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Motograter_Ghost 02-02-2011 12:51 AM

Cradle of Filth -- Houston, TX -- February 1st, 2010
2/1 Houston, TX Warehouse Live

:rocker: Turisas, Daniel Lioneye, Nachtmystium, Cradle of Filth :rocker:

I was super excited when I heard about this tour as I'm a huge fan of Daniel Lioneye. So bought the tix back in December and waited and waited and...well you get the point. So Jan 31st rolls around and somehow managed to drive out of an oncomming blizzard. Drove from Carl Juction, MO to Houston, TX pretty much without stopping. Feb 1st day of show first got hyped up by going to a massivly huge music store with guitars and basses wall to wall. They had an amazing collection of Dimebag guitars, they had a really nice signed white flying V from Alice in Chains hanging up but not for sale :( They had an absolutly beautiful Tama drum set for less than $600 it was an AMAZING deal and I really liked this white acoustic I saw. I fell in love with this store and it definatly made me wish I was strapped with more cash.

:rockdevil So, on with the show. First up was Turisas and all I can say is A-MAZ-ING! When they first walked onstage I was taken aback by their "braveheart" warrior paint but then they started playing and :wow: Not what I expected AT all! They only got to play 3 songs because of the late start due to tech dificulties that they seemed to also still experiance durring their short set but they didnt let that dampen their performance. They ALL had alot of energy. The singer kept the crowd pumped and jumped in the crowd and surfed for quite a while. They had a chick on accordion who was H-O-T HOT! and the dude playing violin----YES I SAID A DUDE PLAYING VIOLIN----made me wonder if satan escaped to Finland after the Georgia incident to learn how to play then arose in a band called Turisas...lol. They called it "folk metal" and is was beautiful! They all adorned red and black face paint which was AWSOME and they all danced around the stage crashing into each other, falling and really just havin a good time for their whole set. They apologized for the tech dificulties and said they will come back to Houston and make it up to them later this year. They also said this was their first time performing in the US. I would definatly recommend seeing this band at least once if not more. I hope they make a fan base here in the US so more shows arise. I dont know what the first song they played was but the other 2 were "Rasputin" and "Battle Metal"

:shred: Next up was Daniel Lioneye. For those of you that havent heard of Daniel Lioneye it is Mikko "Linde" Lindstrom's (guitarist from H.I.M.) side project. Daniel Lioneye was first developed in 2001 creating their first record "King of Rock and Roll" with Ville Valo (HIM) on drums, Mige (HIM) on bass and Linde (HIM) on guitar and vocals and it had a hard rock bluesy feel. The most recent version of Daniel Lioneye has turned a more metal leaf with their 2010 Volume II release. Vol II's recording artists include Linde (HIM), Mige (HIM), Burton (HIM) and Bolton (Enochian Crescent). However on the current US tour Manu mans the vocals while Linde plays guitar and does backing vocals also Boltan was replaced by Seppo on drums. Seppo is new to the group but obviously not new to drums, he totally kept up with the tempo which is impressive as the drumming on Vol II is quite fast not "Divine Heresy Tim Yeung" fast but still fast. I think Burton was having an issue with his keyboard but he pulled through. Manu to plainly put it is just somethin else, he really gives 110% into performance. I just love frontmen that put on a show and he did. He bantered with the crowd quite a bit then just rang in the next song with his epic scream. Mige beat on his bass like nobody's business and Linde is a guitar GOD just plain and simple. Lindes fingers looked liked spider legs hopin all over the fret board. Just amazing! I cant even fathome having that much talent. I could practice my whole life and still not be that good. I cant remember the order as most of the time I spent staring at Linde's fret board but I do know the songs they played were "The Mentat", "I Saw Myself", "Flatlined", "Neolithic Way", and "Kiss of the Cannibal"

:blaze: Next, Nachtmystium took the stage. I hadnt heard of this band before but it seemed as tho others in the crowd did. Looks like they have a pretty healthy following comin along. Very heavy feel but performance didnt seem quit as heavy or atleast in the beginning. Maybe they were nervous I dunno. This one didnt completly grab my attention but it didnt turn me off. Coulda been an off show and to give them a fair argument I did duck out towards the end to hangout backstage with Daniel Lioneye. I will however be lookin up more info about them online to give them a fair chance.

:horns: Finally, Cradle of Filth. I missed out on most of their set because of hangin backstage. When I came back they only had a couple of songs left. Filth was amazing as always. Not a particular favorite of mine but I like to indulge every once in a while. Eh, to each their own...the back screen was cool, similar to Zombies on the Gruesome Twosome tour. Sad I missed out on most of the set but was for a great reason so it was a bittersweet.

