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Dissimulate 06-01-2011 03:13 PM

Illud Divinum Ins-anus
Well it leaked, so here it is. Bottom line, it fucking sucks. I could write more but I honestly don't have the heart to listen to this again after the first few songs.

Omni Potens: Intro. Plodding drums and dumb chanting. Made me laugh how cheesy it is. 4/10.

Too Extreme: Ugh. The drumming is supposed to sound like electronic music or something, but it just ends up monotonous. For 4 minutes, the same riff is repeated, punctuated only by a very out of place bass break and a few annoying stops. After that, it transitions to a new riff, not much better sounding, before going back to the first riff again. You can tell that the drumming talents are being wasted. Really repetitive. And the lyrics: "We are your new religion/No religion." Double ugh. 2/10.

Existo Vulgore: Nothing new to add. Decent but not spectacular. 7/10.

Blades of Baal: CLICKCLICKCLICKCLICK goes the drums. Riffing is mediocre, way too much tremolo picking. Overall writing reminds me a lot of blackened death metal, not very MA. 2:30 ish in, a slower part starts. It's pretty good, and you get the impression that Dethstructor writes better slow. You hear a solo for the second time on the whole record around 3:15. Alright, but didn't wow me. Quite disappointing from someone of Trey's caliber. There's a cool thrashy part after the solo then the chorus is repeated. Would be much better if it was written as a slower song. 6/10.

I Am Morbid: Starts off with a crowd chanting the word "Morbid" over top of a guitar riff. The riff that starts off sounds decent. Then the bridge hits. I had to go listen to this again to make sure I heard it right. This is arena metal bullshit. Morbid Crue. It sounds so hilariously out of place. Even the short solo is mediocre and tinged with that arena metal sound. Further riffs consist of a really lame melo-death tinged riff and what sounds like a Metallica rip-off. The one saving grace on the track is the solo. It sounds slightly muted and less chaotic then Trey's usual fare, but still is good. Parts of it have a really cool pseudo-Egyptian sound. The worst part is this had so much potential. Death metal written for arenas would be cool if someone else did it. 3/10.

10 More Dead: This starts off with a really cool sounding crawling octave riff. Think about a song relying heavily on the octave sounds in God of Emptiness. The first memorable riff since Vulgore. The chugging part isn't great, but isn't as offensive as other parts of the album. Trey insisted on ruining the chorus with a stupid processed rendition of the title and some random synth sounds. The break in the middle is cool. Has a nice thrashy feel, and for the first time so far Dave sounds slightly menacing. The solo here is a classic Morbid Angel solo, nice and chaotic. Overall one of the (so far the only ) standout on the album. 8/10.

Destructos...: Oh fuck. The remix of this only made me laugh, but this makes me want to go into the fetal position weeping and clutching Altars on vinyl. It starts off with an electronic-sounding beat, that would have been a cool intro. The beat is accompanied by chugging guitars which apparently only have three different chords. Repetitive as all hell. The lyrics have been pretty bad so far, but this is just a new dimension of shit. This sounds like a 7 year old who decided Galactus is the baddest fucker in the universe and wrote a song about him. "No mercy from annihilation/No mercy from Destructonation". The high voice in the chorus chanting "Destructos" is embarrassingly bad. The guitar part 3:45 is not all bad, but is ruined by repeating it verbatim over and over again, just like any other potential cool riff in this song. This song literally sounds like they stole a bad techno song and layered guitars over it. Attack is just 30s blast beating. 0/10.

(At this point I just lost the will to review/live. If it gets lots of text, it's cause something sucks)

Nevermore: Just when you think that all hope is gone, you hear this. Again, people have beat this to death already. 8/10

Beauty Meets Beast: Riffing is decent, but forgettable. This has an amazing solo on it though, really chaotic but a bit short sounding. 6/10.

