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DethMaiden 05-01-2011 07:35 AM

Deschain -- Bloomington, IN -- April 30th, 2011
$2 local show last night. Racebannon (they're signed and have been written about in, like, real magazines) headlined - they do kind of that avant-grind thing, but are just way more out there than KEN Mode. Fun set. Thorr-Axe are a three-piece playing straight High on Fire worship that I oddly like better than the real High on Fire. Their riffs, their stage presence, the fact that the singer/guitarist looks about 15 and belts out these insane deep vocals and riffs and solos...tons of fun. Also enjoyed an Upland Bad Elmer's Porter during their set, which just felt fucking right. Thanasphere are shitty. They started as Lamb of God worship but are trying to transition into Gothenburg worship and unsurprisingly it's the worst thing ever.

Then my dudes in Deschain opened the show with a pretty long set that was AMAZING, honestly one of the best black metal sets I've seen. Their album has godawful production so I guess I didn't really realize how awesome the songs were, but I told my friends in the band this last night and meant every word: If Chris Bruni had been in the audience, they'd be on Profound Lore by this morning. I'd like to recommend their album, but I'd say just have an open mind about the production and try to hear how awesome the songs would be if they were being played live/recorded better. I got my goddamn mind blown by some of my best friends, which is always a nice feeling. Also, a sorority girl friend of mine came on my recommendation, has never heard a black metal song before, and thought they were amazing. 'Nuff said. Set was as follows:

Upon the Oaken Throne
Black Horses
Epitaphs II (Written in Sand)


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