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JuuKun 08-06-2010 09:28 AM

Cynic -- Allston, MA -- August 5th, 2010
Veil of Maya
Celestial Voyage
The Eagle Nature
I'm but a Wave to...
Uroboric Forms
How Could I
Nunc Fluens
The Space For This
Evolutionary Sleeper
The Unknown Guest
King of Those Who Know
Wheels Within Wheels
Adam's Murmur
Nunc Stans
Integral Birth

Absolutely phenomenal show. Cynic blew me away, they were sooo good, and I was pleasantly surprised by opener Dysrhythmia, they were really awesome. Intronaut sort of bored me. Full review coming later.


[url=http://metalcovenant.com/pages/livereviews/cynic_2010_08_05.htm]Review Here[/url]

JLRedWing13 08-08-2010 03:13 PM

I kinda felt the opposite way about the openers. I thought Intronaut crushed and Dysrhythmia dragged on a little.

Chyck 08-09-2010 06:04 PM

Come on, man - where's the review? It better include the quote

Paul: "So we released a demo post-Focus"
Dude in audience: "YEAH YA' DID!"
Paul: "And it's different, but we kind of like it"

Good grief, people were stoned at that show. Also, there was a hilariously distinct audience division between metalheads wearing black shirts and hipsters wearing colors until partway through Cynic's set. Gotta' love Allston.

JuuKun 08-16-2010 10:11 PM

Review is up:


JRA 09-07-2010 10:18 AM

So they played Integral Birth twice?

DethMaiden 09-07-2010 10:19 AM

[QUOTE=JRA;302252]So they played Integral Birth twice?[/QUOTE]

Integral is different from Integral Birth. Observe:


JRA 09-07-2010 11:19 AM

It says right there in the description that it's a remake of Integral Birth.

DethMaiden 09-07-2010 01:24 PM

[QUOTE=JRA;302278]It says right there in the description that it's a remake of Integral Birth.[/QUOTE]

They didn't just march out and play the Traced in Air version twice though, it's a distinction that must be made. And they made it. So no issue.

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