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mastodon421 10-27-2009 02:18 PM

Between The Buried And Me-The Great Misdirect
Throughout 2009 i didnt think that anyone would be able to top Mastodon for album of the year. For most of 2009 this statement seemed to be true but then Between The Buried and Me did that.

Between The Buried And Me follows their 2007 epic masterpiece Colors with an album that is even better. This band's precise and amazing musicianship is matched by very few in metal. Their willingness to experiment with different things and just push themselves musically is just one of the many great and unique things about this band. The 17- Minute closing epic Swim To The Moon is among their best songs and gave me the chills with its jaw-dropping clean vocals and sensantional solos.

Overall this is the best album of 2009 in my opinion. This album is excellent. Please check it out ASAP.

Score 10/10

Best Tracks: Swim To The Moon,Disease,Injury,Madness,Obfuscation

MPF 10-27-2009 03:06 PM

Just bought the album today. It is definitely in my top 3 favorite albums of 2009.

I too thought that Colors would be impossible to meet, but I now believe that BTBAM are incapable of writing anything but masterpieces.

I know its unintentional but this albums really syncs up with Dream Theater's Black Clouds And Silver Linings...4 epics, 2 possible singles.

My favorite track is Swim To The Moon. It's 17 minutes of pure perfection. Then again, every track is phenomenal.

10/10 for sure!

DethMaiden 10-27-2009 03:24 PM


Top ten, no question.

mankvill 10-27-2009 04:08 PM

Album is fucking crazy. On the last track right now.

Disease, Injury, Madness and Fossil Genera - A Feed from Cloud Mountain had lots of times where I was like "WTF?". But in a good way. I do think this album should've totally had a second CD with just instrumental songs! Not top 10, but pretty good overall.

Acruce_Mortem 10-29-2009 05:19 PM

i got high and just spaced the fucked out to this record. it fucking great. i was really doubtful that they could top colors, but i honestly think this a better record and their best.

i cannot wait to see them in Jan. i hope the play it its entirety!

i really can wait to see cynic either or the devin townsend project. that will be a hell of a show.


zgodt 11-02-2009 09:11 PM

[QUOTE=mankvill;234759]Album is fucking crazy.[/QUOTE]

Exactly what I was gonna say.

The "Fossil Genera" song is my favorite so far. I love it when they go all circus-music. :bliss:

The album's full of energy, full of surprises, as much so as [I]Colors [/I]-- but the songs hold together better as songs. They feel more organic. Tracks on [I]Colors [/I]tend to feel cobbled together -- a collection of riffs in no particular order. Tracks on [I]The Great Misdirect[/I] feel like they grow and move of their own accord. They sweep you along. Really good stuff.

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