Meet & Greet: The meet and greet was a dream come true :bliss: Tom guided us passholders to the back and gave us our Tshirts and cd's brought the band out and just said hangout so that's what we did...we hungout. Seppo is learning how to speak english but he understood "Damn! You are fast!" lol. So me and Seppo talked for a bit with Mige kinda standin by to help translate. I asked Seppo if he wanted to take a picture with me "since Im kinda a big deal" lol and he said yeah. and I asked him if he was ready for the picture of his lifetime and he said "Im ready" and we snapped one all while Mige is laughin at our silliness. Then I hungout with Linde for a bit. God, was I nervous. I asked him if his fingers hurt, then thought, wow that sounded bad. yikes. He laughed. Congradulated him on his engagement with Toni Marie Iommi daughter of Black Sabath guitarist Tony Iommi. Also asked if he has gotten a chance to jam with his future father-in-law and he said they actually made a track called "Out of my Mind" which should be released in the next couple of months. We talked about the cold temps in Finland and the new creative outlets that he has in Daniel Lioneye. He said it was quite a task just getting through the forms and legalities to play here in the US and he hopes this tour goes over well and if it does we may see alot more of them. I told him Mayhem may be a good fit for them and to check that out, he sounded really interested in that so fingers crossed. Then me and Burton talked about how great it felt to get the first show out of the way. He said there are always some kinks to work out in the first couple of shows but now that its out of the way should be smooth sailing from here on out. Manu was very energetic, we talked about his vocal techniques and how he trains his voice as I sing as well he gave me some tips to help out my scream :) we also talked about what kind of music and bands we like. I told him Im also a diehard Five Finger Death Punch fan and he started singing "The Bleeding" He told me he's met Zoltan and that he's a pretty cool dude. No surprise there. Then I hung out with Linde some more and talked music, told him he was a huge inspiration to me musically and when they hit it big in the US I'll open for him..lol Then they all signed cds and took group pics with everyone. I gave them all hugs bye and they all thanked me for comming as they did pretty much throughout the meet and greet. They all left except Tom (the guy runin the meet and greet) and Mige. I stood there and talked with Tom and Mige for another 20 mins. I said it was nice to see him beat on the bass like that as its a total diferent style than H.I.M. and he said it felt good to. I also told him it was nice to be able to see them all perform and to be able to throw up my devil horns without feeling out of place....lol. :rocker:

Well, I dont mean to bore any of you with an all too detailed play by play of my night but it was just so incredibly EPIC and I dont want to forget any of it. Thank you all for listening. If any of you were at the show and want to add anymore details feel free....

jd091 02-02-2011 03:02 AM

Great review! But do you know any of the sets?

And format of title is wrong... :eyes:

Heiden 02-02-2011 01:25 PM

This is definitely not Turisas's first time in the US. This was their third time in Houston.

And Nachtmystium's set was PERFECT. The vocals could have have been a little higher in the mix, but that was the only problem I could even nit-pick at.

Their set was something like:

Hellish Overdose
Ghosts of Grace
High on Hate

Maybe one other. I was really hoping for No Funeral and Ruined Life Continuum.

Me and my friends went fucking crazy up front for Turisas and Nachtmystium.

BlashyrkhMR101 02-02-2011 03:28 PM

3 songs for Turisas? :mad:

mankvill 02-02-2011 03:38 PM

Turisas opening? :hecho:

neck666face 02-02-2011 04:59 PM

Hell yeah, thought i would be the only one stoked on Daniel Lioneye
wish they would play anything from "KORAR" but its whateves
im sure its bound to happen sometime this tour

Palacio_Negro 02-02-2011 08:33 PM

Do you know how much where the shirts for Turisas?

Motograter_Ghost 02-02-2011 10:42 PM

[QUOTE=jd091;335289]Great review! But do you know any of the sets?

And format of title is wrong... :eyes:[/QUOTE]

Sorry on the wrong title format. I was so out of my mind excited for this show I didnt catch all the sets. I went to the Dallas show tonight, this time Daniel Lioneye opened then Turisas, Nachtmystium, then Cradle of Filth. I'll prolly write a review tomarrow but I obviously need to read the posting rules lol. Nachtmystium didnt have a setlist to give out but I got everyone elses

Daniel Lioneye
The Mentat
I Saw Myself
Kiss of the Cannibal
Who Turned The Lights Out
Neolithic Way

March TVG
Stand Up Fight
Battle Metal

Cradle of Filth
Heaven Torn
Honey And Sulphur
Ghost In The Fog
Principle of Evil
Huntress Moon
Ebony + Forest
Venus Aversa
Cradle To Enslave

Hope this helps....

Motograter_Ghost 02-02-2011 10:49 PM

[QUOTE=Heiden;335379]This is definitely not Turisas's first time in the US. This was their third time in Houston.

And Nachtmystium's set was PERFECT. The vocals could have have been a little higher in the mix, but that was the only problem I could even nit-pick at.

Their set was something like:

Hellish Overdose
Ghosts of Grace
High on Hate

Maybe one other. I was really hoping for No Funeral and Ruined Life Continuum.

Me and my friends went fucking crazy up front for Turisas and Nachtmystium.[/QUOTE]

Sorry, for some reason I thought Tourisas said it was their first I misheard them. I listened to Nachtmystium again tonight and the music was really good. They were havin some equipment issues tho tonight and couldnt even hear the vocals. I'll be listening some stuff online to get a better grasp of their sound.

Motograter_Ghost 02-02-2011 10:52 PM

[QUOTE=BlashyrkhMR101;335407]3 songs for Turisas? :mad:[/QUOTE]

Yeah, they had some Tech dificulties. I was happy to see them again in Dallas tonight. By the looks of the setlist they gave me it looks like they got a pretty healthy set of 6 songs including the intro.

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