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mastodon421 09-23-2010 04:13 AM

BlackDiamondSkye -- Boston, MA -- September 22nd, 2010
One of the best shows I have ever been to.Sets now, review later.

Naked Burn
Crystal Skull
Colony Of Birchmen
Capillarian Crest
The Czar
Blood and Thunder

Diamond Eyes
Rocket Skates
Around The Fur
Be Quiet and Drive(Far Away)
My Own Summer(Shove It)
You've Seen The Butcher
Change(In The House Of Flies)
Engine No.9
7 Words

Alice In Chains
Them Bones
Dam That River
Rain When I Die
Check My Brain
Your Decision
No Excuses
God Am
We Die Young
Acid Bubble
Lesson Learned
Man In The Box

If anyone knows what the first Alice In Chains encore song was that would be much appreciated. I am 100% sure it was not Rotten Apple or Nutshell because I am quite familar with both of those songs and Jerry said that they hadn't played the song in question on the this tour yet.

Sanitarium78 09-23-2010 06:04 AM

Setlist.fm has Love, Hate, Love as the first song of the encore. I know that page can be a little iffy somtimes though.

mastodon421 09-23-2010 06:19 AM

[QUOTE=Sanitarium78;305672]Setlist.fm has Love, Hate, Love as the first song of the encore. I know that page can be a little iffy somtimes though.[/QUOTE]

That setlist on Setlist FM is completely correct minus they played Grind instead of Sickman so I am going to assume Love,Hate,Love was the encore.

es156 09-23-2010 07:24 AM

An admin on the AIC board says that Sickman was played instead of Grind. They also confirmed the first encore song as Love, Hate, Love. From reading the thread over there, I think that the setlist.fm set list is correct.

Nick_to_the_face 09-23-2010 07:59 AM

So Mastodon is changing it up a bit then?

The_jman 09-23-2010 08:54 AM

Nice to see love hate love in there

mastodon421 09-23-2010 10:08 AM

A brief anecdote to open with prior to my review. My friend and I got on the subway around 5:15 to head into Boston for the show. About halfway through our journey, a group of African-American dudes that are around the same age as my friend and I board the subway. My friend is also African-American and these kids begin to start smack talking thinking they are hillarious. They proceed to ask my friend what he is doing and he says going to the Alice In Chains concert and these kids begin to question his "blackness" and proceed to rant about how "brothers shouldn't go to rock concerts". Then they proceeded to get off the subway and me and my friend just laughed at their ignorance.Besides that odd ride in there, the rest of the night was amazing.

Mastodon went on directly at 7:00. I was extremely excited to see them again. Despite Mastodon being my favorite band of all time, their live performances are extremely scattered in quailty. The 1st time I saw them in 2007, Brent Hinds was so strung out he forgot lyrics and blew solos left and right. Thankfully Mastodon brought their A-game out. The setlist was fantastic. I had heard many conflicting setlists from them from the first few dates of this tour, so I really was not sure what would actually be played. The set was heavy on Blood Mountain/Leviathian material which exticted me greatly because those are my two favorite records from Mastodon. Naked Burn is a great opener and was a really nice surprise. The finale of Megalodon and Blood and Thunder was epic. Megalodon is so god damn heavy live and Blood and Thunder was such an amazing surprise. The whole band was tight and Hinds nailed every solo/sounded great vocally. Best peformance I have ever seen from Mastodon.

Deftones were up next and they are really a hit or miss band for me. Their new record Diamond Eyes is pretty damn good and I dig some stuff off of Around The Fur and White Pony. This was 1st time seeing them and going in I had also heard mixed reviews on their live show. Deftones were very good live. Chino Moreno is an absolute madman on stage. In addition to his whirlwind energy, he sounded great on vocals. I was surprised about how great songs like Rocket Skates where live. Rocket Skates is not one of my faves but live it was amazing. Deftones impressed me and I would go see them again.

Seeing a band like Alice In Chains live is just surreal to me. They are one of the most iconic bands of the past 20 years and I was getting to see them live. Alice In Chains blew me away. Will Duvall at times in a live environment sounds exactly like Layne Staley, it gave me chills. The 1-2 opening punch of Them Bones and Dam That River was insane. Both of these tracks are among my favorites and made great set openers. Alice In Chains played an eccletic mix of tracks from all their records and it made for one of the best performances I have ever witnessed. Anyone that still doubts Alice In Chains without Layne Staley is crazy. Duvall does a great job with Layne's work and he is a beyond worthy replacement.

This was seriously one of the best shows I have ever been to in my entire life. Mastodon and Alice In Chains brought down the house and Deftones were great as well. Go check out this show if hasn't already come through your city, all 3 bands are great and it was worth every penny I spent.

Mastodon 9/10
Deftones 8/10
Alice In Chains 9.5/10

makethemsuffer12 09-23-2010 11:58 AM

I really wish I could go to this, but my friend's Sweet 16 is on the same day :(

Derelict 09-23-2010 12:10 PM

[QUOTE=makethemsuffer12;305726]I really wish I could go to this, but my friend's Sweet 16 is on the same day :([/QUOTE]

People actually have Sweet 16s? That's not just an MTV thing?

mastodon421 09-23-2010 12:15 PM

[QUOTE=Derelict;305727]People actually have Sweet 16s? That's not just an MTV thing?[/QUOTE]

Sadly they do actually happen, all the rich girls I went to high school with had them.

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