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Bloodcurse 11-07-2009 11:27 PM

Nunslaughter -- Philadelphia, PA -- November 7th, 2009
This is Fucking War
I Hate Christians
Midnight Mass
Emperor in Hell
She Lives by Night
Power of Darkness
God Has Lied
Killed by the Cross
As the Cacidemons
Raid the Covent
Sacrificial Zombie
Guts of Christ
Altar of the Dead
Black Horn of the Ram
Satanic Slut
Smell the Burning Churches
Death by the Dead
I Am Death

Great show at a small warehouse in Philly. The opening bands were Vulcan, Marrow, and Hessian. Nice turnout. The crowd went APESHIT for Nunslaughter...there were tons of violent circle pits going on. Sadly, no dead rats from Nunslaughter tonight...oh well, maybe next time!! Talked with the drummer Jim Sadist. VERY cool guy!!

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