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Bloodcurse 04-30-2005 08:36 AM

Anthrax -- Detroit, MI -- April 29th, 2005
01. Blues Brothers Intro
02. Among the Living
03. Got the Time
04. Metal Thrashing Mad
05. Caught in a Mosh
06. AIR
07. Keep It in the Family
08. Antisocial
09. Indians
10. Armed and Dangerous
11. Deathrider
12. Medusa
13. Efilnikufesin (NFL)
14. Intro to Reality/Belly of the Beast
15. I Am the Law
16. Be All, End All
17. I'm the Man
18. Gung-ho

Setlist found on Blabbermouth.net

Yoda 04-30-2005 08:48 AM

Thanks. Sounds cool.

ADD 04-30-2005 09:02 AM

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rockdevil :rockdevil :rockdevil

B/lawless1 04-30-2005 10:57 AM

Sounds like a great show..I hope they tour the states.....

ADD 04-30-2005 01:33 PM

[QUOTE=B/lawless1]Sounds like a great show..I hope they tour the states.....[/QUOTE]

They're doing a couple California shows in May, then they said they'll be back for a full tour in the fall :horns:

Wrathchild_84 05-01-2005 10:26 AM

I was supposed to see them tonight but it all went to shit. I hope to see them when they come back to the states

PowerMaiden 05-17-2005 04:55 AM

WOW' Great set, that's the real Anthrax !!!

Cheers !!!

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