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ravenheart 06-09-2011 05:45 PM

Sweden Rock Festival -- Solvesborg, Sweden -- June 8th-11th, 2011

Who Wants To Rock?
The House That Peterbilt
Pure Rock Fury
The Mob Goes Wild
Profits of Doom
50,000 Unstoppable Watts
Animal Farm
Struck Down
Red Horse Rainbow
The Elephant Riders
King of Arizona
Child of The City
Cypress Grove
A Shogun Named Marcus
Electric Worry

Get Started
I Don't Believe In Love
A Dead Man's Words
Hit The Black
The Hands
At 30,000 Feet
Screaming In Digital
Real World
The Lady Wore Black
All Around The World
Walk In The Shadows
Silent Lucidity
Jet City Woman

[URL="http://www.jukeboxmetal.com/2011/queensryche-sweden-rock-festival-2011-photo-gallery/"]Queensryche photos[/URL]

Teutonic Terror
Bucket Full of Hate
New World Comin'
Restless And Wild
Metal Heart
Losers And Winners
Princess of The Dawn
Up To The Limit
No Shelter
Fast As A Shark
Balls To The Wall

[URL="http://www.jukeboxmetal.com/2011/accept-sweden-rock-festival-2011-photo-gallery/"]Accept photos[/URL]

[b]The Cult[/b]
Everyman And Woman Is A Star
Electric Ocean
Sweet Soul Sister
Horse Nation
The Phoenix
Fire Woman
Lil' Devil
Dirty Little Rockstar
Wild Flower
She Sells Sanctuary
Love Removal Machine
Break On Through (To The Other Side)

Hammer of The Gods
Heavy Metal Thunder
Motorcycle Man
Back In '79
Never Surrender
Fire In The Sky
Midnight Rider
And The Bands Played On
Rock n Roll Gypsy
The Eagle Has Landed
Play It Loud
Rough & Ready
Out of Control
Denim And Leather
Princess of The Night
747 (Strangers In The Night)
Bass solo >
Strong Arm of The Law >
Guitar solo (Doug) >
Wheels of Steel

[b]Judas Priest[/b]
Rapid Fire
Metal Gods
Heading Out to the Highway
Judas Rising
Victim of Changes
Never Satisfied
Diamonds & Rust
Night Crawler
Turbo Lover
Beyond the Realms of Death
The Sentinel
Blood Red Skies
The Green Manalishi (With the Two-Pronged Crown)
Breaking the Law
Electric Eye
Hell Bent for Leather
You've Got Another Thing Comin'

[i]FRIDAY JUNE 10[/i]

Blood Pollution
Gimme Gimme
Like Never Before
Black Dog
We All Die Young
Buried Unkind
Everybody Loves Eileen
Stand Up
She's Gone

[b]Mr. Big[/b]
Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy
Take Cover
Green-Tinted Sixties Mind
Alive And Kickin'
American Beauty
Just Take My Heart
Merciless >
Guitar solo >
Still Ain't Enough For Me
Road To Ruin
Price You Gotta Pay
Colorado Bulldog
Around The World
As Far As I Can See
Bass solo >
Addicted To That Rush
To Be With You

[URL="http://www.jukeboxmetal.com/2011/mr-big-sweden-rock-festival-2011-photo-gallery/"]Mr. Big photos[/URL]

[b]Iced Earth[/b]
Burning Times
Declaration Day
Vengeance Is Mine
Last December
Travel In Stygian
I Died For You
The Hunter
Birth of The Wicked
The Coming Curse
Iced Earth

[URL="http://www.jukeboxmetal.com/2011/iced-earth-sweden-rock-2011-photo-gallery/"]Iced Earth photos[/URL]

Hail The Leaf
Lysergik Funeral Procession
The Path
Losing All
New Orleans Is A Dying Whore
Pillars of Eternity
Ghosts Along The Mississippi
Swan Song
Temptations Wings
Eyes of The South
Stone The Crow
Bury Me In Smoke

[URL="http://www.jukeboxmetal.com/2011/down-sweden-rock-festival-2011-photo-gallery/"]Down photos[/URL]

