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treghet 10-16-2010 10:00 AM

Immolation -- Santa Ana, CA -- October 15th, 2010
I arrived about an hour before the show was supposed to start, so I went and sat at one of the tables and ordered some mozzarella sticks, which were pretty damn good. After a bit of a delay, the first local band, Crepitus, came on. They're a decent band, but their sound was pretty muddy. I would say it was probably due to having three guitarists. After their set the place filled up quickly and the mighty Gravehill was setting up. I was surprised, because last time I saw Gravehill there was hardly anybody there for them. I'm not a big fan of them, but they are incredible live. Their sound was spot on and the crowd was really into them. For anybody who doesn't know of Gravehill, they wear spike gauntlets and spit fake blood everywhere. Also, one of the guitarist puts on armor and a helmet with horns. While they may look ridiculous, it definitely adds a lot to evil vibe of their live show. They played about six songs, but I don't know their material well enough to remember the whole set. They did play a new song, but I didn't catch the title of it.

The first two songs were:[LIST=1][*]Rites of the Pentagram[*]Bloodsoaked[/LIST]
After Gravehill most of the crowd went outside or to the lounge. Lecherous Nocturne was up next. They really didn't impress me much. Some of the riffs were good, but the vocalist was terrible. Also, I could tell the drummer had talent, but he relied way too much on blast beats. I don't know what their set consisted of.

Next was Abigail Williams. Now, I wasn't too excited about them being on this tour, but they really impressed me. Their new material sounds nothing like their older stuff. While it is not revolutionary, it is a big step in the right direction. Also, they have all new members since the last time I saw them and their stage attire is more of the typical black metal style, versus the trendy look the band had in the past. They only played songs off their new album, which I was happy with.
[LIST=1][*]Final Destiny of the Gods[*]The Mysteries That Bind the Flesh[*]Infernal Divide[/LIST]
Finally Vader was setting up. I have been dying to see them and I was pretty excited. As expected, they were awesome, and so was the set! The crowds from outside and the lounge had returned and the pit was intense for the whole set. Peter talked to the crowd a bit between songs and dedicated one to Oscar, the bassist of Pathology. I'm not sure what happened to him, but I assume that is why Pathology didn't play the show. Anyway, they played some of my favorite songs and did This Is The War as an encore. :rocker: I'd also like to add that Devilizer is incredibly heavy live.
[LIST=1][*]Silent Empire[*]Act of Darkness[*]Blood of Kingu[*]Incarnation[*]Sothis[*]Revolt[*]Vision and the Voice[*]Reborn in Flames[*]Wings[*]Devilizer[*]Carnal
---------[*]This Is the War[/LIST]
After Vader about half of the crowd left, which was a bit disappointing, but those who stayed were there to have fun... mostly. I would like to say that at most metal shows there are a couple assholes in the pit, and I try to avoid them, but I had a minor encounter during Immolation. During the second song my friend was trying to start a pit and he pushed me into some people. One guy pushed me back, I ran into some other people, and then I pushed him. Then he gave me this pissy look and said started yelling at me. If you're going to be a little bitch, don't go in the pit. Those of us who are in the pit are they to push each other and have fun, not stand there like lifeless drones. But whatever, I didn't let it bother me too much. I just stayed away from him for the rest of the show.

Immolation blew me away. I knew they were good live, as I had seen them with Nile earlier this year, but it was so much better to see them headline. Their setlist spanned throughout their discography with a good amount of old songs and some of the best ones from the new album. I really couldn't ask for much more. Their sound was perfect and they seemed to be happy to be playing to us, thanking us multiple times throughout the set. One of the surprises for me was seeing World Agony. I was really hoping to hear that song, so when it was announced I think I shat a little bit. And the epic Close to a World Below was another highlight for me. All in all, this was a pretty damn good show, and Immolation topped it off perfectly. Since the show started late, they didn't get to play Harnessing Ruin, but I left energized and ecstatic.
[LIST=1][*]The Purge[*]Majest and Decay[*]Once Ordained[*]Father, You're Not a Father[*]Hate's Plague[*]Close to a World Below[*]Nailed to Gold[*]A Glorious Epoch[*]Of Martyrs and Men[*]Thunderous Consequence[*]Those Left Behind[*]World Agony[*]Power and Shame[/LIST]
I was originally only going to buy one shirt, but Immolation was selling the last of the Whispering Death shirts for $10 (all others were $20), so ended up getting that too. Also, after going to shows my neck is usually pretty stiff the next morning from all the headbanging, but this time I thought of stretching my neck a bit beforehand, and it really helps. I don't know why I hadn't thought of doing that before. So, I recommend it if you don't already do it. :)

larvtard 10-16-2010 11:20 AM

Great review. I'd love to see Gravehill live.

bassmasta257 10-16-2010 03:20 PM

what kind of merch did Immolation have?

treghet 10-16-2010 03:39 PM

They had about five shirts. Close to a World Below, Whispering Death, Demon old logo shirt, Majesty and Decay, and I think there's another I can't remember. Also they had a Majesty and Decay zip hoodie and the CD.

NecroRob 10-16-2010 04:28 PM

[QUOTE=treghet;310361]They had about five shirts. Close to a World Below, Whispering Death, plain old logo shirt, Majesty and Decay, and I think there's another I can't remember. Also they had a Majesty and Decay zip hoodie and the CD.[/QUOTE]

At the Seattle show they also had a shirt with a demon and their older logo on it, which is what I bought.

treghet 10-16-2010 04:37 PM

[QUOTE=NecroRob;310366]At the Seattle show they also had a shirt with a demon and their older logo on it, which is what I bought.[/QUOTE]

Oh, yeah I forgot it had a design... I guess I should have just said old logo shirt.

BrutalN00dle 10-16-2010 06:27 PM

Fuck yeah they brought World Agony back in.

bassmasta257 10-23-2010 03:17 PM

[QUOTE=treghet;310368]Oh, yeah I forgot it had a design... I guess I should have just said old logo shirt.[/QUOTE]

fuck yea thats what im lookin for, a shirt with the old logo :D thanks man. My shows the last date of the tour so i hope they arent out of a lotta merch and shit.

Jochen 10-24-2010 11:55 AM

They also had the "Can You Hear Us Death to Jesus" shirt and a long sleeve Failures For Gods shirt.

jd091 10-28-2010 11:59 PM

I just got back from seeing them in Chicago. Vader fucking OWNED. One quick thing: What the fuck happened to Abigail Williams? I thought they were an interesting black/metalcore crossover band, with a keyboardist and vocalist. They had cool technical riffs and sweep picking! Now they just sounded like any other black metal sludge. Troo Kvlt. Meh. Give me my death metal! :flame::flame::flame:

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