Radikult: And the shitstorm swings back around and hits us again. If you thought Destructos was bad, you'll love this. Intro is generic sounding phased guitar underpinned by a generic drum beat. Then it breaks into full out White Zombie shitty industrial rock mode. I can't express how bad this is in words. The stupid bass breaks. The lyrics. I swear I heard Dave call something a "sick crew". "The fear is cause we're physical and rational". This literally does not sound anything like a MA song. It's like a train derailing. You don't want to keep paying attention but can't look away. The solo is alright, but sounds like Trey had to do it but didn't want to. Then back to the suck. Some lame electronic sounds and what appears to be a reprise of Omni Potens to end it. You won't believe how bad this one is until you hear it. -10/10.

Profundis: Parts sound cool, parts sound boring and repetitive. Not even giving this one a score because after radikult I just don't give a fuck anymore.

Overall the album is mediocre, mismatched, and repetitive. With two exceptions, notable for being written 10 years ago/by a guy who had no part in the classic lineup, this album comes nowhere close to any other Morbid Angel album. A drastic departure from their usual sound. Sure, there have always been electronic influences on MA's work, but on the old ones it actually worked. Not only is this a musical departure, it's a thematic departure. In the 90s nobody would have imagined MA abandoning it's lyrics of Lovecraft and Sumerian gods for arena rock and techno stylings. The drumming is decent, if not memorable, and and fast parts are processed to hell. Didn't even notice the bass unless it was in a stupid fucking bass break. Guitar sounded good, solos are noticeably inferior. Vocals just sound like Dave isn't even trying and adopted a slight growl that should belong to a thrash band. This album is either going to kill the band or force them to do what Craptopsy is hopefully doing with Jon back and stop fucking around.

As an album: 3/10. Two good, some meh, and a whole lot of suck.
As a Morbid Angel album: -235/10 (a step above the whole Craptopsy debacle, but not by much).

Verdict: avoid it like it were a virus that imploded your penis.

OraclesofAgony 06-01-2011 03:30 PM

[QUOTE]Radikult: ................-10/10.[/QUOTE]

So bad that it's good? ;)

OraclesofAgony 06-01-2011 03:33 PM

I agree with your review mostly, but I like I Am Morbid for some reason.

Dissimulate 06-01-2011 03:48 PM

[QUOTE=srm90;364823]So bad that it's good? ;)[/QUOTE]
Negative sign:D

OraclesofAgony 06-01-2011 03:50 PM

[QUOTE=Dissimulate;364827]Negative sign:D[/QUOTE]

Oh wow lol I didn't even see that.

treghet 06-02-2011 09:42 AM

Morbid Anal has really made a stinker this time.

larvtard 06-02-2011 10:10 AM

spinning [I]Altars [/I]right now to remind myself that this band is still great. It's working... :bliss:

treghet 06-03-2011 09:40 PM

In a perfect world this album would have been great and this would have been the cover for it. It's not that it's a great cover, but it's better than the one they chose and it's just being used a pointless greeting image on their Facebook page.


OraclesofAgony 06-03-2011 10:03 PM

[QUOTE=treghet;365349]In a perfect world this album would have been great and this would have been the cover for it. It's not that it's a great cover, but it's better than the one they chose and it's just being used a pointless greeting image on their Facebook page.


Exactly. When I first saw that pic I was like "Oh, please be the album cover!". Listening to the live versions of Nevermore while looking at that pic conjured up so much optimism in me. And now those days of innocence are gone. It all came crashing down in a matter of weeks, from the album cover, to the song titles, to the samples, and now the actual album.

I will admit though that I'm liking the proper Morbid Angel songs on the new album more as I listen to them. I even dig I Am Morbid. But I will never like the industrial shite. And I will never accept these horrid lyrics or the spirit of the album as a whole.

John The Drummer 06-06-2011 12:43 PM

So, I finally listened to a few select tracks off this album.... goddamn it sucked ANUS.

Radikult is probably the worst song I've ever heard. "It sounds like Marlyn Manson, meets Static-X, with two guys sucking each other off" says my guitarist.

"The radicals are here to say yay" is that seriously the line before the chorus!?

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