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Metalboy 03-07-2010 11:33 AM

Dream Kreator setlist
This would be my dream Kreator setlist.

1. Hordes Of Chaos
2. No Reason To Exist
3. Suicide Terrorist
4. Forever
5. Ripping Corpse
6. System Decay
7. Son Of Evil
8. Bonebreaker
9. Endless Pain
10. Impossible Brutality
11. No Escape
12. Terrible Certainty
13. People Of The Lie
14. Enemy Of God
15. Demon Prince
16. Warcurse
17. Extreme Aggression
18. Pleasure To Kill
19. Riot Of Violence
20. Flag Of Hate/Tormentor

Sinfulsot 10-03-2012 04:36 AM

Enemy of God
Hordes of Chaos
Impossible To Cure
United In Hate
When the Sun Burns Red
One Evil Comes A Million Follow
Awakening of The Gods
State Opression
Voices of the Dead
Phantom Antichrist
Flag Of Hate
Pleasure to Kill
Endless Pain

BrutalN00dle 10-04-2012 08:18 AM

[LIST=1][*]Endless Pain [*]Terrible Certainty [*]People of the Lie [*]Betrayer[*]Pleasure to Kill[*]Riot of Violence[*]Terrorzone[*]Total Death[*]Ripping Corpse[*]Extreme Aggression [*]Toxic Trace [*]As the Sun Burns Red[*]The Pestilence[*]Coma of Souls[*]Awakening of the Gods[*]Flag of Hate/Tormenter[/LIST]

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