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Fires Of Sedition 12-06-2009 11:01 AM

Vader -- Tulsa, OK -- December 5th, 2009
BJ and I showed up to the venue about an hour and a half early and were the only ones there. The bands weren't even there yet. One of the guys who works for The Marquee came out and told us that the bands just played in Denver and they had to drive through a bunch of ice to get to Tulsa. Our friends showed up so we got in line and talked and waited. We made sure to tell all the hardcore dancing fags walking to the Cain's (right down the street) to see white chapel and Trivium that white chapel fucking sucks dick. Asked a few idiots how long it took them to do their make up and hair. This made waiting in line tolerable. There was less than 20 people in line when the doors finally opened at about 7:15.

I was the first to get my ticket scanned and I walked into the stage area and saw Bill Robinson at the Decrepit Birth merch table so I went up to him and bought a bad ass shirt, asked him if he would sign my ticket, and told him to have a good show. Walked to the stage and waited for Augury to start which didn't take long at all. They were very good, a lot better than the two bands that followed them. I don't really know any of their songs but the less than 50 people attending this show loved them. I took out my camera to take some pictures only to see that it was a piece of shit and wasn't working. I'd turn it on, it'd say "Access" for about 15 seconds then say "Turn power off and back on". I was pissed. Some guy asked the vocalist for a pick and he said "Sorry but I have only 3 for the whole tour". That must suck.

The Amenta came on and they were worse than I thought they'd be. The bassist and vocalist try way too hard to be scary and it's just embarassing. Plus their face paint smelled like shit. The guitarist didn't play anything past the 5th fret. The only good part about this band is their drummer who was pretty awesome, except he looked pissed off that no one was really doing anything during their performance.

I was hoping and praying that Rose Funeral's van got fucked up in Denver because of the ice, but unfortunately it didn't and they showed up. Every single member of this band looks like an extreme douche bag and I wanted to piss on all of them. The drummer is very talented, but he's a dumb ass doucher with extremely stupid tattoos (HUSTLE ERRDAY) on his legs. I gave all of my friends a pair of ear plugs and we put them in. BJ and Phil went and sat down because they didn't want to catch the gay this band was emitting. I was talking to my friend Ronnie before they started playing and the drummer yelled to me "What'd you say? Fuck you!" and flipped me off. I didn't even say anything about his shitty band. This pissed me off so I pulled my hair back and made it obvious to everyone that I had ear plugs in. I yawned a few times too. The scrawny pussy vocalist dumped water in his hair and headbanged right in front of me, splattering Ronnie and I with water. I don't see why deathcore bands think getting people kind of wet is insulting. The only people doing anything for this bullshit were two total queers doing some of the stupidest hardcore dancing I've ever seen, only on the breakdowns of course. When these dick heads finally were done I cheered and threw my ear plugs at them.

Finally a band worth seeing starting set up. Decrepit Birth did their sound check and KC played some bad ass beats and Matt played an awesome sweep. I told them they were already better than Rose Funeral. They got finished with sound check pretty quickly and Bill came on stage and everyone went crazy. They played Prelude To The Apocalypse first and all of my friends and I headbanged along. After the first song you could tell they were happy. I saw Scarlett (Ms.MetalInjection) on the side of the stage so of course, I flashed her and she laughed. The Living Doorway started and my friends and I went nuts again. I sang along to every word and during the verse "Visions intertwine. The immortal energies combine. Condemned eternally, to be forever. Reborn", Bill put the mic to my mouth and let me scream "Reborn" which, I gotta say, sounded pretty sweet. My friends all yelled "FUCK YEAH!" and patted me on the back. I felt so gosh dern cool. After The Infestation, Matt, who had gone behind his amp, came back out and blew smoke out of his mouth. The crowd cheered and Bill pointed at whoever was behind the amp and told him "You owe me motherfucker!". This day was Bill's birthday so my friends and I all screamed HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOTHERFUCKER at him. He told us that it was also Reyash from Vader's birthday. I sang along and headbanged with the rest of the set, excluding Polarity and Symbiosis because I HAD to watch Matt and Dan play those fucking solos. Holy shit are these guys good. I'm definitely getting Polarity when it's released next year. Matt gave me and another guy a pick and Vader started to set up.

