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Robert 07-10-2010 04:11 PM

Bon Jovi -- East Rutherford, NJ -- July 9th, 2010
Bon Jovi --E. Rutherford, N.J. -- July 9, 2010
Venue: The NEW Giants Stadium

1.Raise Your Hands:party:
2.We Weren't Born to Follow
3.You Give Love a Bad Name
4.Born to Be My Baby
5.Superman Tonight
6.In These Arms
7.When We Were Beautiful
8.Captain Crash & the Beauty Queen From Mars
9.I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
10.We Got It Goin' On
11.Bad Medicine / Old Time Rock & Roll (with Kid Rock & his sax player and 2 lady backup singers) / Bad Medicine
12.Love's the Only Rule :wtf:
13.Lay Your Hands on Me (Richie Sambora on vocals)
14.Open All Night :wtf:
15.I'll Be There For You (Richie and Jon on vocals)
16.Squeeze Box (The Who cover/acoustic, band on catwalk)
17.Someday I'll Be Saturday Night (acoustic, band on catwalk)
18.Have a Nice Day
19.Work for the Working Man
20.It's My Life
21.Who Says You Can't Go Home
22.Keep the Faith
23.Wanted Dead or Alive
24.I Love This Town :wtf:
25.Glad All Over (The Dave Clark Five cover) :wtf:
26.Livin' on a Prayer

In case I forget to mention it, this was a looooooooong show. Got inside for the last few Kid Rock songs. He's not really my thing, but it was cool I think i saw Cowboy, 3 Sheets, So Hott, All Summer long, and Bawidaba. He played from about 8 pm to like 8:55? He did a dj scratchy solo thing where he poured Jim Beam as he scratched. Then he drank it. That was cool. Then he played a little guitar, and a little drums. He said my name is KIIIIIIIIIIID! I kept thinking, he's fucked some really hot women!

Anyway, Bon Jovi started about 9:30, and ended after freakin' Midnight! I went to the May 27th show, which was rain delayed and still finished before this show. I gotta say I was pretty psyched when they started with Raise your hands, (As much as I love Blood on Blood), and the show was pretty predictable, they mixed up the order a little from recent shows. For my taste they played a few too many "lesser known" tracks, and TONS of ballads. (Even my wife was a little bored!) ...and the encores, I don't understand that AT ALL??? Yeah, I waited till 11:50pm for a dave clark song! Are you kidding me????? I didn't even know what it was until I found it on setlistfm. And NO fireworks during Keep the Faith!!!! The only reason we could come up with was, that due to pending rain (which thankfully never came) the flight patterns to Newark were going over the stadium all night and maybe it was just too close to the planes??? It's not like they couldn't afford it or something. I was way to sober for this snorefest, but at $8.75/$9.75 per draught can you blame me???

Gonna get hammered in PNC parking lot tomorrow!!
Iron Maiden 7/11 (PNC), 7/12 (MSG!) :powerslav
Asia 8/10 :tongue:
Night Ranger (BBK) 8/11 :D
Fucking Slayer 8/12 (IZOD) :rocker:
Kiss 8/20 (PNC) :blaze:
OZZFEST 8/22 :horns:
Exodus 8/28 :shred:
RUSH 9/3 :canada:

Northern_Shaman 07-10-2010 09:07 PM

Sounds like you're going to appreciate Maiden a little bit more than you normally would :lol:.

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