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BrutalN00dle 11-04-2010 08:54 PM

Forbidden -- Springfield, VA -- November 4th, 2010
Division [local]:

Paradise Lost
11th Hour
Rememberance (Collector)
Short Attention-Span Society
War Ensemble :horns:

Gama Bomb:

Zombie Blood Nightmare
Final Fight
Three Witches
Hammer Slammer
OCP :rocker:
We Respect You
Slam Anthem
Bullet Belt :rocker:
Zombi Brew


Infected Nation
We Who Are About to Die
Killer From the Deep :horns:
Time No More
Bathe in Blood
Enter the Grave


Alpha Century (intro)
Forbidden Evil
Step By Step
Adapt or Die
Omega Wave
Twisted Into Form
March Into Fire
Through Eyes of Glass
Parting of the Ways (Intro) [Misspelled as "Parking of the Waves]
Forsaken At the Gates
Chalice of Blood

First date of the first Forbidden tour in some 14 years, and it was at Jaxx in Springfield. I already bought tickets for the OverKill show in Baltimore on Monday, but decided to say fuck it and venture out to see the tour in advance, and a chance to see Evile play longer than usual.

By the time doors opened there were seven people in line. Depressing even for an off-date of the tour. Local heavy metal band Division played an entertaining set, culminating with Slayer's "War Ensemble" which surprised me with the quality of their cover.

First tour-band, Bonded by Blood. Second time seeing them, and they're still pretty mediocre. New singer was pretty into it though. Final two songs were "Immortal Life" and "Feed the Beast".

Gama Bomb is a group of Irish dudes that I'd been wanting to see for years. Playing a humorous brand of speedy thrash metal, their albums are great fun. The singer was in a Redskins jacket, which I thought was great. Anyway, their tear into their set, and it seemed only my friend and I knew any of the words to their songs, so we got to do the gang vocals on "OCP" and "Bullet Belt". This is a great live band, and the only thing that would improve their set would be the rhythm guitarist even pretending to enjoy himself.

Third time seeing Evile, best performance I've seen. Now on their 3rd tour of the US, they seem pretty comfortable on stage, and it translates well with their performance. They were spot on with no fuck-ups. They tried to apologize for bitching about local band Krass Judgement last time they were in town, but that band fucking sucks anyway and voices agreeing with me cut Matt off. Anyway, Evile comes off as much more aggressive and less sterile when playing live.

Forbidden returns to the stage! And by the way they played you would've thought they never left. All the members brought their A-game, and played all the songs, old and new, with as much energy as the younger bands that preceded them. If anybody was worried that they'd be a group of dinosaurs coasting on their glory years, I think you'd be happily surprised with their showing last night, and hopefully again at the Baltimore date on Monday.

ThrashManiac 11-05-2010 12:26 AM

awesome, Overkill isnt coming to Canada on this tour so i guess this is a good preview for when i see them.

Gama Bomb, aside from Forbidden of course, is the band i really want to see. Setlist is pretty good for the time they have. Can't wait.

Evile set is ok, not too different from the last ones, i'd like to see Armored Assault in there tho.

Forbidden's set is great too, not too far from what i expected.

sarsip 11-05-2010 04:32 AM

I saw Division many years ago. I thought they were great! They played a cover of Power of The Night!

elturtleboy 11-05-2010 02:19 PM

im so fuckin excited for Gama Bomb now:rocker:

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