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ijwthstd 01-30-2011 06:04 PM

Alex's Bar 11th Anniversary -- Long Beach, CA -- January 29, 2011
(Absolute best band of the weekend, Larry May of the Candy Snatchers lead vox and Hans Molnar of the Hellbenders lead guitar)


01. Dirtnap High
02. Enjoy The View (Bedford Ave)
03. 911
04. Gold Coast Woman
05. Shine
06. I'm A Bastard
07. Sicko
08. Bed Of Lies
09. Dead Wrong
10. My Own Worst Enemy

(No Time To Waste in parenthesis with a question mark at the bottom of printed setlist. Not played. Wish they did, might have made it one of the greatest shows of all time instead of just the year)


01. Loaded
02. Painkiller
03. Three Steps From The Bar
04. Insatiable
05. My Confession
06. Roll The Dice
07. Take It
08. Sleep When I'm Dead
09. Whoah Yea
10. Fade
11. Bad Reputation
12. Chosen One
13. Kamikaze

(Dirty Bomb and Sin Salvation on printed setlist, not played)

(4 of the members convened on stage at the appointed time only to realize their bassist Mitch Cartwright was not among them. Hans Molnar was drafted into duty and they blazed thru a quick 25 minute set)

01. Murder City Revolution
02. My Machine
03. Up Yer Heart
04. Mutate With Me
05. 13 Forever
06. Wake Up And Lose
07. Drunk Tank
08. Hey Shadow
09. Space Station Love


01. Pipeline
02. Cosmetic Couple
03. Don't Push Me Around
04. Main Street Brat
05. Lay Off, She's Mine
06. Knockin' Me Dead
07. Handgrenade Heart
08. (They Say That) Everything's Alright
09. Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White
10. Beat Your Heart Out (with Mario Escovedo)
11. Wimp
12. Getting Nowhere Fast
13. Wild Weekend
14. Little Latin Lupe Lu
15. Chatterbox

Javier Escovedo - guitar, vocals
Hector Penalosa - bass, vocals
Baba Chanelle - drums

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