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Nickweiser 11-07-2009 07:34 AM

Lamb of God -- Milwaukee, WI -- November 6th, 2009
1) The Passing
2) In Your Words
3) Set To Fail
4) Walk With Me In Hell
5) Now You've Got Something To Die For
6) Ruin
7) Hourglass
8) Dead Seeds
9) Grace
10) Broken Hands
11) As The Palaces Burn
12) Laid To Rest
13) Contractor
14) Reclamation
15) Redneck
16) Black Label

8th time seein them for me. Gwar and Job For A Cowboy opened the show. LoG killed it, not to offend Willie Adler but man has get packed on the pounds. The Metallica tour must definitely have some free food. Its all good, cause he's still cool and still a great guitarist. LoG dedicated Ruin to Job For A Cowboy and dedicated As The Palaces Burn to Gwar, specifically their drummer. Randy said that it was the Gwar drummer's "145th Bday" lol. Pits were really, really insane as usual. I was on the rave fan club guest list so not only did i get in for free i got to cut a whole massive line of people. Job For A Cowboy opened, and me personally i thought they were fuckin awesome. Lots of energy and half their set was songs from their newest album Ruination. Hell they even played the title track of that album. Gwar, 2nd time seein them with the first being Sounds of the Underground 2006. They didnt kill celebrities or famous people but they still lashed out all the Gwar cum. Funny stuff, i think they did kill a robot. Wat a hell of a set they put on. Gwar also had some "behind the music" video playin before their set started which while was a bit long was really fuckin funny. I bought me a JFAC poster of the Ruination album cover, an LOG beanie, and a couple beers:) I also met Al Glassman and Jonny Davy from JFAC who were both cool chill dudes. Al told me lil bout their touring plans for 2010 and he told me bout what "possibly" is their next tour in America. Its definitely a heavy motherfucker. But i promised to him that id keep it a secret and not tell the world. So everyone is gonna have to wait muahahaha. and last but not least, yes the show was at the Eagles Ballroom, hence the top stage of the venue. Seriously though, go see Lamb of God if you havent, their stellar live!:D:rocker:

Sanitarium78 11-08-2009 09:52 AM

I like that Hourglass and Palaces made it in the set they haven't been doing them to often this tour from what I recall. But I would still take Omerta over Palaces

CannibalCFHobZen 11-08-2009 02:13 PM

dude... whats the tour thats gonna be heavy as a motherfucker i gotta know:confused::eek::bouville::rocker:

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