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BrutalN00dle 05-10-2011 09:16 PM

Destruction -- Baltimore, MD -- May 10th, 2011

Dying Season
Controlled by Chaos
Arrows of Agony
Open the Grave


Curse the Gods
Mad Butcher
Eternal Ban
Hate is My Fuel
Life Without Sense
Invincible Force :rocker:
Thrash Till' Death
Nailed to the Cross
Devil's Advocate
Death Trap
Bestial Invasion
Release from Agony
Total Desaster

Tiny crowd, just like the last time I saw Destruction. Unlike the last time I saw Destruction, they kicked ass. Warbeast was alright, I was hoping for a bit more out of the remains of the mighty Gammacide.

Anyway, the sole reason I chose to see this show in Baltimore rather than Virginia is that fucking HEATHEN were playing (still bummed about Destroyer but Heathen rarely tours either). So they took the stage, and Lee looked really pissed, though playing perfectly, I couldn't figure out why until they stopped after Hypnotized, their set had three more songs on it, I guess they got told to cut it back after seeing the dismal turnout. They performed very well, but the vocals were a bit drowned.

Then Destruction, opening with Curse the Gods. Killer. Schmier's vocals were more audible but Mike's guitar was quieter than the preceding bands, irrelevant in hindsight. Schmier had a good attitude about the crowd, and instead of playing Metal Discharge said something to the effect of "request set? We can do that! What do you wanna hear?" I was screaming for Bullets from Hell or Confound Games, but he decided in Invincible Force, and that fucking ruled. It would seem that Death Trap is now permanently in the setlist. To my knowledge, they cut: Metal Discharge, The Price, and The Butcher Strikes Back; I'm not too torn up about losing those. Getting to the end Schmier was joking about what song to play and said something like "We could do Mad Butcher again! You want us to do that? How about we play something better... BESTIAL INVASION" which followed thusly. Then Release From Agony with the Heathen guitarist, and of course Total Desaster. Great performance by the German stalwarts.

treghet 05-10-2011 09:20 PM

Yesssssssss Invincible Force! :rocker: You're lucky you got that, Death Trap, and Bestial Invasion. :drool:

camby118 05-12-2011 11:00 AM

Funny, I saw this tour last night. Warbeast was probably the loudest band I've ever seen. Heathen's guitars were really low and Dave's vocals were very prominent. And Destruction's vocals and guitar were up there.

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