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Pacman 12-04-2009 11:03 AM

Baroness -- Los Angeles, CA -- December 3rd, 2009
1. Bullhead's Psalm
2. The Sweetest Curse
3. Jake Leg
4. Machine Gun (Jimi Hendrix cover)
5. Isak
6. The Birthing :rocker:
7. Ogeechee Hymnal
8. A Horse Called Golgotha :rocker: :rocker:
9. Steel That Sleeps the Eye
10. Swollen and Halo :rocker:
11. The Gnashing :blaze:
12. Red Sky
13. Wanderlust
14. Grad
--- Encore: ---
15. Tower Falls

The show, in general, was absolutely awesome. Earthless was great as an opener with their epically long songs. They started out slow but I really had a moment when they clicked with me about 10 minutes in and I really enjoyed the rest of their set from there on out.

Very cool moments during the baroness show... Whole crowd singing along with Steel That Sleeps the Eye ... transition from Ogeechee into Golgotha was unbelievable... everyone yelling at the top of their lungs during Swollen and Halo.

Crowd was very into it and Baroness was playing their fucking balls off. I'll never miss another Baroness show in my area. :)

Beernf was there with me maybe he'll have something to add. :rocker:

Beernf 12-04-2009 11:08 AM

Overall great show, thought they really new how to perform and obviously had the chops to pull off their tunes. The mix at the club was off imo. The bass was too quiet, the drums too loud and the lead guitar players amp felt alternately too soft or too loud, but these are minor digs on an otherwise great show.

Some band quotes:
"We should be applauding to you for helping us get to where we are"

(Before playing Tower Falls)"This is the first song we ever wrote when we had no money, no jobs, no label, no career, but we couldn't stop playing this fucking music"

A Horse Named Golgotha is for sure the best metal tune of the year, and seeing these dudes live proves it.:horns:

ADD 12-04-2009 04:24 PM

Earthless owned Baroness last night from my view. I seen Peart, seen Danny Carey, seen Hoglan, seen Jean-Paul Gaster....Mario Rubalcaba is on that elite level of rock drumming. If I wasn't closing my eyes getting lost in the sound I was watching him awestruck. The rhythm section in that band is so good. I stood on the side of the bassist to get the best vantage point of the drums, and it was easy to get lost in the vibe of those 2 and totally forget that the guitar player on the other side of the stage was melting faces. Next time I see them I'll make it a point to focus on the guitars, but I was totally entranced by the bass/drums. They jammed nonstop for the entirety of their set, at full intensity for at least 30 minutes of it. Recognized some of the crucial riffs from "Godspeed" and "Sonic Prayer" but I don't think they jammed off any themes from the first record. Really looking forward to hearing their next studio recording.

Baroness comparatively are a totally different beast, but some aspects of what makes Earthless great highlight what I think are shortcomings in Baroness. Number one is the vocals, totally unnecessary. They even tried to I guess harmonize those yawning groans between Pete and John at times, and it was not vibin. Just lose the vocals entirely, or stick to the generic growly style ala the first 2 EP's. Another area where they lacked was the drumming. Much tighter when I saw em in the summer (actually the whole band was tighter on that show) so I'll cut him slack, cuz dude really is extremely talented as is the whole band obviously, but there were several times where it was noticeable to me that he messed up. The fills were too busy without being effective and sometimes threw him off when trying to come back into the rhythm. Maybe some restraint would help. Pete and John were in full on guitar hero mode which was cool and got the crowd into it but sometimes looked kinda ridiculous and would impact the playing at crucial moments. The rendition of "Steel That Sleeps the Eye" they did reminded me of Staind. Staind is not what I want to be thinking about at a Baroness show. :hecho:

On the positive end, Summer was the guy last night. Stood to his side of the stage to absorb the monstrous bass tones that drowned out the weakass guitar tone. His playing and stage presence are my favorite of the rest of the guys. On the guitar tone front, it was dry and clean like the Blue Record, which is fine for the album but live I want some heft and volume, which Earthless had over them as well. Actually the sound during "Grad" and "Tower Falls" ( :rocker: :rocker: :rocker: ) was much better than the rest of the set, dunno why. The "Machine Gun" jam they did over the summer was a little different than the one last night, which sounded more rehearsed and less jammy. "Tower Falls" illustrated why Baroness are special. They don't put it together right all the time, but when they do it's tough to beat.

JRA 12-04-2009 06:44 PM

Are Tower Falls and all the other pre Red Album stuff available on CD anywhere?

DethMaiden 12-04-2009 06:47 PM

[QUOTE=JRA;240272]Are Tower Falls and all the other pre Red Album stuff available on CD anywhere?[/QUOTE]

[I]First[/I] and [I]Second[/I] are on one CD which can be found pretty easily.

jotun2graveland 12-04-2009 09:38 PM

At least from the times I saw Earthless and Baroness on separate occasions, I definitely found Earthless as the ones who put on an unbelievable show. Granted, when I saw Baroness, they only had a thirty minute set and it was during their Red Album stage, and I'm sure they've improved much on that. However, Earthless is just able to completely put you in this ridiculous trance and blow you away more than most bands have the ability to do.

Natrlhi 12-07-2009 10:20 AM

[QUOTE=DethMaiden;240273][I]First[/I] and [I]Second[/I] are on one CD which can be found pretty easily.[/QUOTE]

...at the show, for one thing. :D

EDIT: I bought in about a year ago at an indie music store on the north side of Chicago when I was in town for Meshuggah. The booklet has the lyrics for both EP's - a nice touch. It's worth the money all day long, IMO.

EDIT 2: The only other "Pre-Red Album stuff" that's out there, as far as I know, is the split with Unpersons which some have affectionately dubbed "Third". It's also on sale at the merch table on this tour.

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