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SnakeCharmer 04-17-2005 02:42 PM

Dark Tranquillity -- Hollywood, CA -- April 16th, 2005
Here is my review of the show:

Originally my TM ticket said that doors would open at 8pm and show would start at 9pm. Knowing that Mnemic started the show I thought I could just show up by 930pm to start catching the bands I really wanted to see. So around 8:20pm I check the Dark Tranquillity BB and I read a post saying that the times of the tickets were incorrect and that the show would start at 8pm. Feeling angry and shocked I quickly got ready, jumped in the car, headed to an ATM and finally to the Key Club. To my disappointment, by the time I finally got in Hypocrisy had already finished playing. But in a way this was a blessing in disguise because I thought Dark Tranquillity was the 2nd band to get on stage but actually they were going to be the 3rd so I basically got just in time to see them. I grabbed a beer and headed straight to the pit area and waited for the Gothenburg boys to appear on stage. When they finally did show up everyone around me was extremely pumped and the band fed on that energy in delivering what I think is the best show I have seen this year. Dark Tranquillity was simply on fire. They were moving all over the stage, Mikael would crouch low and sing in the faces of fans right in the front. The mosh pit was great and there were plenty of crowd surfers who got on stage and the band didnt seem to care to much about that. This is the setlist:

1. The Treason Wall
2. Lost to Apathy
3. Through Smudged Lenses
4. The New Build
5. The Wonders at Your Feet
6. Punish My Heaven
7. Monochromatic Stains
8. My Negation
9. Final Resistance

I was only disappointed with the choice of My Negation which kind of seemed to kill the vibe just a tad. I would have chosen Out of Nothing from the new one instead but apperently they played that song the previous night in Anaheim. After they finished DT got a huge ovation from the entire Key Club and they totally appreciated it. At one moment during the show Mikael said that tonight was the best crowd of the tour. :rockdevil

Soilwork is the headliner of this tour and I wasn't expecting much from this one great band. I firmly sit in the camp that thought the first 3 albums were amazing and everything else has been a slow and steady drop of quality. So much of their setlist consisted of the newer material but they would play some older songs in which I would get excited to. The setlist seemed to be about the same as the one I posted earlier this week from their show in SF.

While most people were generally there to see Soilwork to me the better band was Dark Tranquillity and I just hope they get the chance to headline a US tour soon.

Bloodcurse 04-24-2005 12:35 AM

[QUOTE=SnakeCharmer] and I just hope they get the chance to headline a US tour soon.[/QUOTE]

I talked to Mikael Stanne after the show and he said they're coming back in September or October!!

ADD 04-24-2005 10:59 AM

[QUOTE=Bloodcurse]I talked to Mikael Stanne after the show and he said they're coming back in September or October!![/QUOTE]

I hope Hypocrisy do a headlining tour....I'd try to see that :rockdevil

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