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hot_turkey_ed 05-19-2005 12:48 PM

Otep w/ Devil Inside -- San Francisco, CA -- May 18th, 2005 (Review & Set List)
TOUR: Otep
SUPPORT: Gizmachi, Devil Inside, Days End, Hostility
VENUE: The Pound -- San Francisco, CA
DATE: Monday, May 17th, 2005
GEAR WORN: Megadeth Hoodie Over White Risk Shirt
REVIEWED: May 18th, 2005

I took a leak in a real toilet at the Pound last night! Working Plumbing! My favorite shit hole is moving up in the world! I didnít see any rats this time either!

Lokia was ringleader on this one. Bouville and I made an attempt to witness Otepís ritual last January but left the building as she came on stage way too late. We suffered through a number of support bands that we fucking hated and lost all interest in the concert. Lokia went for Otep; I, for a support band called Devil Inside.

To slap a hand first: shame on the Pound for not even the illusion of security.

Hostility (a local band?) opened the night, but we (ok, I) was late and missed them. Days End was already in mid-set by time we took position. My first thoughts about this band: ďAn Australian Killswitch Engage.Ē Days End had their moments on stage but unfortunately those moments were all too brief for my liking. Their bass player was an added bonus: a fairly hot blond Sheila but I lost a bit of interest when I saw her paying with a pick and not her fingers. Days End played to maybe 100 people and didnít get an an enthusiastic crowd reaction.

As they were breaking their equipment, NWAís ďFuck The PoliceĒ came over the PA. I donít mind the rap; many of the white kids at my college listened to it back in the day. The problem is the fact YOU DONíT PLAY RAP AT A FUCKING METAL CONCERT! EVER! The Pound must have a got a fucking clue because Motorheadís ďKilled By DeathĒ came on right after it.

Devil Inside was everything I expected. Their set was similar to the last time I saw them as support for Cryptopsy. The band takes few breaks between songs, lending to a perception that their set is not long on quantity. It doesnít really matter to me because Devil Inside is all about the rhythm. I can just lock into their music. Jay Talbott, the lead singer, could be growling ďMary Had A Little LambĒ (the lamb wouldnít be too happy about it but it would be perversely metal for Mary. ;) and I wouldnít care because their music induces spams in my neck and body.

During their support for Cryptopsy, Jay screamed for a circle pit and jumped into the crowd to start it up. This time, two guys that I swear were their roadies went into the pit and started moshing and hxc dancing, at times even climbing around the iron support beams across the ceiling dangling their feet and kicking to the music.

Later in the set, he asked ďWe were here about a month and half ago supporting Cryptopsy. Who was here for it?Ē Two of us raised horns, which won acknowledgment. ďI guess not many from this crowd.Ē I might have been the only one specifically in attendance to see them. Iím brining friends next time.

A few moshers started a pit (I didnít join in) during the set but the problem was that the tallest-most muscular-cut dude was a woman. She wasnít getting or giving the toughest hits but she was still a sight. I didnít mosh but damn me if I didnít want someone to come barrelling out of the pit so I could take a shot. One guy came close enough that I got a solid elbow shot but most of time I ended up stepping in from of Lokia (who is more than capable of handling herself but habits are habits) and ruining her targets. :snivel:

Look for more information in the Support Spotlight shortly. These guys are two for two in my book. Devil Inside has spunk, are fun to watch, and Iíll be damn sure to see them again when they tour through the area again. They performed well enough that tto make the bill on this review. OUT-FUCKING-STANDING, guys!

Their set list was roughly the same as last time, as far I can guess. Before it was:

34 Months For Nothing
Swallowing Razor Blades
Conflicted Conditioned
Bane Of Existence
Kiss The Cynic
Breath Fear
Dead Wrong

Since Iím behind on my reviews, you donít know about the first time Iíd heard Devil Inside. One of the guitar players wrote down the set list with a huge smile on his face -- a nice guy - while working his merch booth. I bought a CD in January; I wish they had another available to buy.

About 200-250 people saw Devil Inside. Less than 50 people remained on the rail for Gizmachi, so few that you almost count them. Another 50 lurked around behind them. Yes, they can play their instruments. Yes, they are playing on stage and Iím not. All of you know I hate ripping bands, but I have to ask a simple question. Who did they have to fuck to get on Ozzfest? The band thanked San Francisco for having them midway through their the set and NO ONE clapped. Iíve never seen that before. I actually felt bad for them.

How badly did Gizmachi damage the momentum that Devil Inside built up? When Otep came on stage, 150 +/- were left in the crowd. Those of you familiar with the Pound will relate to this.. you know the merch table table on the left by the bar? The crowd barely reached it horizontally at its center deepest. I was able to walk up to the side rail and the side of the stage without even having to say ďExcuse meĒ and take a few pictures. In fact, I have one with Lokia center rail worshipping her princess.

Otepís merch guy spent a lot of time away from the table and I doubt anyone stole anything, as I was watching out of the corner of my eye.

Lokia identifies with Otep; I suggest everyone read her review for insight. I donít identify with Otep, and quite frankly disagree with her about almost everything, Am I supposed to listen to Menocide and go euphoric ? Itís not going to happen. Same with Jonestown Tea.. a song about incest. What I value about Otep is her art. Make no mistake about it.. it is art.

Otep wore a Nirvana shirt. Enough said. Automatic full point Eddie reduction.


That's our angelic Lokia staring up at a hunched Otep center stage. Bouville is no doubt proud of her. :horns:

Otep's stage show has a few props, like the pig's head, but is primarily just her pouring her heart (ache) out to her fans. I totally agree with Lokia regarding performance / acting / etc.

Last night was the first show that felt like I was on the job, as if I was just there to do a review. I attended for two reasons: Lokia wanted to go (she goes to all our crappy shows) and I was curious how House Of Secrets translated in a live performance. I didnít leave hating the band; I left not caring at all. It is the opposite of a mandatory 9 Eddie performance that moves me from nowhere to Euphoria.

How the fuck I am supposed to review Otep? I only remained in case Lokia needed someone to walk her to her car. I recognize Otepís art and argue they are good at what do. I canít identify with her lyrics, yet think highly enough of their expressions to have today bought the album I didnít own, Sevas Tra, primarily for a song that is a hard listen. Otep played before a small house last night like they played Ozzfest, and fans always love to see that. Members of the band came out and mingled afterwards too. Nice, guys.

I almost forget to call Otep a commie bitch. ;) Glad I remembered. Yeah Shamaya, it is your country too. I do respect your art. Right, Left.. to paraphrase Lethal Weapon.. they're trying to fuck us all in the drive through. You get a pass for everything but the Nirvana shirt. ;) Five Eddies.


Otep's Set List (obtained from Evil J after the show By Lokia):

*Requiem (intro)
Battle ready
Blood Pigs
My Confession
Jonestown Tea
*Shattered Pieces (outro)


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