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dponzo 04-28-2010 12:41 PM

W.A.S.P. -- São Paulo, Brazil -- April 10th, 2010
...And then Blackie is back to Brazil!!!!!
This was my first W.A.S.P show and I enjoyed a lot!!!! I liked the band a lot... they where insane on stage. There was this big screen back on the drums showing live and old clips while the songs were being performed.... great show!!!

Set List:
1. Intro
2. “On Your Knees”/“The Real Me”
3. “L.O.V.E. Machine” [url]http://www.metalsetlists.com/images/smilies/ROCKER.gif[/url]
4. “Crazy”
5. “Babylon's Burning”
6. “Wild Child”[url]http://www.metalsetlists.com/images/smilies/ROCKER.gif[/url]
7. “Hellion” / “I Don't Need No Doctor” / “Scream Until You Like It”
8. “Arena Of Pleasure”[url]http://www.metalsetlists.com/images/smilies/ROCKER.gif[/url] [url]http://www.metalsetlists.com/images/smilies/ROCKER.gif[/url] [url]http://www.metalsetlists.com/images/smilies/ROCKER.gif[/url]
9. “Chainsaw Charlie (Murders in the New Morgue)”
10. “The Idol”
11. “I Wanna Be Somebody” [url]http://www.metalsetlists.com/images/smilies/ROCKER.gif[/url]
12. “Heaven's Hung in Black”
13. “Blind In Texas”

ravenheart 04-28-2010 12:45 PM

Something gone amiss with the smilies there? ;)

That setlist better be changed by the time you get to the Summer festivals, Lawless, or there'll be trouble.

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