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devilball 04-20-2011 02:51 AM

KK Downing leaves Judas Priest!!
New link -


ravenheart 04-20-2011 02:58 AM

OK, that makes no sense.

Your link doesn't work either.

Tour goes ahead, new album goes ahead, replacement is an unknown guy called Richie Faulkner.

And the press release also confirms that not only will the set include songs from every Priest album, some of those will be songs they've never played live.

Maidenmagic 04-20-2011 06:21 AM

Now if Scott Travis or Ian Hill left it wouldn't be a big deal. Those guys, although good musicians, haven't exactly written alot. Priest at its core is Halford, Tipton, Downing. That's where most of those bad ass tunes come from. The fact that the audience is going to see an weakened Judas Priest is kind of sad. Despite the fact that he played with Lauren Harris (Daughter of a Master composer), this Faulkner guy will probably do a good job. But it just won't be the same. Hopefully they play Cathedral Spires and Rocka Rolla.

Maideneer 04-20-2011 06:38 AM

This just stunned me, and this has to be a first in music history re: going on a farewell tour with a new member of the band. Gee, farewell, young 31-year old, what a career and we hardly knew thee!

At this point, turn the thing into a circus and bring back Ripper, Al Atkins, the black guy, and the other child molester drummer for a few songs each and just be done with it.

What kind of goodbye will it be to someone no one has ever seen before? Quit now, abandon the farewell tour idea, and say goodbye respectfully.

We would laugh just as hard if Dave Murray or Rudolf Schenker or Kirk Hammett left their bands right before a goodbye tour.

Judas Priest played this all wrong, cementing a permanent replacement for this thing. At the very least, they should have tapped into the amazing resource of having an already established superstar acting as a "guest guitarist" for a couple weeks at a time e.g. Yngwie, Satriani, Marty Friedman, in other words, all the guys who list JP as a major influence on their lives.

What a joke, if they announce a U.S. tour I expect to pay no more than $20 for this instantly-altered cover band.

makethemsuffer12 04-20-2011 06:52 AM

This is just not right. I mean really, K.K., if this tour is meant to be the final stretch, you really couldn't hold it out long enough?

JRA 04-20-2011 07:00 AM

Holy fucking shit!

Agreed with Makethemsuffer's comments.

ChildrenofSodom 04-20-2011 07:15 AM

2 thoughts:

First, that young punk is going to make the side-leaning riff move look weird.

Second, how awesome would it be to be a 31 year old, on stage with one of your idols, and getting to do that side-leaning riff move?

Derelict 04-20-2011 07:17 AM

Strange to leave right before the farewell tour, and what is probably a pretty sweet payday. Something really had to be bothering him

es156 04-20-2011 07:22 AM

I would have to assume that there would be a serious reason for something like this to happen. I don't think he would just suddenly decide he wasn't interested in doing the final tour anymore.

ravenheart 04-20-2011 08:01 AM

[QUOTE=Maidenmagic;354543]Despite the fact that he played with Lauren Harris (Daughter of a Master composer), this Faulkner guy will probably do a good job[/QUOTE]

Oh shit, you're right! That's where I know the name from. He's the Zakk Wylde impersonator from her solo band.

He was the only good thing in that band when I saw them.

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