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Maiden33 04-18-2010 10:54 AM

Sanctuary -- New Hope, PA -- April 17th, 2010
This was my second time seeing renown Iron Maiden tribute band Sanctuary, and they did not disappoint. Their new singer could be better but was certainly not bad and had quite a bit of stage presence. The venue (Triumph Brewing Company) was very nice and very cool, and the sound was pretty good for a small-scale place. It was great to hear some rarities of sorts that I'm pretty damn confident I will never see Maiden play.

01.Ides of March
03.Flash of the Blade
04.2 Minutes to Midnight
05.The Trooper
06.Phantom of the Opera
07.The Prisoner
09.Flight of Icarus
10.The Wicker Man
12.Number of the Beast
13.Hallowed Be Thy Name
14.Children of the Damned
16.Aces High
17.Be Quick or Be Dead
18.Sea of Madness
19.Wasted Years
20.The Clairvoyant
21.Run to the Hills
23.Iron Maiden
24.Running Free

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