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BrutalN00dle 03-03-2010 10:25 PM

Kreator -- Springfield, VA -- March 3rd, 2010
There are not enough words to adequately describe how fucking amazing Kreator was. But before I get into that, the setlists:

Lazarus AD:[LIST=1][*]???[*]???[*]Last Breath[*]Thou Shall Not Fear[*]Revolution[/LIST]
Evile(First show in America!) :[LIST=1][*]Infected Nation[*]We Who Are About To Die[*]Thrasher :rocker:[*]Time No More[*]Enter the Grave[/LIST]
Nachtmystium:[LIST=1][*]Your True Enemy[*]Ghosts of Grace[*]Born of Fire?[*]??[*]??[*]Assassins[/LIST]
Voivod:[LIST=1][*]Voivod[*]Nothingface[*]Ripping Headache[*]Ravenous Medicine[*]Overreaction[*]Tribal Convictions[*]Global Warming[*]Missing Sequences[*]Brain Scan OR Astronomy Domine (I don't actually know)[/LIST]
KREATOR:[LIST=1][*]Choir of the Damned (short)[*]The Pestilence[*]Hordes of Chaos[*]Phobia[*]Enemy of God :rocker:[*]Impossible Brutality[*]Endless Pain[*]Pleasure to Kill[*]Terrible Certainty[*]Extreme Aggression[*]Coma of Souls[*]Servant in Heaven – King in Hell[*]The Patriarch/Violent Revolution[*]Demon Prince[*]When the Sun Burns Red :party::rocker::eek::rocker:[*]Flag of Hate/Tormentor[/LIST]
This was my second Kreator show. This was the first date of the Hordes of Chaos Tour, Part 2; featuring Voivod, Nachtmystium, Evile and Lazarus AD. My friend and I arrived at Jaxx around 2:45 pm (totally worth it) and just sat/stood around bullshitting with some other companions until doors. Jaxx opened ON TIME which is new. We get inside, then head down in to the pit to grab the rail, I was right in the center, and did not move.

First up was a local band called Infliction. Meh.

Now for the concert proper, Lazarus AD. In a word, horrible. Really lackluster material, and I can't say I'm a huge fan of their injecting breakdowns into my beloved thrash metal. After they polluted the stage for around 25 minutes, they got out of the way for a real thrash band.

Evile was a band I was really on the fence on. Depending on my mood, I either loved or hated them. They totally ruled live, their whole set was a guitar clinic, Ol Drake's solos are truly amazing, and this was their first show EVER in the United States, and what an introduction. They're now one of my top retro-thrash bands, based on how they played today, and I can't wait to see them in April with OverKill.

Nachtystium is a weird band. They play psychedelic black metal, and I'm a fan of their album "Assassins: Black Meddle Part 1", and they played a bunch of stuff off of it. They played well enough, though Blake Judd placed the mic a bit higher than he should have, and was yelling into nothing for a good portion of the set. I'd totally see them again when they have more time to play.

I'm not a fan of Voivod, so I can't say how well they played against their albums and whatnot. I can say that the singer seemed bored the whole time, and I'm still not a fan of Voivod after the show.

Kreator. Holy shit. The last time I saw them was on the last date of their tour with Exodus, and I wondered if they could top that performance. They did. They played an incredible amount from their 80s material, opening up with a choice cut from Pleasure To Kill, "The Pestilence". Then they cranked through a few standards, (Hordes of Chaos, Phobia). Then they started an incredible block of title tracks. Hearing the title cuts from Endless Pain through Coma of Souls was fucking brutal, and I don't think my neck is going to appreciate it. Then out of nowhere, they played "When The Sun Burns Red" which is an incredible slice of thrash off of Coma of Souls.

Their setlist had a slot for either "Betrayer", "People of the Lie" or "Terrorzone" but they didn't play any of them, which is the only flaw I can think of; I still haven't witnessed "People of the Lie" from Kreator. They closed their set with, as always, "Flag of Hate" and "Tormentor". Flawless performance from the entire band. Mille is one of the best frontmen in metal, Sami and Speesy both played to perfection, and Ventor is a fucking monster with the drums. All hail Kreator!

Onioner 03-03-2010 10:29 PM

I'm gonna see this is San Francisco in two weeks, I'm so pumped. Did they play Corpse of Liberty before Demon Prince, or did they go straight into it?

JRA 03-03-2010 10:43 PM

Fuckin A! The Pestilence!? When The Sun Burns Red? Endless Pain?! Badass!

BrutalN00dle 03-03-2010 10:46 PM

[QUOTE=Onioner;255093]I'm gonna see this is San Francisco in two weeks, I'm so pumped. Did they play Corpse of Liberty before Demon Prince, or did they go straight into it?[/QUOTE]

I believe they went straight into it.

Bloodcurse 03-03-2010 10:54 PM

What kind of merch did Kreator have and what were the prices like?

Onioner 03-03-2010 10:56 PM

Thanks, it would have been cool to hear Corpse of Liberty too, but that's a badass enough set anyway. So would you say it lasted around 90 minutes?

BrutalN00dle 03-03-2010 11:08 PM

[QUOTE=Bloodcurse;255100]What kind of merch did Kreator have and what were the prices like?[/QUOTE]

Kreator had a Pleasure to Kill shirt, Flag of Hate shirt, 3 variations of the Tour shirt, and a PtK hoodie. Also, belt buckles, beanies, and patches.

All the shirts were $20, the buckle and beanies were $15, the small patch (just logo) was $5 (I don't remember the price of the backpatch). I think they had CDs for $10 but I could be wrong.

@Onioner, around 75 minutes.

the chewbacca defense 03-03-2010 11:17 PM

How late did the show run to?

Onioner 03-03-2010 11:21 PM

You know, I think that Kreator had to cut out Betrayer/Terror Zone/People of the Lie because there was one extra opening band on the bill. Normally the tour has Lazarus AD, Evile, Lightning Swords of Death/Nachtmystium, and Voivoid/Kataklysm opening, but it looks like you guys got that extra local act opening as well. And thanks for answering my questions guys.

BrutalN00dle 03-03-2010 11:29 PM

[QUOTE=the chewbacca defense;255104]How late did the show run to?[/QUOTE]

It started around 6:15 and I think ended around 12:30.

@Onioner, to be fair, Betrayer, etc. weren't numbered on the setlist on the floor, so I think they pull them out when they have extra time, or don't want to do one of the other songs.

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