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300%_Density 04-26-2010 02:09 AM

Overkill -- Tulsa, OK -- April 25th, 2010
* Damnit messed up the date format. Rookie mistake!!! I'm better than that. I'm sure my correction will be fixed. I'm shamed :( anyway....

After reading the tour dates for this on the back of the shirts at the show I wanted to comment first that it is absolutely amazing that on this entire tour Overkill have had 1 day off which for a band that are prob well into their 40s is absolutely phenomenal. A definite horns up for that :rocker:

Ok onto the good stuff. Unfortunately I got to The Marquee too late that I missed Woe Of Tyrants (which I'm not too torn up about) but I missed Evile as well which I was actually quite disapointed about but hopefully I will see them again sometime.

I'm only a very little familiar with their set but from as I've read it's the same as it has been for quite awhile anyway. First saw them play right before Exodus on an offdate from the Kreator/Exodus tour and they were just as impressive as I remembered them from a year ago. Thought that they would end up getting biggest response outside of Overkill on the night, I ended up being wrong (more on that later) but still, crowd loved them, end of story. Luckily I'm pretty sure I got there during 1st song. Again like I said I'm pretty sure it was same set that has already been posted. Love to see them again sometime.

[B]God Dethroned[/B]
I'm going to be honest I knew literally zero about GD coming into the show. I was still pretty impressed. I am very curious to find some of their stuff and be able to give it a better lesson. I couldn't get over how well their lead singer could absolutely shred. Funny stuff, inbetween songs they would discuss Amsterdam, pot, etc. Out of the 4 bands I got to see I probably cared for them the least but that's not b/c they weren't any good, I just think everybody else was just that good. Not much to comment song wise since I don't know their songs but very enjoyable.

WOW. Atleast I had actually heard of Vader before but I really didn't know what to expect. It's easy to tell that Vader seemed to get over w/ the Tulsa crowd before as the crowd was actually chanting the bands name before they came out which I was defninitley not expecting. I was surprised b/c I thought Vader would be more death metal but I was surprised that not all of their stuff was. Yet again I'm sure there set really didn't change that much from the previously posted sets already. I was absolutely blown away how hard the drummer for Vader hits on drums. They were probably my biggest surprise of the night. I can see now why everybody just goes on and on about Vader on here. I will def be seeking out their music as well since this was my first real listen. Probably funniest thing of the night was the bass player for Vader telling the roadie after their first song that he needed to turn up the keyboard sound. The roadie just had this lost look for probably about 10 seconds and then the bassist started laughing. This got a very good laugh from our side of the stage.

Was able to grab setlist after the show so these are 100% accurate and in order, looks to be about same as last few shows only with a few in a different order:

Green & Black
Rotten To The Core
Wrecking Crew
Hello From The Gutter
Feel The Fire
Iron Bound
Bare Bones
Gasoline Dreams
Bring Me The Night
Old School
Fuck You / Overkill / Fuck You

2nd time getting to see Overkill. However, first time was them playing Rocklahoma last year which was obviously not their crowd and didn't get to play as long or able to play some of these songs. For no bigger than their stage is its a very awesome setup. 2 very intense strobe lights in front of the drums, fog machine, bright lights. Pretty sweet. What else is there to say? It's Overkill. Alot of people usually know what you're gettin with them. Everbody seemed like they were really enjoying themselves considering last night they were in Texas, and after the Tulsa show they are going back to Texas again (?). And yet they didn't act the fact they've only had 1 day off in the month. So glad I was able to see them on their anniversary tour. Hopefully I will be seeing them again. Picked up "Ironbound" cd on my way out. Would have been nice to meet them after the show but I was lucky enough to meet them at Rocklahoma last year.

All in all a stacked show from top to bottom. Glad such a small place got the ability too book this show. Even more of a gratifying show b/c out of the 2 girls I took with me: 1 of them really doesn't do this type of music and is sadly a DMB fan and the 2nd one's only experience was seeing TSO once and a pop concert (name withheld to protect the innocent... lol) and they both loved the show big time. I love converting over others.... Again thanks for reading my constant rambling. Time for Zombie / Cooper now!!!!

Link to pics I took:

Link to meeting Overkill @ Rocklahoma last year:

mankvill 04-26-2010 11:19 AM


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