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Magson13 07-26-2010 08:47 PM

Carnival of Madness -- Virginia Beach, VA -- July 26th, 2010
Awesome show. If you're into hard rock, then make sure you see this show. All five bands put on a great show. I was right up front, center rail all night.

[B]10 Years:[/B] Solid performance, great as an opener. Not as good as they used to be, but they still play well live. The singer crowdsurfed toward the end of their set. They played about seven songs, I believe.... The only three I remember were Wasteland, Beautiful, and Dead in the Water.

[B]Sevendust:[/B] Incredible performance. They were the reason I bought a ticket. They never fail to disappoint. Only downside was they had a seven song set, which is way too short for them. Morgan threw me a drumstick during their set, and Clint threw me a pick. After their set, Morgan walked up to the front of the stage, and threw a bottle of water to me. That water was so good too, since it was so hot :D

Angel's Son
Face to Face

[B]Puddle of Mudd:[/B] I wasn't expecting much from these guys. I like some of their hits, so figured it wouldn;t be torture, but would just have to get through it. They really made me a fan with their live show though, they had a lot of energy, and were really fun. After their set, I managed to get their setlist :D

Borrowed Time
She Hates Me

[B]Chevelle:[/B] I wasn't expecting much from these guys either, because they were very blah back in April when I saw them. They were much better this time around though. I still don't think I'd go see them headline, but wouldn't mind seeing another supporting set from them.

Setlist: *out of order, except opener and closer. also missing a few*
The Clincher
The Red
Well Enough Alone
Vitamin R
Send the Pain Below
Sleep Apnea
I Get It

[B]Shinedown:[/B] Great performance. Brent talks a lot, but other than that, there was absolutely nothing wrong with their set. Around halfway through the set, a tour worker of Shinedown's passed out free bottles of water to everyone up front. It was fuckin awesome, that little gesture really proved to me that Shinedown cares about their fans. Towards the end of their set, the band did an instrumental thing, while Brent went out to the soundboard. The extended Simple Man cover kinda dragged on for awhile. After their set, I caught a pick from the guitarist, Zach :D

Sound of Madness
I Dare You
Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide
If You Only Knew
Boom Lay Boom Lay Boom
Junkies for Fame
The Crow and the Butterfly
Her Name Is Alice
Call Me
Save Me
Left Out
Simple Man *extended*
Fly From the Inside
Second Chance

causeofdeath 07-26-2010 10:06 PM

this sounds like the worst concert bill of all time. you would probably need to pay me to see this shit. i mean 5-6 bands in a row that sound exactly the same? why cant the world fucking hear music anymore.

300%_Density 07-27-2010 02:34 AM

I will do my best to stay positive about this. 10 Years has always been dreadful, Sevendust always brigs it live everytime. I know it's a "record selling" thing but the fact that Sevendust has been around almost as long as the other bands put together but they are one of the more consistent live shows every time, Chevelle has always been a hit and miss thing, & I have a dislike for Shinedown only reserved for U2. But still not too awfully bad.

gilpdawg 07-27-2010 03:22 AM

The only band out of those I like is Sevendust. Sad they are stuck on a shitty spot on this tour and only getting 7 songs.

DigMySpanky 07-27-2010 04:57 AM

The funny thing about this (besides all the bad music) is that Sevendust opted out of Mayhem Festival to play on shitty tours like this.

I realize they probably did it because the move automatically made them the best band on the tour, but do you really think they made more $ playing with washed up early millenium bands that Fred Durst loves?

larvtard 07-27-2010 08:31 AM

[QUOTE=DigMySpanky;292727]The funny thing about this (besides all the bad music) is that Sevendust opted out of Mayhem Festival to play on shitty tours like this.

do you really think they made more $ playing with washed up early millenium bands that Fred Durst loves?[/QUOTE]

probably. And they opted out of Mayhem because they would have gotten paid next to nothing there.

jhdeity 07-27-2010 10:05 AM

When I bought my ticket for this show the page said Shinedown & Sevendust in big letters then had the other 3 bands listed underneath.

To have to sit through Puddle of Mudd after Sevendust will be painful. You know 7dust don't have egos and didn't care when they played and Puddle are all ego and probably bitched and whined until they got put 3rd.

I'll be scouting girls during Puddle of Mudd. Saw them play a free show with the Ravens Cheerleaders for their calendar release and while POM wasn't hateful... Face to Face then Control. WTF? The heaviest song on the tour followed by that shit? Uggghhhhh.....

300%_Density 07-27-2010 10:43 AM

I think at this point I almost wish Sevendust had more ego because really I've lost track of how many shitty bands they tour w/ that they have to play before. Many bands that were probably listening to Sevendust when they were still in high school probably.

mankvill 07-27-2010 11:10 AM


300%_Density 07-27-2010 11:35 AM


HAHA I had to read that like 5 times before I got it....

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