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VoidFlame 11-27-2009 03:46 AM

Planetary Depravity Tour -- Montreal, Quebec -- November 25th, 2009
Source: Me

At Le National. The Faceless and Dying Fetus sets are the same as the others, but I think I have the first Beneath the Massacre set. BTM were awesome, but I wish they had played more songs. Suffokate sucked as always. Enfold Darkness were good and their vocalist had an epic moustache.

[U][B]The Faceless[/B][/U]

Prison Born
The Ancient Covenant
Shape Shifters
Coldly Calculated Design
Xeno Christ
Sons of Belial
Legion of the Serpent
Planetary Duality I
Planetary Duality II
An Autopsy

[B][U]Dying Fetus[/U][/B]

Homicidal Retribution
Your Treachery Will Die With You
Grotesque Impalement
Intentional Manslaughter
Justifiable Homocide
One Shot, One Kill
Shepherd's Commandment
Pissing In The Mainstream
Kill Your Mother/Rape Your Dog
Praise The Lord (Opium of the Masses)

[B][U]Beneath the Massacre[/U][/B]

The Surface
Society's Disposable Son
Lithium Overdose (?)
Our Common Grave
This System's Failure
Reign of Terror :rocker:
Harvest of Hate

illninoese 11-27-2009 07:26 AM

awesome setlists from all around. I might have to go to this show now

bt11763 11-27-2009 08:02 AM

did vital remains play this date?

mastodon421 11-27-2009 01:36 PM

I was supposed to go to the Manchester,NH date tonight but my friend couldn't get the day off from work.

VoidFlame 11-27-2009 01:42 PM

Nope. They didn't play because the organizers didn't want to risk saying they would come if they would probably not be able to cross the border.

bt11763 11-27-2009 11:09 PM

ah. still upset i'm not going to this tonight :(

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