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DrPogo 12-14-2009 12:23 PM

Gwar -- New York, NY -- December 13th, 2009
This was the last date of the tour that Gwar has been doing with The Red Chord and Job For a Cowboy. We got to the Fillmore at about 6:30, and the line wasn't that long at all, probably considering the rain. Overall, The Red Chord pissed me off because of their pompous attitude. I'm sure for the six people in the pit doing their hardcore dancing, they were really good, and I will admit, when they played a song of Clients that I knew it was pretty good. But come on, I've seen The Red Chord with Gwar like 8 times, and it's quite unchanging regarding performance and setlist.

Job For a Cowboy came out, and to be honest their sound surprised the fuck out of me. AND ONLY THEIR SOUND. Just wanna clarify that. They really had some awesome speakers and equipment, and you could hear every single note of every instrument. I'm not a fan whatsoever, besides for "Knee Deep" and they got that over right in the beginning. I know people think they are like the best MetalCore/PosiCore/NegiCore/HyperADDCore/PigSquealCore/JFACore/RiotCore/ObamaCore/ArizonaCore/ScreamCore/EmoCore/NinjaCore/sXeCore/DeathCore/HardCore band ever, but i really, really, really hate them, and all of the people that participate in that kind of dancing. I grabbed a kid by his hair after he pushed my girlfriend over in the midst of a Quarter Throwing Ninja Mosh as she was quietly trying to enjoy the show and scared the ever-loving shit out of him (I'm not the most approachable or friendly looking fella, I guess) and the Kung-Fu pits ceased and the real moshing sorta picked up a little bit....During Gwar it picked up, as the whole floor turned into a brutal fucking assault. Like The Red Chord, I'm sure Job For a Cowboy really impressed the people who were there to see them, but they aren't my brand.

Sometime after XxJFACxX, the almighty Gwar presented us with their hilarious "Behind the Murder" video before they slaughtered the stage for a good hour and some. I have seen Gwar 15 times, randomly throughout the years (I guess I am in the right place at the right time), and I really enjoyed their stage show the most this time. They had more of their characters like the Destructos, Commander Zog (I'm sorry if that's not his name), Bonesnapper, etc. and not so many of the people. I guess that is good and bad. They did kill Michael Jackson when they brought him out for "one last performance" which was very funny, random babies, and Obama, which was hilarious, but besides for that, the blood and spew came from the Destructos and Commander Zog. We got drenched, and so did everyone else, I can add another green and red t-shirt (that was white) to my collection. Crowd was nuts, it was one big wave and then one big pit for the entire show. Gotta love New York City shows, we're fucking brutal, lol! The setlist was the same as the rest of the tour, but I had no complaints. Then for they came out for a second encore and they played Fistful of Teeth, Fuckin an Animal, Rag Na Rok and...oh wait, that was when I woke up from my dream, nevermind.

[U]The Red Chord[/U]
(Thanks to bt11763 for the redirect to the thread for The Red Chord's setlist)
Hour of Rats
Pray For Eyes
Send The Death Storm

[U]Job For a Cowboy[/U]
1. XxSomething About Straight Edge Ninja Moshing Throwing-Quarters-Mosh Line-Dance-Dosey-Doe Martial-Art-Mosh Guatemalan-Insanity-PeppersxX
2. xXxKnee DeepxXx
3. Something About xButcheringx xUpcomingx xChalkx xCompanyx xCEOx xFortitudex xTesticalx xAmplificationx xMexicox xTracheotomyx
4. Something About Catastrophic Kentucky Baby Castration Ostracizing Kingdom MilkDud Popcorn Blasphemy
5. Something About Palm Trees and Antipastos
6. Something About Masturbation and Awkward Places to Put Your iPod
7. Something About Disembowlment
8. Something About Pickled Cocks in Jelly Jars
9. Embedded

1. Metal Metal Land
2. Saddam A Go-Go
3. Lords and Masters
4. The Apes of Wrath
5. Tormentor
6. Where Is Zog?
7. Womb With A View
8. Let Us Slay
9. Maggots
10. Immortal Corruptor
11. The Price of Peace
12. Lust In Space
13. Bring Back the Bomb
14. Have You Seen Me?
15. Sick of You

bt11763 12-14-2009 03:28 PM

i was there last night too. was able to go backstage and meet gwar in character/costume, which made me sooooo fucking happy.

my 4th time seeing them, probably the best [I]performance[/I] i've seen them put on, i could have wished for a better set list, very LIS heavy, which isnt a bad thing however, because the new album is good and a lot better live. but i was very happy that they had more theatrics, blood, and bile driving than last year at Irving for the electile dysfunction tour.

about my fourth time seeing JFAC, and by far the best time. they have really stepped up their performance, every other time they would just kinda stand on stage and play, which was fine, but now they were all raging and seemed really into it. great crowd interactions too, especially when i yelled at Johnny that he had a nice loogie hanging from his beard.

set list is pretty well represented in this thread: [URL="http://www.metalsetlists.com/showthread.php?t=11729"]http://www.metalsetlists.com/showthread.php?t=11729[/URL]

adding Bearing the Serpent's Lamb, To Detonate and Exterminate, possibly one or two more.

first time seeing the red chord, and i enjoyed them a good deal. they're a bit much on the deathcore side, but it's not really a bad thing to begin with because they don't overkill it and they make up for it with all the other elements they throw in. and i wouldn't say they were coming off as "pompous" at all, they just seemed to be having fun.

as far as i know the set list was accurately represented in the other thread

Wizzbang11 12-14-2009 03:58 PM

You all should have picked up the limited edition christmas 7", since it won't be available anywhere else :(

DrPogo 12-14-2009 04:39 PM

[QUOTE=Wizzbang11;241464]You all should have picked up the limited edition christmas 7", since it won't be available anywhere else :([/QUOTE]

I actually did pick up 2 copies, but for some reason they said that was it, limit 2. I planned on giving one for a Christmas gift, but on Ebay I saw two for buy it now prices of like $240 each and 6 hours later, they were gone. So I have a tough decision, lol.

Wizzbang11 12-14-2009 04:51 PM

[QUOTE=DrPogo;241481]I actually did pick up 2 copies, but for some reason they said that was it, limit 2. I planned on giving one for a Christmas gift, but on Ebay I saw two for buy it now prices of like $240 each and 6 hours later, they were gone. So I have a tough decision, lol.[/QUOTE]

I should have found someone going to one of the last 5 shows and given them a few extra bucks to pick me up one. Oh well. No way in hell is it worth more than 25$ to me, so I guess I should stop caring.

bt11763 12-14-2009 05:54 PM

i didnt make my way over to that end of the merch booth, what was on it?

bt11763 12-14-2009 06:17 PM

i would also like to add that i agree with why OP hates them, especially those hXc ninja dancing head up their assese faggots, but idk if its completely fair to base hatred off a fan base. that's why i can confidently say that i have always been a big slipknot fan, but god do i hate slipknot fans. same goes for JFAC.

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