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mastodon421 04-25-2010 07:39 AM

NEMHF -- Worcester, MA -- April 24th, 2010
Full review to come later but here are some setlists. I had to miss Cannibal against my will:( but it was still awesome. Anyways onto the setlists.

Arsonists Get All The Girls
1.The 92nd Ego
2.Shoeshine For Neptune
3.In The Empyreans
4.Skiff For The Suits
5.So Think You Know About The Game Of Life

1.The Kicking Legs
4.Windowless House
5.Canine Disposal Unit

Through The Eyes Of The Dead
(missed their first song)
2.Failure In The Flesh
3.The Mainfest
4.To The Ruins

Cattle Decapitation
1.Into The Public Bath
2.A Body Farm
5.Regret and The Grave

1.Submit To The Suffering
2.Upon Wings Of Black
3.The Despolier Of Human Life
4.Repulsive Salvation
5.Stand Fight and Die
6.Sacrifice For The Slaughtergod
7.Crushed Beyond Dust
8.Beyond The Permafrost
9.Within My Blood

Municipal Waste
1.Wolves Of Chernobyl
2.The Thrashin' Of The Christ
3.Divine Blasphemer
4.Headbanger Face Rip
5.Wrong Answer
6.A.D.D(Attention Deficit Destroyer)
7.Terror Shark
8.Bass Solo/Sadistic Magician
9.Black Ice
10.Acid Sentence
11.Unleash The Bastards
12.Thrashin' Is My Business and Business Is Good
13.The Bangover
14.Mind Eraser
15.Born To Party

Eluevite(partial and out of order)
I can confirm they played:
Inis Mona
Kingdom Come Undone
Bloodstained Ground

1.The Darkest Day of Man
3.Vicer Exiciser
4.Eternal Refuge
5.Father Of Lies
7.This Is Exile

Job For A Cowboy
1.Unfurling A Darkned Gospel
2.Constitutional Masturbation
3.Knee Deep
4.Reguritated Disinformation
5.To Detonate and Exterminate
7.Entombment Of A Machine

Amon Amarth
Same Set they have been playing
1. Twilight of the Thunder God
2. Free Will Sacrifice
3. Valkyries Ride
4. Asator
5. Varyags of Miklagaard
6. Guardians of Asgaard
7. Under the Northern Star
8. Tattered Banners And Bloody Flags
9. Valhall Awaits Me
10. Death in Fire
11. Runes To My Memory
12. Live for the Kill

13. Cry of the Black Birds
14.. The Pursuit of Vikings

makethemsuffer12 04-25-2010 08:25 AM

Fucking sucks you had to miss Cannibal. I really wish I could've gone to this, but oh well. I'm seeing AA tonight, so I'm good, though I hate having to miss CC :(

bt11763 04-25-2010 09:51 AM

[QUOTE=makethemsuffer12;266885]Fucking sucks you had to miss Cannibal. I really wish I could've gone to this, but oh well. I'm seeing AA tonight, so I'm good, though I hate having to miss CC :([/QUOTE]

fucking same, i'll see you there.

i'll have a south of heaven hoodie and a wolves in the throne room shirt on btw.

makethemsuffer12 04-25-2010 10:19 AM

[QUOTE=bt11763;266906]fucking same, i'll see you there.

i'll have a south of heaven hoodie and a wolves in the throne room shirt on btw.[/QUOTE]

I'll be wearing a COBHC hoodie and a Seasons in the Abyss eagle shirt. See you there dude.

bt11763 04-25-2010 11:21 AM

[QUOTE=makethemsuffer12;266914]I'll be wearing a COBHC hoodie and a Seasons in the Abyss eagle shirt. See you there dude.[/QUOTE]


and yeah i realized i know sort of what you look like anyway now that you added me on facebook haha

mastodon421 04-25-2010 01:37 PM

Well here is my review. I will start here all the bands I watched for the whole day.
Lecherous Noctourne
Arsonists Get All The Girls
The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza
Through The Eyes Of The Dead
Holy Grail
Cattle Decapitation
Municipal Waste
Job For A Cowboy
Amon Amrath

Acaro started off the day pretty damn well. They are a local death metal band and they are really solid. I hope they break out they defintley deserve it.

Lecherous Nocturne was pretty good. Wasn't that familar going in with their material and I will proably check out more of their stuff in the future.

Malefice was very meh. They played this odd style of death/thrash with horribly-timed breakdowns. The singer wasn't bad though and he had a hillarious British accent.

Arsonists Get All The Girls was proably the pleasant surprise of the day. With the exception of their most recent record Portals which I thought was pretty good their older stuff was pretty hit or miss. Live though they were very impressive. A lot of energy and percision put into their performance. I also have to complement them on how awesome the keyboards sounded live.

Took a break and got some food next door where I met all of Acaro and the drummer from Swashbuckle. All really chill guys. The guitarist from Acaro also gave me a copy of their EP for free:party:

Got back into The Palladium about 5 mins before Gaza went on. Gaza was one of the big reasons for me attending this show and they did not disappoint. Brutal as all hell live. Their frontman is also hysterical and he constantly shit on deathcore bands. He defintley delivered the line of the day "For some of you walking I think you have made a grim error we are not Chelsea Grin they are playing on the other stage. If you hurry down you will proably be able to catch some synchronized dancing".

