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mankvill 07-07-2010 11:00 PM

Crucified -- Lawrence, KS -- July 7th, 2010
Not going to be too much of a review on this one. Most of the bands were local and it'd be hard to grade them solely on musicianship.

This was supposed to be headlined by Lewd Acts and Mammoth Grinder, but both bands canceled. Mammoth Grinder will be in KC in August, but no word on Lewd Acts.

First band was Drooling Slits. Apparently they've been around for a few years, but the way they played it sounded like it was their first live show. The bassist/vocalist was sick, so maybe that was it. Standard powerviolence/hardcore punk. Nothing special, but pretty good still. 7/10

Second was Sucked Dry from KC. Again, just your standard powerviolence/grind/hardcore punk stuff, but they were a bit better than the previous band. Not really stand out, but good enough. They also played on the floor, omg! 7.5/10

Harsh Reality was after that, and they were actually pretty good. They played old-school metallic hardcore and it sounded good. I'm not an expert in the genre, but I liked what I heard. 8/10

Crucified from California closed out the show, and they did so with style. The vocalist was pleased to see such a violent pit (and it got pretty violent at times) and gave back all the energy the crowd put forth. Cool dudes. 8/10

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