Prelude To The Apocalypse
The Living Doorway
The Infestation
Condemned To Nothingness
Diminishing Between Worlds

I'm pretty sure Phil came when he saw Peter. He's been a huge fan of Vader since before I met him in the 9th grade 5 years ago and it was very obvious he was excited as hell. He told Peter that Vader was the best band ever, then he told him he should go to Ihop after the show. He laughed and asked "Does Ihop have vodka?" We told him they have orange juice, which is pretty much the same thing and he laughed again and continued to set his shit up. When they were done setting up and the lights dimmed the crowd went insane again. Vader came out and we continued to fuck up our necks. Sang along to every song, headbanged in between verses. It was completely amazing. I felt bad for all the people at the Trivium show because they were missing this excellence. Everything was perfect, except it was pretty hard to hear Peter's voice. I think their set was cut short because of Denver being icy, which sucks, but it was still a fucking great show. After Dark Age, Peter said thank you and the band walked off the stage. They unplugged their guitars so I actually thought they were done playing. BJ and I were pissed and screamed THIS IS THE WAR a few times and after a couple of minutes I heard the beginning of This Is The War playing over the PA and I told my friends to stop yelling because they were coming back out. This Is The War was total fucking perfection and I fucked up my voice and neck for this song, thinking it was going to be their last....but they fucking played Lead Us too!!!! BJ and I were fucking stoked and continued to destroy our bodies. This was one of the best performances I've seen this year. Peter threw a total of two picks out and BJ got one.

Rise Of The Undead
Never Say My Name
The Wrath
Dark Age
This Is The War
Lead Us

My friends had a great fucking idea to get Christmas cards for Decrepit Birth and Vader to sign. We all got Joel's signature first and he laughed his ass off. He signed his name with a cock attached to it, which made us all laugh. Then we got Bill's and he laughed at Joel's signature. He signed something different on everyone's card, mine says "STAY MERRY". Got the rest of Decrepit Birth's signatures and everyone laughed at Joel's signature. Scarlett told us she wanted to sign a card so I told her to get the hell on stage on sign them. She signed "May the cocks be with you" on Phil's card and drew a cock-guitar on mine and wrote "Cock-tar". Paul from Vader came back in and we got his autograph and talked to him for a long time about where he likes to tour, what food he likes best, European or American, how long he's going to be touring, and a bunch of other shit. Really cool guy. Peter came out and we all got his signature and he laughed because he was signing fucking Christmas cards. I told him that we have the most metal Christmas cards ever. I saw Vogg and was hesitant about asking him to sign anything because of what happened to his brother, Vitek, not too long ago, but he was really cool about it and thought it was funny to be signing Christmas cards. We asked him if he knew where Reyash was because he was the last guy we needed so he took us outside to their van and searched for him, but couldn't find him. We went back inside and asked KC if he knew where he was and he said "Dude, he's right there" and pointed at him. He was standing right in front of where my friends Wes and Sean were sitting. We felt stupid. Got his autograph, laughed at our bad ass Christmas cards, went to Ihop for the post-metal meal, and went home. Fucking amazing show and I'm definitely seeing Vader again when they come back in April with God Dethroned. I'm pretty sure Decrepit Birth said they'd be back on 4/20, and if so, I'll be there for that as well.

b_halperin 12-06-2009 11:13 AM

[QUOTE=Fires Of Sedition;240400]"May the cocks be with you"[/QUOTE]

Definetely the most metal Christmas cards ever :rocker:

illninoese 12-06-2009 11:29 AM

[QUOTE=Fires Of Sedition;240400]

BJ and Phil went and sat down because they didn't want to catch the gay this band was emitting.[/QUOTE]

That was fucking classic :D

MunicipalWasted 12-06-2009 11:54 AM

Dude that's fucking awesome.
And Rose Funeral does indeed suck dick.

mankvill 12-06-2009 12:45 PM

Although I'm really glad I got Warbringer last night, I almost wish they were still on the Vader tour so no one would have to suffer through Rose Funeral. :(

makethemsuffer12 12-06-2009 01:23 PM

[QUOTE=mankvill;240421]Although I'm really glad I got Warbringer last night, I almost wish they were still on the Vader tour so no one would have to suffer through Rose Funeral. :([/QUOTE]

Agreed. I can't believe those faggots got Warbringer's slot. At least they opened the show in NYC.

mastodon421 12-06-2009 01:39 PM

My condolsences for having to see Rose Funeral live.

AnglOvDeth 12-06-2009 02:26 PM

All this hate for Rose Funeral reminds me of when I asked Helmuth (from Belphegor) what he thinks of Kivimetsan Druidi... he just gave 'em the boot and shook his head. :D
By the way, I've never heard Rose Funeral, who would you compare them to?

girnny777 12-06-2009 05:31 PM

Suicide Silence, Waking The Cadaver, any of those cookie cutter deathcore shitheads.

Oxblood666 12-06-2009 07:01 PM

i love Rose Funeral. new cd fucking rips. gonna listen to it right now actually.

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