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EvilCheeseWedge 10-14-2009 07:45 AM

Symphonic (ish) metal - looking for feedback...
Okay, so last year I composed a piano solo piece that was pretty alright. This year while I was bored I started layering in some other instruments. One of my friends dropped by and liked it and chipped in a bit too. We produced about a minute and a half of the song in rough demo form as a sort of preview for what we could do. We made this at my house, but we're working on the real piece at his studio. I'm interested if anybody has any thoughts... what you like, or don't. This whole project is really just a big experiment for us...

[url=http://www.twilightrequiem.com/media/Archived/Rock%20de%20la%20Lune%20-%201st%20Demo.mp3]Here's the demo[/url]

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