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jd091 11-09-2010 12:28 PM

Nile -- Chicago, IL -- November 8th, 2010
Overall, probably the sickest show I've been to this year. It was my first time seeing Nile, and shit... If you haven't seen them yet, [I]you are missing out in one of the greatest live bands in metal today[/I].

It was a Monday starting at 6:00, so I got down to Reggie's as soon as my classes got out. I arrived at the doors around 6:30 to see the last 30 seconds of Pathology... they didn't seem bad, but the vocalist seemed to be doing pig squeals for a good 20 seconds straight so that was very wtf imao. There was about 20 people there at the time.

It was my first time really hearing Keep of Kalessin, and they were pretty awesome. I love me a band of 5 long blond Norwegian guys! The bassist was particularly good at windmilling. There were about 30-40 people there for KoK, and they got a lot of horns from everyone.

[B][SIZE="3"]Keep of Kalessin Set:[/SIZE][/B] (courtesy of Polock91 from the NY Show, I assume it was the same set):
The Awakening

Now for Psycroptic... I fuckin' loved these guys. I hadn't heard much from them until a couple days ago when I looked them up. They remind me a lot like The Faceless; a really techy-death band that is science-fiction based. UNFORTUNATELY it seems that Nile fans are super hardcore, since almost no one was getting into them. Idk if people hadn't heard them before or if they didn't like the music, but I was one of, like 4 people banging my head and throwing up the horns. There was one guy in the front who, I jest not, was windmilling with huge hair THE ENTIRE SET. He had to have a huge bangover today. Anyway, I would love to see these guys on tour with The Faceless or Decrepit Birth; I'm sure they'd get the reaction they deserve. Incredibly talented musicians.

[B][SIZE="3"]Psycroptic Set:[/SIZE][/B]
Horde in Devolution :rocker:
Lacertine Forest
*A new song, not sure of the title. Very techy*

Next was the mighty EX DEO! I got a sick tour shirt from their merch guy (which comes with a complementary sticker) that's got a bunch of Roman Legionaries on the front with the band logo, and on the back says "Road to Conquer, Anno MMX" with all the tour stops in Roman Numerals and a big SPQR at the bottom.

I highly recommend checking these guys out. They remind me a lot of Amon Amarth, but Roman-themed. Maurizio and the boys come out decked out in fuckin' Legionarie armor! Anyway, like Psycroptic, they got a rather awful reaction from the crowd. Which sucks. I would love to see these guys headline, with a crowd that appreciates them. Highlight of their performance? At the end of "Romulus", when Maurizio shouts out, "I NOW DECLARE ILLINOIS... A PROVINCE OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE!" :fist: It was hilarious.

[B][SIZE="3"]Ex Deo Set:[/SIZE][/B]
Cruor Nostri Abass
Legio XIII
The Final War (Battle of Actium)
Storm the Gates of Alesia
Blood, Courage, and the Gods That Walk the Earth
[B]ROMULUS[/B] :rocker:

And now... holy shit. Nile. I was worried they were gonna get the same reaction as Psycroptic and Ex Deo, but I was dead wrong. Everyone went crazy and knew the lyrics... so sick. There were so many times that Karl or Dallas just looked out at the crowd, and had huge smiles on their faces at the reaction they were getting. Highlights for me were Lashed to the Slave Stick and Black Seeds... the pit opened up huge and everyone went insane, especially during Black Seeds.

[B][SIZE="3"]Nile Set:[/SIZE][/B]
Kafir! :rocker:
Sacrafice Unto Sebek
Hittite Dung Incantation
Serpent Headed Mask :rocker:
Those Whom the Gods Detest
4th Arra of Dagon
Permitting the Noble Dead to Descend into the Underworld
Lashed to the Slave Stick :rocker:
[B]Black Seeds of Vengeance[/B] :axe:

[I][B]Some more quick thoughts:[/B][/I]

For all the haters about them playing Those Whom and Dagon live:

They weren't bad at all, imo. Both of them have catchy sing-a-long parts, and it gave a nice little break from the crazy pits. I do think that they should have mixed up a faster song between them and Sarcophagus... 3 epics in a row was a little too large of a break for my tastes.

