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jhdeity 10-12-2009 01:52 PM

Shadows Fall -- Baltimore, MD -- October 9th, 2009
I was really looking forward to this show. The promoter called and told us to get there early and party with the bands so I was psyched. Ironically the 1st person I met was the singer of FFDP and he seemed cool but almost like a Phil Anselmo wanna-be. Everyone else was totally cool and seemed really happy to be there. The guys at the merch tables were telling us some cool tour stories and how incredible the opening band 2cents were. I wanted to get a good spot upstairs for them so we got our VIP bracelets and headed up. My boy gave me an extra one so I made a few phone calls and my girl Sue to come out.

Let me tell ya, 2cents killed it. I've never seen a stage set up like that in my life. The drummer sings and has his kit "incubus" style at the front of the stage. Dude is a monster! Every song kicked ass and the Dimebag Tribute was epic! 2nd best band of the night.

Next up was Otep and they opened with Confrontation and it was brutal. Their best song of the night and the one that's blocked on the setlist pic. I had to go grab Sue and get her in so I missed the next song but got back up for Smash the Control Machine and everything else. They sounded great but only 6 songs including the cover was kinda lame. I was told later by the guitarist that FFDP were fucking them so they could play more stuff off their new cd including that horrific cover of Bad Company. Uuugghhhh!


I tried to get backstage and catch Otep but she was already on the bus. I ran into the guys from 2cents and we partied back in the green room until Shadows came on. Free beer always tastes incredible, doesn't it? Those guys are totally cool and I'm glad I caught their set and met them.


Next up was Shadows Fall and they absolutely killed it. I almost shat myself when I saw how different the setlist was and nothing off Threads at all? WOW! I had Sue get video of My Demise because I was already buzzed from guzzling 4 beers in 10 minutes amongst other things and didn't think I'd remember. I'll post a link when she sends it to me. Destroyer of Senses set me off. Incredible song live. They wrapped it up with The Light That Blinds and we headed down to hang with them. Brian told me he was going to watch the show from the merch booth and to meet him over there.


The guys from 2cents joined us and we were talking about all the incredible cd's released in 2009. I told Brian their cd is Top 5 for me so far and he said they're coming back and doing a headlining tour so that was cool to hear. A couple of songs in I told him what a fucking travesty it is they Shadow's is opening for this band and he agreed. I heard later that he and the singer of FFDP had a brawl backstage afterwards regarding how FFDP and their people treat the other bands and other BS. I'm hoping Brian clocked that fool. I didn't get the FFDP setlist and honestly didn't want it. When they broke into the Bad Company cover Brian and I started cracking up and mocking them. I was doing Phil Anselmo and Brian was doing Paul Rodgers and we sounded just like him. hahaha

Overall a fun night but it would have been EPIC if Shadows headlined. Here are a few more pics. I'll post video when I get it.


With Sue and Five... Five Finger... Five Finger Douche Baaaaaag!


Sanitarium78 10-12-2009 02:16 PM

Cool review and nice pics! It really is ashame that Shadows Fall isn't headlining this tour. 5FDP may get more radio play but i'm not sure if they're really that much more popular than SF in the metal world at all. It could easily be a co-headline gig.

That's kinda shitty that 5 finger is treating the opening bands like that but I guess when there two main support bands produce better music than they do they might wanna do what ever they can to make themselves look better by cutting the other bands performances and adding more songs to your own set. Still very unprofessional most bands usually respect the artists they tour with more than that.

The Shadows Fall set is killer. Nice to see they've got My Demise in their now I don't think it was in the last set I saw from them on this tour. I'm surprised they didn't do Redemption since it's one of their better known songs. Otep's set is OK giving the little time they're giving her this tour but only one off the new one is a little weird. Rise,Rebel, Resist should be in the set that would rock hard live.

x-voltage 10-12-2009 03:01 PM

It does suck that 5FDP is doing that, but don't diss their music man. They are amazing. Ivan Moody isn't a bad singer at all. I think he's a great screamer and singer. I met him at Mayhem tour in 2008 and he seemed really down to earth and was squirting the whole crowd with a water gun during Airbourne. It was hilarious.

makethemsuffer12 10-12-2009 03:25 PM

[QUOTE=x-voltage;232590]It does suck that 5FDP is doing that, [B]but don't diss their music man. They are amazing[/B]. Ivan Moody isn't a bad singer at all. I think he's a great screamer and singer. I met him at Mayhem tour in 2008 and he seemed really down to earth and was squirting the whole crowd with a water gun during Airbourne. It was hilarious.[/QUOTE]

:hmm: :lol:

Sanitarium78 10-12-2009 03:28 PM

I like 5 Finger myself but Otep, and especially Shadows Fall blow them away musically. I don't have a probelm musically with 5 Finger just how it seem they're treating their support bands. You need to treat the bands on your tour with respect because you never know what will happen in music. Some day their popularity will lessen and they might need a band to tour with and artists will refuse if they have a reputation for being assholes on the road. These bands need to stick together and Evan Moody shouldn't be acting like a dick and driving a wedge between 5 Finger and the other bands on the bill.

Also the whole squirting the audience with a water gun isn't that halarious or that original at all since Ozzy has been doing that live for ages. I've seen him throw buckets of water on the audience as well as using super soakers and hoses. Hardly a ground breaking idea from Moody. He may have done it while another band was playing but it's still just a variation on what Ozzy does.

mastodon421 10-12-2009 04:13 PM

Shadows Fall is better than 5FDP but Otep seriously dude. I realize its your opinion but 5FDP is far superior to Otep.

300%_Density 10-12-2009 04:24 PM

Thats a shame that FFDP are acting this way towards bands that have all been around longer and have paid more dues than they have. A billboard #7 and that's what it does. Quite a shame.

Very good review. I saw 2Cents before and IMO found them to be pretty awful. They were on Static X / Otep tour a couple years ago and opened. They did a cover of Raining Blood and it was really sad. For 3 minutes I actually hated that song just b/c they were covering it. To each their own.

I met Brian from SF a few years ago and everything you are saying seems pretty spot on as well. Still would have been a good time. Hopefully karma will kick in for FFDP one of these days. :bliss:

MPF 10-12-2009 05:54 PM

I was originally suppose to see this tour in Maplewood, MN but I wasn't able to go. It looks like I really missed a great Shadows Fall set. I have gotten to meet Jason Bittner a couple times. He is a great guy to talk to.

IF you ever end up at another 5FDP show and meet Ivan, just ask him about Motograter. I'm sure that will piss him off enough.

In a related note, there is a MN band called This Will Not End Well. I played a show with them a few weeks back and they released a new song called.....[B][I]Five Finger Donkey Punch[/I][/B]. Feel free to use that term when describing the band in any conversation.

rdolan 10-12-2009 06:28 PM

Who will Shadows fall be touring with on there headlining tour?

the chewbacca defense 10-12-2009 10:27 PM

what song on Shadows Fall's set list is "fuck it all"?

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