[b]Rob Zombie[/b]
What Lurks on Channel X?
Scum of the Earth
Living Dead Girl
More Human Than Human
Demonoid Phenomenon
Mars Needs Women
House of 1000 Corpses
Drum Solo
Never Gonna Stop (The Red, Red Kroovy)
Demon Speeding
Super-Charger Heaven
Thunder Kiss '65
Pussy Liquor
Lords of Salem

The Green and Black
E.vil N.ever D.ies
Rotten to the Core
Give a Little
Bring Me the Night
Hello from the Gutter
Death Rider
The Beast Within
In Union We Stand
Old School
Fuck You!!!


[b]Molly Hatchet[/b]
Whiskey Man
Bounty Hunter
Gator Country
Been To Heaven - Been To Hell
Fall of The Peacemakers
Drum Solo >
Beatin' The Odds
Live Til I Die
Darkness of The Night
Jukin' City
Dreams I'll Never See
The Journey
Flirtin' With Disaster

[b]Rhapsody of Fire[/b]
Triumph Or Agony
Holy Thunderforce
The Village of Dwarves
On The Way To Ainor
Dawn of Victory
Lamento Eroico
Unholy Warcry
The March of The Swordmaster
Reign of Terror
Emerald Sword

[b]Black Label Society[/b]
Crazy Horse
Funeral Bell
Bleed For Me
Demise of Sanity
Parade of The Dead >
Born To Lose
Darkest Days
Fire It Up >
Guitar solo >
Godspeed Hell Bound
The Blessed Hellride
Suicide Messiah
Concrete Jungle

[b]Rage[/b] (Acoustic set)
Lord of The Flies
Wake The Nightmares (Falling From Grace, Pt. 1)
Turn The Page
Deep In The Night
Days of December
After The End
Through Ages
Empty Hollow
All This Time
Straight To Hell
Don't Fear The Winter (Jazz Jam)
Higher Than The Sky

[b]Ozzy Osbourne[/b]
I Don't Know
Suicide Solution
Mr. Crowley
Goodbye To Romance
Bark At The Moon
Road To Nowhere
Shot In The Dark >
Guitar solo >
Rat Salad
Iron Man
Fairies Wear Boots
I Don't Want To Change The World
Crazy Train
Mama, I'm Coming Home

mankvill 06-09-2011 05:48 PM


MPF 06-09-2011 06:34 PM


It makes sense to me. Considering this is taking place in Sweden and it's now Friday over there.

treghet 06-09-2011 06:58 PM


It makes sense to me. Considering this is taking place in Sweden and it's now Friday over there.[/QUOTE]

He was joking.

stylesclash516 06-09-2011 07:06 PM

[QUOTE=ravenheart;366699][i]Thursday June 9[/i]


A Shogun Named Marcus


300%_Density 06-09-2011 09:21 PM


Who Wants To Rock?
The House That Peterbilt
Profits of Doom
Animal Farm
A Shogun Named Marcus

Son of a bitch. Fucking amazing. Even just as an intro I've always wanted to hear them do Who Wants To Rock. Then Animal Farm? Even for a non-headling set that is fucking phenomenal. :party:

Onioner 06-09-2011 09:31 PM

ravenheart, do you think the song after Child of the City was a new song or one from their catalog that you just didn't recognize? If it was new, was it any way better than the songs from SCftW?

Maiden33 06-09-2011 09:34 PM

Decent Queensryche setlist - wouldn't be too upset to get that in August. Could use a bit more old stuff but it could be worse. NM156/Screaming in Digital back to back = awesome.

MetalDoug 06-10-2011 01:46 AM

Oh! ... posts from the future! I need the Ozzy setlist please, so if i see he will add "Fly High Again" and "No More Tears" to the set i can take a 2-hour flight from London to Sweden!

tolvis 06-10-2011 04:34 AM

I have the setlists for thursday´s Morbid Angel (they played "I am morbid" for the first time), Dan Reed, FM and Duff McKagan. Will post efter tomorrow.

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