sinners Bleed and Night of the Vampire[/I]. Not sure what the two "?" were, they must have been from the albums between DCLXVI and Serpent Saints. L-G Petrov walked on stage looking like he'd already been on stage for two hours and Alex looked like he should have been in a different band. He was very clean compared to the other three. If there's ANY complaint from this show it's that they really need a second guitarist live. Whenever Alex broke for a solo the sound kinda died. That's what kept the show from being a 5/5.

The crowd thinned out for co-headliners Obituary who played pretty much the same setlist from any other show posted here on metalsetlists.com from the last five years. They were good, I am a fan, but the night belonged to Entombed.

sarsip 06-27-2011 05:50 PM

Last time I saw them they were AWESOME!! Great they played Night of The Vampire!!

Epidemic Reign 06-28-2011 01:12 AM

Hopefully at least one of those ?'s pertains to the "Inferno" album. Great fucking album.

adamclark52 06-28-2011 08:54 AM

[QUOTE=sarsip;370826]Last time I saw them they were AWESOME!! Great they played Night of The Vampire!![/QUOTE]

Yeah, that was a real surprise. But like I said, that song really needed a second guitar to fill in the sound. Hell, I think that song could have four guitar's going with all the feedback that's layered into the studio version.

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