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bt11763 09-08-2010 10:31 PM

Sleep -- Brooklyn, NY -- September 8th, 2010
Source: ME :D:D:D

Okay, I posted this again, even though the setlist is exactly the same. It should stay that way the whole tour, because I asked one of the roadies for the setlist after the show and he said they couldn't afford time to look for a printer each night so they had to keep the same papers hahaha. So this is pretty much exactly what you are going to get :horns:

That being said.... oh. my. fucking. god. That was one of the best experiences of my life. Driving to Brooklyn, having no idea whether or not I'd get in. I ended up directly in front of Al, right against the stage. I had my hands on his monitors and just let the sound flow through me, which put me in a fucking trance. PLEASE go to this show if it's in your area.

The first band, A Storm of Light was fucking awesome. Lichens was...dumb. He took forever to get his shit together, it's only one guy with a modulator. It wasn't working and he was throwing a hissy fit and walked off stage 3 times. When he finally got going, it was just him singing a really high tone and looping it together, which might have ended up being cool, but I had enough and walked down the block to get some really fucking awesome pizza. On our way out we met Matt Pike too, and we met Al Cisneros at the bar when we first got there.

The venue (Brooklyn Masonic Temple) was great, loud as FUCK, really cool and intimate as all hell, and there was re entry so I was able to come and go as I pleased. I really wish I had seen Immortal there back in March, but I'll definitely go back.

Set is as follows. Any questions from the first thread have been rectified because I was able to get a good look at it.

Dopesmoker Intro
Holy Mountain
Evil Gypsy/Soloman's Theme
Nain's Baptism
Inside the Sun
The Druid
From Beyond Intro
From Beyond Intro #2
Dopesmoker Solo Intro
Proceeds the Weedian


Over the Mountain (Ozzy Cover)
Antarticans Thawed
Cultivator Intro
Improved Morris

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