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Motograter_Ghost 02-04-2011 02:55 PM

Cradle of Filth -- Dallas, TX -- February 2nd, 2011
So, drove down from Missouri for the Houston show and got snowed out of my state (Missouri) so I figured why not go to another show in Dallas?? So I did!

Made it to the rail again, as the rail is my permanant location for pretty much any concert I go to..IM ADDICTED! The way I figure it if you're not willin to get in there and get your hands dirty, why even go

First up this time around, Daniel Lioneye, my NUMERO UNO reason for going. :rocker: Manu was really diggin the crowd. It seemed as tho alot of people in Dallas had heard their music and had a good following which has me pretty excited for my boys :) Alot of energy from Manu, alot of smiles and playin around. Vocals were right on! Seppo....poor Seppo...he was really hurtin up there and Im sure starting with Euroshaman was the cherry to top it all but he did great. He really puts in full force to his drumming and he hits every beat and his fills are to die for and by the workout he gets from that base pedal Im surprised he can even feel his legs..lol. I'd be watching him drum and he'd look up to the sky with this look on his face like "OH MY GOD THIS HURTS!" and blowing his hair out of his face. The other guys see it too and giggle just like me but we're all thinking Im glad he's doin that and not me...lol..Seppo is really holdin his own. Burton was spot on and no problems with equipment this time around or if he did I didnt noticed. He seemed alot more relaxed this go around as well. I like how he doesnt get over theatrical with the keyboard like some do. Some make it look so hard and break a sweat by pressing one key at a time but Burton makes it look incredibly easy to play so many notes at once. If you have ever listed to any of his music you would know he plays quite beautifully. I wish he would come out with a compilation of his own someday...Mige was havin fun and bangin it out on his bass as always, it makes me wanna pick up a bass and try my hand at it...looks fun. Mige recognized us in the crowd and waved. Some girl yelled out that she liked his shirt between songs and he banterred back, "Thank you, I'm glad you like. I'm more worried about my pants." and lifted his leg up to show some windbreaker pants held up by his untied boots..lol Speaking of wardrobe, Linde's is INCREDIBLY AMAZING! I want one! Love the lion's stich on the knee's. Sharp dressed man... Linde can really hold his own on the guitar. He has been playin for 24 years, he prolly knows everything there is to know about guitar. Watchin Linde do arpeggios is awe inspiring it's just something you dont fully appreciate until you see it live for yourself. His solo's in The Mentat and I saw Myself makes my heart hurt that I cant do that... :drool: maybe someday... He looked so happy to be playing Daniel Lioneye here, Im so proud to see the blood and sweat they put into their music is payin off and they finally made it to the US. I hope they're documenting it as it is a pretty big deal and heck I'd by the dvd...P.S. Thanks for the setlist Manu!

The Mentat :rocker:
I Saw Myself
Kiss of the Cannibal
Who Turned The Lights Out
Neolithic Way

Next up Turisas, I was so excited to see them again as in Houston they had some major tech problems and only got to play 3 songs and it seemed like their monitors werent working there so they were pretty much just havin a hard time. This time FLAWLESS! In case you didnt read the Houston review let me recap, the VERY talented chick on the accordian... HOT and as far as the guy on the violin, the devil went down to Finland lookin for a soul to steal and he didnt get this guys. Im surprised a fire doesnt start out of friction with how fast he's playin that thing sometimes. The singer frickin cracks me up. He's not afraid to talk to the audience and that makes for some funny conversations. He said he felt betrayed by Texas because it is supposed to be hot and sunny but it was cold and snowcovered. A guy called out from the audience "Texas is supposed to be HOT!" and the singer looked at him like thank you for the obvious statement of the night but what he really said back was "Yeah, why'd ya go and f*$k it all up?!" lol.HILARIOUS! He also said Texas had some "pretty sh*t beer" but he seemed to take to the Shiner Bock's beer as 2 were offered from the crowd and he said thanks and held his cup up for a cheers. Then he said you guys didnt come here to watch me drink and continued on with the awsome show. I think one of my favorite things to see is when he locks arms with the guitarist and they dance in circles until he falls to the floor...just love it. Fun show! No Rasputin this show which is a song I love but still an amazing show.

March TVG
Stand Up Fight
Battle Metal :light:

Then came Nachtmystium, they really need some better equipment. After takin some time out to research them and listen to them online I would have to say I dont think their equipment is doing them any justice. I like Nightfall and High on Hate. Love the keyboard in Ghosts of Grace and the breakdown and guitar solo in Hellish Overdose...very nice. However at this show you could not here ANY vocals it was like 10years Freakers Ball 2010 revisted, if you were at that show you would catch my referance. The music was so loud at sometimes it seemed to be a blur of waah waah's. It was sad. I hope this gets fixed soon because alot of people were disappointed and they actually are good. It was hard to tell what all they played and I asked for a setlist but they didnt make one. They did play Hellish Overdose tho cuz I remember being able to make out the breakdown and guitar solo out of it :horns: The setlist is prolly pretty close to what Heiden posted on the Houston review which was
Hellish Overdose
Ghosts of Grace
High on Hate.....Maybe one other."

