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Uncle_Meat1940 03-15-2010 11:16 AM

Kreator -- St. Paul, MN -- March 14th, 2010
This is my first setlist/concert review so let me know who I do. \m/

Not a Lazarus fan so I couldn't tell you if I wanted to. : P

Evile -

Infected Nation
We Who Are About to Die
Time No More
Enter the Grave

Nachtmystium -

Your True Enemy
Ghosts of Grace
Life of Fire
Hellish Overdose
One of These Nights

Voivod -

Ripping Headaches
Tribal Conviction
Nuclear War
Global Warning
Astronomy Domine

Kreator -

Choir of the Damned (short)
The Pestilence
Hordes of Chaos
Enemy of God
Impossible Brutality
Endless Pain
Pleasure to Kill
Terrible Certainty
Extreme Aggression
Coma of Souls
Servant in Heaven – King in Hell
The Patriarch/Violent Revolution
Demon Prince
When the Sun Burns Red
Flag of Hate/Tormentor

Lazarus A.D. just doesn't do it for me, there's just something about them that I don't like. I find it funny though that their lead guitarist looks like if my buddy Sam and I had a butt baby. haha

Like another person who reviewed this tour, I've been on the fence about Evile for quite some time. I know now that I dig them live to say the least. They just don't wow me on the scale that, say, Gamma Bomb or Warbringer do on recordings, I'm more inclined now to give their albums a few more spins to see if that has changed now. Sound-wise they were great, I was on the rail leaning towards stage right (my usual spot at Station 4) and it wasn't muddy or anything from what I remember.

Nachtmystium was the biggest surprise of the night for me. I saw them in December when they were touring With Marduk and their sound was so terrible that it was actually causing physical pain to my ears. That and after reading the previous reviews of their sound on this tour I literally had no expectations for them on this tour. BUT! Surprise surprise, they actually sounded great (well, as great as a black metal band can sound. haha), 10000000000000x better than the last time I saw them considering I could actually tell what they were playing. My only complaint was that their lights made it damn near impossible to take pictures, but I already have some from the last tour so it wasn't that big a deal. haha

Voivod played a good show. I was happy that they played Tornado . My only problems with their set was that Snake's Vocals were barely audible at times, that and they weren't as wild as I had expected them to be especially considering it was their last date on the tour. Other than that though It was a good show.

Kreator was fucking amazing. I've been waiting to see them for quite some time and they're my absolute favorite Thrash band. So as you can guess I went fucking ape shit the whole time (my neck is very angry at me today). Almost every song that I wanted to hear was played. They seemed to be having a little bit of sound problems at the start but it got worked out for the most part. All in all, a fantastic show. My top 3 songs played would have to be (in no order) Phobia, Enemy of God, and Extreme Aggression.

Funny story time!

At the start of Kreator, some asshole was trying to push in between my two friends and I. After a couple tries he actually tried to bitch to security that we weren't letting him have our spot. He tried a few more times only to be a couple elbows thrown at him, then left. Or so we thought... All of a sudden we feel a disturbance in the crow immediately behind us, I turn around to that ass hole getting drug out by security and a group of people getting back on their feet. Apparently that neanderthal tried jumping out of of one of the windows that allows the bar to the floor/stage in an attempt to get our spot I guess. How he planned on accomplishing it through those means is a mystery to the logical thinker but I still found the whole ordeal to be pretty funny. haha

andrew_metalhead 03-15-2010 06:36 PM

[QUOTE=Uncle_Meat1940;257212]This is my first setlist/concert review so let me know who I do. \m/

Not a Lazarus fan so I couldn't tell you if I wanted to. : P

Lazarus A.D. just doesn't do it for me, there's just something about them that I don't like.[/QUOTE]

Thats sad. I think they are one of the best new bands out there.

There are so many bands who get a LOT more credit than they deserve. Its quite the opposite with Lazarus A.D and I wish it wasn't.

The Ghost at Number One 03-15-2010 07:07 PM

Sucks they're not playing Destroy What Destroys You.

Mechni-Crab 03-16-2010 06:44 AM

3 of us (the only 3 dudes wearing Evile shirts - we actually got a "Holy shit" out of the drummer Ben as he walked by) drove down from Winnipeg for this show and man was it worth the trip. Lazarus is slowly growing on me, that was my third time seeing them and I thought they really ripped it up.

Evile was incredible and probably the main reason I wanted to come to this show as I'd seen Kreator in Winnipeg fairly recently. Anyway, Evile really killed it. It's a shame they only played 5 songs, hopefully they come back on that headlining tour they mentioned.

Kreator was obviously amazing as well. You really can't go wrong with an entire 90 minute set of break-neck thrash metal. Great mix of old and new, can't wait to see them again.

Uncle_Meat1940 03-16-2010 09:15 AM

The thing is, I've seen Lazarus 3 or 4 times as well. It seems like every time I see them I like them less. I used to dig them a fair amount, but they just sound more and more cookie cutter and generic over time. That and their breakdowns get old. FAST.

Blackened12 03-16-2010 12:39 PM

Really wish I had gone to see them when they came to VA. Oh well, got Megadeth instead:D

endless_pain 03-17-2010 05:29 PM

Thank You!
I’ve been trying to find out what the F@#k happened! I was on the front left side of the stage and was having a great time head banging to “Hordes”. (I was really looking forward to this song). All of a sudden I felt a thud on the back of my neck & I went down like a ton of bricks. I got up and could not figure out what happened and neither could anyone around me. Then I see security shining their flashlights into the crowd from the center of the stage. There was this bonehead out there with a bandanna covering his face like a bank robber. (For a second I thought he was going to pull out a gun). Anyway, security jumped over the rail and got the kid out of there. I had a feeling that this is what happened but, was not sure. I’m glad I saw your review….this has been bugging me all week!

This was indeed an awesome show. I met “Away” and he signed my Voivod shirt….nice guy. I also caught Jürgen’s drumstick at the end. (It looks like a dog got a whole of it):rocker:

My neck still hurts as well. It could be from when the neanderthal fell on my head or from the aggression I had to let out afterward. I just think it’s funny that he felt that he had to jump into the crowd….my buddy left and came back to his exact spot about 3 times during the show.

Lazarus, Voivod, and Kreator were all awesome and I just drank a few beers during the other 2 bands. I did like the “Grace” song by Nachtmystium and the last song they played. I’ll be back for Overkill in 4 weeks. I cannot wait.

----Still feeling the “endless pain”--- :rocker:

Uncle_Meat1940 03-17-2010 08:20 PM

YOU!!! haha You know how that drumstick slipped through a guys fingers before you caught it??? THOSE WERE MY FUCKIN FINGERS!!!! HAHA I was the dude that turned around as was like, "FUCK ME!!" haha Not literally mind you, but ya. haha

BornForBurning 03-04-2011 10:29 AM

When I saw this tour in Portland, I was on the rail, and while Choir Of The Damned was going, some guy hit me in the back of the neck really hard with a drumstick he got, and while I was stunned, he took my place. Then I told security and 5 bouncers dragged him out and they gave me my spot back. I hate those fucking punks.

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