Tony Danza Tap Extravangza was meh as well. I must say unlike most bands that attempt to have funny song titles Tony Danza actually does have funny song titles.

After Tony Danza wrapped up went back to the downstairs stage to catch Through The Eyes Of The Dead. They dropped some of their better songs they were playing. They were still pretty good but I expected more.

Holy Grail was proably the worst band of the day that I actually watched. I mean the riffs weren't bad but the vocalist sounded like Bruce Dickinson had beaten by a lead pipe for hours on end.

Cattle Decapitation absoultely crushed. Travis Ryan is a fucking monster and their performance was one of the best of the day. Can't wait see to see them again.

After Cattle I left again because I really didn't want to see Impending Doom because the are fucking awful. So I walked around Worcester a little bit and I ended up walking past Johnny Davy and Charn from Job For A Cowboy and not realizing untill about a minute later. I did end up meeting Gavin and Sean from Arsonists Get All The Girls in the parking lot before I went back in.

Upon my re-entry the almighty Skeletonwitch(aka Skeletontits) was about to play. First time seeing them and I was absolutley floored. They have such great stage presence and their songs sound even better live. I was also beyond stoked when they played Within My Blood because it was not in the previous setlist that I saw.

Toughest choice of the day was between watching The Red Chord and Municipal Waste. I have seen them both before and I love both of them. I ended going with The Waste because I know The Red Chord is coming back on Summer Slaughter. The Waste was awesome as usual. Proably the most energy out of any band all day. Tony was jumping off of everything,a ton of crowdsurfers,really fun pits and hillarious banter Typical awesome Waste performance.

After the Waste I ran back downstairs to catch Eluveitie. I may or may not have missed a song I am not sure. Being my first live Folk Metal band I have to say Folk Metal live is amazing. They were such a fun band to watch and everyone in the crowd was having a blast during their set. The only "problem" with them is that my friend and I kept making jokes about the guy in the band who was playing the insturment that looked like a crossbow. Mainly because we kept making really stupid jokes about if Rambo was in a metal band that's what he would play... Anyways Elueveite was fucking great.

Whitechapel was up next. Most people on here hate them but I am a fan. This was my 2nd time seeing them and they wern't as good as the 1st time. Maybe it was because their sound was off. I don't really know.

Job For A Cowboy was great. Fuck all the haters of them these guys are legit and their live show proves that. Really tight,heavy and sharp. Great Peformance and alot better than they were at Mayhem last summer.

Amon Amarth was just plain epic. I didn't realize how fucking big Johan was untill they went on that guy is a monster. They owned the stage and a fantastic live band.

Other Notes:
First and most importantly I am deeply sorry to Chyck for not saying hello. I bounced right after Amon Amarth and the fucking asshole in the Katkaylsm shirt permitted from not moving any closer.

I didn't watch Rose Funeral because I didn't have UNO Cards and I wanted to check out Lecherous Nocturne but my friend went up and watched them,heckled them and the singer spit on him.

I picked up a Job For A Cowboy Tour Shirt and A Skeletonwitch Breathing The Fire Shirt.

The place next to The Palladium (The Name Escapes Me) has great food.

Lastly here my scores for every band that I saw
Acaro 8/10
Lechorous Nocturne 7/10
Malefice 5.5/10
Arsonists Get All The Girls 8/10
Gaza 8.5/10
Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza 6/10
Through The Eyes Of The Dead 7/10
Holy Grail 4/10
Cattle Decapitation 8.5/10
Skeletonwitch 9/10
Municipal Waste 8.5/10
Eluevitie 8.5/10
WhiteChapel 7/10
Job For A Cowboy 8.5/10
Amon Amarth 9/10

Chyck 04-25-2010 04:26 PM

Thanks, Mastodon421, for getting a lot of the lists. Here’s a few more mixed in with my rather verbose reviews.

[B]Acaro[/B] played first downstairs. They’re the Palladium’s local opening band. Any time there’s a huge tour, they’re there first. While I'm not overly excited by them yet, I was impressed with their performance quality and how well put together they are for a local group.

[B]Swashbuckle[/B] opened upstairs, and as usual got an amazing reaction from the crowd. Yes, they are a one-trick pony. No, a lot of New England fans do not care. Admiral Nobeard taunted us between songs with phrases such as “I want to see a circle pit as big as your mother’s vagina!” and yelling at people to jump on stage. It worked. We did.

I checked out [B]Lecherous Nocturne[/B], but honestly don’t remember thinking much except for “This is cool.” I did get most of their list:

Requiem For Insects
Edict of Worms
We Are As Dust

I really had nothing to do for a few hours, but entertained myself by watching [B]Periphery[/B] and [B]Chelsea Grin[/B]… wtf are these bands thinking?! They both had three guitarists and were breakdown driven drivel. I did get one kick out of Chelsea Grin, though. They stand in a V-formation with the singer in the middle with his arms out to the side… then they all head/knee-bang. It looks like a flock of dying seagulls. I’ll upload the vid if I can figure out how.