At one point this dude tried to crowdsurf, at which I was afraid Karl was going to impale him with that fucking weapon guitar (you know which one I'm talking about). Bouncers got him out right away. I was afraid he was gonna hit Karl's computer, which would have fucked up the whole show.

I only moved up to Chicago a couple months ago from Cleveland, and was excited to see so many African American metal heads at the concert! I hate the stereotype that only skinny white kids like metal, so many people of all ethnicities are part of it. There was this HUGE guy who looked like Mr. Eko from Lost, which was badass.

At the end, I was fortunate enough to meet Karl and shake his hand. He's such a nice dude, and I could see that they were all so pumped to play for us. The bassist Chris must have said 10 times that we were the craziest motherfuckers he's seen in a while. WHICH REMINDS ME that Chris does a SICK job as fronting with the bass. He's singing a lot of Dallas' parts now, and is awesome at it. Such a great stage presence, they should consider him a permanent member of the band IMO.

You might just be shit out of luck. I went up at the beginning and they were out of all official tour shirts, with only a few variations of different albums avaliable in large for $20. They also had sweatshirts for $35 and a making-of dvd for $20. I originally passed, but afterwards I was so blown out of the water by how amazing the show was that I picked up the last "Amongst the Catacombs of Nephrem-Ka" shirt in Large. Worth it now, since online I see that the cheapest I can find one is $25 plus shipping. Anyway, I fear there's not gonna be any nile shirts left at all for the people at later tour dates...

Sorry if I wrote so much; I can't get over how great of a concert this was.

mankvill 11-09-2010 12:35 PM


[B][SIZE="3"]Keeper of Kalessin Set:[/SIZE][/B][/QUOTE]


"Keep" of Kalessin

jd091 11-09-2010 12:52 PM


"Keep" of Kalessin[/QUOTE]
Oh damn. You see how little I know about them :D

Jasonic 11-09-2010 12:57 PM

Glad you had a good time.
Welcome to Chicago!!!

Reggie's is a cool venue.

Kind of odd that Ex Deo are touring now, considering the new Kataklysm just came out.... :confused:

larvtard 11-09-2010 01:19 PM

[QUOTE=jd091;314434]African American metal heads[/QUOTE]

[B]Black[/B] metal heads. Liberal.

Great review, though :cool:

jd091 11-09-2010 02:02 PM

[QUOTE=loganarchy;314458][B]Black[/B] metal heads. Liberal.

Great review, though :cool:[/QUOTE]

Originally I actually wrote "Black Metal Heads", but then I re-read it and I thought it could be confused as "Black Metal" heads, like troo kvlt guys. I'm nowhere near being liberal on the political sectrum ;)

larvtard 11-09-2010 02:16 PM

[QUOTE=jd091;314470]Originally I actually wrote "Black Metal Heads", but then I re-read it and I thought it could be confused as "Black Metal" heads, like troo kvlt guys. I'm nowhere near being liberal on the political sectrum ;)[/QUOTE]

Haha, it just occurred to me a couple minutes ago that that was probably the case. Sorry for rushing to conclusions man.

Elvenking 11-09-2010 03:28 PM

[QUOTE=Jasonic;314449]Glad you had a good time.
Welcome to Chicago!!!

Reggie's is a cool venue.

Kind of odd that Ex Deo are touring now, considering the new Kataklysm just came out.... :confused:[/QUOTE]

Not sure about that, the bartenders are dicks, well to my friends, one of em got arrested for assault. basically what happened is..well nothing. my friend and i got in a normal drunken scuffle, and we told security...they were fine, the bartender said something, then the police were there arresting my friends for assault. I was the one who was "assaulted" tried to tell the police that...still went to jail.

Magson13 11-09-2010 03:51 PM

That's weird, because only the person who got assaulted can press charges..... Unless your state has some dumbass laws......

Nile will probably have some shirts made, and shipped to a venue/promoter they're playing later in the tour. If it can get done fast enough, that is....

Elvenking 11-09-2010 03:54 PM

well its Chicago, its in a kinda bad area, and he had a knife on him, which he did not use against me, honestly the whole situation is weird, we just know the one hipster bartender hates us.

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