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sarsip 03-27-2011 06:59 AM

Spectacle of Sin -- Burlington, VT -- March 26th, 2011
This was the fifth installment of this event. The Metal Band Amadis sponsors a night for people to " experience their dark side ". Or " The VT Gothic Gala and S&M Ball ". I was unsure what to expect, but I have been looking forward to going. My primary reason for going was for Amadis.

I don't advocate or glorify drug use, but frankly some extra enhancement at this event would have topped the cake!

Basically, people dressed in provocative clothes. Some ladies looked quite stimulating in revealing corsets, spike high heels, and of course see-through mesh mini-skirts. A DJ spun various dark/heavy techno music while people danced or absorbed the ambiance.

What I saw of the show involved various dance numbers by women dressed in scantily clothes, a woman with a hula-hoop(Where the fuck are we New Hampshire?), and a weird balloon guy. This was all before Amadis.

Amadis is a traditional power metal band. They have been around for a few years. The first time I saw them was 2007. Here are some of the song titles;

Heavy Metal World
The Last Gaul
Hell Devil
Operation Rock and Roll

They were really great! This was the best show of the four times I have seen them! I was surprised at the crowds involvement and participation. They are a great band that deserves a good following!

We left after the band to pursue other ventures........singing Heaven and Hell at karaoke!!

sarsip 03-27-2011 07:57 AM

How could I forget the song Leatherhouse.......

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