[B]Gaza[/B] were AMAZING. Just… wow… and yay… and wow and yay some more. Wow. Yay.

I’ve never heard of [B]Tony Danza Tap whatever[/B] and don’t intend to again. They weren’t creative, they weren’t unique, they weren’t interesting, they weren’t anything. Their fans, however, are hilarious air-fighting, donkey-kicking, crowd-surf / fighting at the same time assholes. The only reason I could consider it funny was because I was watching from the rail above. You couldn’t have paid me to go down to the floor.

Sorry, mastodon421 – I actually really enjoyed [B]Holy Grail[/B] ;). I spent most of their set thinking “Why haven’t I heard of these guys before?” They were also a really really refreshing change from the –core I had been assaulted with for the few hours before. I’ll check them out more later.

[B]Cattle Decapitation[/B] were hard and heavy and disgusting and wonderful. They’re one of those groups that I don’t adore listening to, but do love to go to shows for. I’ll be there the next time they come around.

[B]Impending Doom[/B]. Yup. There they were. I sure did keep my spot on the barrier for Skeletonwitch.

[B]Skeletonwitch[/B] were amazing as always. To make up for their lack of time, they ripped from song to song with almost no breathing time in between. It was my fourth time seeing them in recent memory, and my first chance to see Nate’s talent up close. Very cool. I hope they always play Sacrifice for the Slaughtergod, and always have the same energy.
The Red Chord[/B]. I like their poofy beards. Not my thing.

[B]Eluveitie[/B] took a while to set up, but I was unsurprised due to the sheer number of instruments they have. Very, very cool set and I will never cease to be impressed by their coordination and camaraderie. The crowd moshed very little. I think everyone just wanted to listen to the purty music.

Slightly modified setlist:
Grey Sublime Archon
Bloodstained Ground
Inis Mona
Quoth The Raven
Kingdom Come Undone

[B]WhiteChapel[/B]. Oh, how I despise WhiteChapel. I’m going to leave it at that.

[B]JFAC[/B]… I’m frightened. I don’t know if it was because I had just suffered through WC and anything else would’ve sounded better… or if the drumming was just interesting enough… or if I was that exhausted… but I didn’t hate them. In fact, I honestly had a good time during their set. I fully intend to check out the one Death Metal album I was informed they produced. I must be nuts.

[B]Amon Amarth[/B] was the band of the night for me. They are wonderful in every way, shape, and form. I can't wait to see them again. The crowd thinned out a bit after JFAC and there were the perfect number of people for throwing horns, dancing around, and mostly appropriate moshing. They got a great reaction.

A ton of people left before and during [B]Cannibal Corpse[/B], but they did play until 1:15 AM. Their performance was great as always, but it was evident that both Corpsegrinder and the audience were exhausted. Everyone was making an effort to keep going, but after 13+ hours of metal, I think we had a decent excuse to be tired. Great set anyway.

Setlist yanked from the Richmond date and slightly moved around. The order is probably still wrong.

Scalding Hail
Unleashing the Bloodthirsty
Pit of Zombies
The Wretched Spawn
Pounded Into Dust
I Will Kill You
The Cryptic Stench
A Skull Full of Maggots
Death Walking Terror
Savage Butchery
Scattered Remains, Splattered Brains
Make Them Suffer
Priests of Sodom
Evisceration Plague
Staring Through the Eyes of the Dead
Hammer Smashed Face

[U]Side notes:[/U]

Tons of bands and band members were hanging out in the parking lot next the Palladium, and I kept passing them while walking back and forth to my car. Everyone that I spoke with was really cool, and I actually felt a little strange knowing exactly who some of them were, but not wanting to talk to them because I didn’t enjoy their music specifically.

More specifically, I ran into Pat (aka: Admiral Nobeard) multiple times throughout the day. First to get a pic with him, and afterwards just because we happened to be in the same places. He’s a really cool, vulgar dude and seems like a fun person to hang out with. We talked about crowd reactions (New York sucks) amongst other things, and he says that Swashbuckle far prefers small venues. At one point he saw that I was bummed over my lack of cash for a Deceased CD (I can never find them and feel like ordering via mail is cheating), and actually purchased it for me because “Not enough people in this world listen to Deceased.” I totally owe him a beer or two.

Mastodon421 hides well in an enormous crowd. Damn it.

Fuck you, Manky. I was not going to suffer through Rose Funeral just for your own amusement.

mankvill 04-25-2010 04:30 PM


Fires Of Sedition 04-25-2010 05:02 PM


I was about to say the same thing

Kevin-J 04-25-2010 05:22 PM

Don't where these set lists came from, but Amon Amarth played a slightly shorter set than they've been playing since their time was a somewhat limited. They dropped Dragon's Flight and And Soon The World Will Cease To Be.

Cannibal did not play Death Walking Terror, Pit Of Zombies or I Will Kill You. They did play Sentenced To Burn, Murder Worship and Devoured By Vermin.

A great night seeing these 2 bands on the same bill.

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