A couple of things really bugged me tho. in between songs the frontman let his guitar squeel terribly and would talk to the crowd in the microphone like we could hear him or something. If his guitar is anything like mine there should be a switch on the front that he could of flipped to ease the ear pain. If not, he needs a better guitar. Also at the end of their set another guy asked the singer if they had a setlist and he said no but you can have this drumstick and gave it to the rail warrior, not very much longer after that the drummer came back out on stage to disassemble his drums and the proud rail warrior showed him he got his stick and what did the drummer do? He said "HEY MAN! IF THAT"S NOT BROKEN I WANT IT BACK!" :wtf: and made the guy show him if it was broken and it was so he let him keep it but WOW, I couldnt believe my ears. Shoot, MY band is broke as hell! We are in desperate need of a new crash, ride, pretty much a new drumset in general..lol but if we were playin a show we would toss a stick or at the very least if one made its way to the crowd on its own we wouldnt ask for it back. I hope that guy regrets that cuz it was quite a turn off. Hey, we all say stupid things sometimes but I hope this is just one of those times because if not he needs to learn to support the fans that support him :thelaw: He should be flattered that anyone would want his stick...no pun intended...well, maybe a lil :tongue:

Finally, Cradle of Filth. Pretty damn amazing. :rocker: They had a pretty nice prop setup, strings of lights, skeletons around keyboard and drums and pretty epic mic stand. In the background they had a projected screen with video and just a light touch from the fog machine, not too much that your choking on it like some shows do. Keyboardist was very serious throughout..kinda spooky, but I think thats what she was goin for, coulda had the vocals on her turned up just a wee bit. If I didnt see her mouth move I wouldnt have known she was singing. "Marthus" wow, pretty crazy to watch him on drums. Watching him durring Honey and Sulpher and Principle of Evil was pretty sick. Not to mention his drum setup is pretty out of this world. The guitar solo in Principle of Evil is pretty sick too. Paul looks pretty mellow on stage really concentrates on his playing which isnt too shabby. Watching James "The Wookie" is really fun! How he plays so good while whipin' his mane around I'll never know. Its pretty magestic looking, like spotting a unicorn drinking from a babbling brook lined with diamonds :lovedup: ...lol..baffling. Watching Dave on bass is alot of fun too, he moved around the stage quite a bit and was all smiles :bowdown: Filth...wow...I just dont get it..how does he do that?? such range hitting notes SO low then SO high and bouncin around the stage non-stop..he's gotta be breathless. I get breathless durring songs if Im movin around too much and I'll sometimes have a hard time pushin out my vocals because of it but he has no problem and such a LONG set too. I just dont know how he does it..I guess LOTS of practice..This set was amazing but volume on the vocals soundboard coulda been bumped up just a tiny bit althought that could be just because Nachtmystium left me practically def.

Heaven Torn
Honey And Sulphur :fist:
Ghost In The Fog
Principle of Evil
Huntress Moon
Ebony + Forest
Venus Aversa
Cradle To Enslave

All in all INCEDIBLE show :metal: definitly DO NOT miss this show if it is comming anywhere around you. I drove 10+ hours through blizzard conditions to both the Houston and Dallas shows of this and DO NOT regret it one bit. Hell, if I were a rich b*tc# I would make it to more shows on this tour than that. When bands come from out of country you never know when they'll ever make it back around. Shoot, I'm still waiting for The 69 Eyes. Please make sure to support your favorite out of country artists so they do come back...Thanks for reading

Wrathchild_84 02-04-2011 03:19 PM

I couldn't hear any guitar either.

christopher 02-04-2011 03:22 PM

You got Heaven Torn Asunder AND Funeral in Carpathia???? FUCK!!! I need to go now

Palacio_Negro 02-04-2011 03:29 PM

Do you know how much was the merch?

Motograter_Ghost 02-04-2011 03:32 PM

[QUOTE=Palacio_Negro;336106]Do you know how much was the merch?[/QUOTE]

I think cd's were around $15 shirts ranged from $20-$50 depending on if it was a hoodie and such.. some had buttons but I dunno how much that was...

Butcher of Birth 02-04-2011 04:19 PM

I'm hitting this tour but only for Turisas. It's a shame the set they play is so short but whatever! Thanks for posting!

Palacio_Negro 02-04-2011 07:59 PM

[QUOTE=Motograter_Ghost;336107]I think cd's were around $15 shirts ranged from $20-$50 depending on if it was a hoodie and such.. some had buttons but I dunno how much that was...[/QUOTE]

Thanks. I hope the Turisas shirts are 20.:party:

daimonos 02-04-2011 08:05 PM

[QUOTE=Motograter_Ghost;336107]I think cd's were around $15 shirts ranged from $20-$50 depending on if it was a hoodie and such.. some had buttons but I dunno how much that was...[/QUOTE]

Did you happen to notice if Nachtmystium were selling the "White Powder Not White Power" shirt? Because I want one.

Motograter_Ghost 02-04-2011 09:15 PM

[QUOTE=daimonos;336189]Did you happen to notice if Nachtmystium were selling the "White Powder Not White Power" shirt? Because I want one.[/QUOTE]

I dont remember. I do remember an all black one that just said Nachtmystium tho

BlackmoreOfBowling 02-05-2011 03:26 AM

Was Dani Filth all [B]TWEET TWEEEEEEET[/B]?

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