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Robert 06-21-2010 09:49 AM

Winger -- New York, NY -- June 20th, 2010
Winger Concert at B.B. King’s, Times Square, NYC, NY, June 20, 2010
1. Pull Me Under (Karma)
2. Blind Revolution Mad (Pull)
3. Easy Come Easy Go (In the Heart of the Young)
4. Stone Cold Killer (Karma)
5. Rainbow in the Rose (In the Heart of the Young)
6. Deal With The Devil (Karma)
7. Down Incognito (Pull)
8. John Roth guitar solo
9. Your Great Escape (IV)
10. Reb Beach guitar Solo
11. You Are the Saint, I Am the Sinner (In the Heart of the Young)
12. Rod Morgenstein drum Solo
13. Headed for a Heartbreak (Winger)
14. Can't Get Enuff (In the Heart of the Young)
15. Seventeen (Winger)
16. Miles Away (In the Heart of the Young)
17. Madalaine (Winger)
18. Helter Skelter (W/ Special Guest Fiona on Vocals)

Concert lasted from 8pm to about 9:20, pretty quick show, but hey they played all their hits, there’s not really much else I needed to hear. Good show. Would be a great opener on a summer shed tour if someone would sign them up. Reb Beach smokes as usual. Rod Morganstein played a great drum solo to a pre-recorded track ala Neil Peart. And their extended outro on Headed for a Heartbreak was great, lots of intricate cymbal fills from Rod. Kip played Keyboards on “Rainbow, Heartbreak and Miles Away”, and Reb played the Harmonica for "Down Incognito". Open floor (no seating) and no barricade at stage! Wow I was like 3 feet from them. And yes it was Fiona (NOT Fiona Apple). For the truly hardcore, who out there can be the first to name the video single they did together?

The song was called: What????
2 points if you know!
Iron Maiden 7/11, 7/12 :horns:
Rush 7/24, 8/3
Asia 8/10
Night Ranger 8/11
Slayer/Mega/Testa 8/12
KISS 8/20
Exodus 8/28

woodfin 06-21-2010 09:54 AM

Fiona / Winger
Everything you do you're sexin' me

TonyD 06-21-2010 10:15 AM

hay guise

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