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Fires Of Sedition 10-06-2009 11:37 AM

Trivium -- Oklahoma City, Oklahoma -- October 5th, 2009
This is a very long review, just so you know.

My cousin and I were first in line, first on the rail, right in the middle. Dirge Within came on and were way better than I expected. The crowd loved them. Their guitarist was very good. I don't know their songs but I'm pretty sure they played
Self Medicate
Force Fed Lies
Forever The Martyr
As I Walk
Stain Of Humanity
May have been more, may have been less, probably not in the right order.

Darkest Hour was fucking amazing. My cousin only came to see this band and he was screaming every word along with John Henry. I screamed the lyrics to the songs I knew. Somewhere in the middle of the set something hit me in the eye and I had no idea what the hell it was or where the hell it came from. I looked down and it was a pick. I have no idea who threw it, but security gave it to me, so shit yeah. They put on a great fucking show and were extremely entertaining.
With A Thousand Words To Say But One
Sound The Surrender
The Sadist Nation
The Tides
A Paradox With Flies
Again, may have been more or less and probably not in the right order.

Alright, for all of you who have been to this tour, you will like this.
White chapel fucking sucked. After Darkest Hour's set was over this fagcore dancing bitch was screaming "WHITE CHAPEL!" "FUCK TRIVIUM! WHITE CHAPEL!" He had huge gauged ears, two lip piercings, and a labret piercing so I knew that white chapel was going to blow dogs for quarters. They came out on stage, I flipped them off and yelled "GO THE FUCK HOME! YOU SUCK!"
They have three fucking guitarists and none of them play any fucking solos at all. They all play the easiest shit I've ever seen. Few notes, break down, few notes, break down. Bullshit. One guitarist was wearing a Cannibal Corpse shirt and another was wearing a Behemoth shirt. Those pieces of shit don't even deserve to know who those bands are. They were extremely fucking annoying and to make shit worse, this fat fucking idiot behind my cousin and I was jumping, a lot, getting his nasty sweaty man tits all over our backs. So we elbowed the fuck out of his gut and I kicked the shit out of his shins. It didn't stop him from making us smell like tit dirt. Halfway through the set I got so bored I thought to myself "Ok, I have to make this entertaining or I'll kill myself" so I started spitting loogies on the band. At first I thought they didn't notice, but during one of the last few songs the long haired guitarist threw some water in my face and the guitarist next to him winked at me and turned around. I noticed a tattoo on the back of his neck and I thought "that's my target". Throwing cold water in my face in a hot venue is totally offensive, because, you know, I'd much rather have loogies all over my clothes and skin than get some water in my face. They flipped me off, and said "fuck you" to me a few times. After their set the guitarist who winked at me yelled at me "Want some more water?!" so I laughed and yelled "Yeah! Want some more spit?!" and as he was pushing his amp to the side of the stage, I hocked up some nasty shit, aimed, and fired. FUCKING BULLSEYE! I hit that stupid neck tattoo of his and he wiped it off and the look on his face was fucking priceless. He looked so disgusted. Everyone around me laughed. That right there made it worth sitting through that shitty excuse of a band. The roadies came on to help get their stuff of the stage and one of them was throwing bottles of water to people. I pointed out a set list to him and he gave it to me, and as soon as he did I tore that fucker apart and threw it under the stage. Some gay kid a few people down from me said "Hey man! I could have taken that home!" so I told him that white chapel sucks cock.
Set list:
Who fucking cares. They suck.

Before Trivium came on one of the roadies knocked a bunch of picks off of a microphone stand and everyone was begging for one. He shook his head and put them back in place but he missed one that was a few feet behind him. I pointed it out but he didn't notice so I yelled "FUCK!". The photographer that was taking pictures turned around and asked "What?" and I told him there was a pick on the stage, he ignored me. After a while a different roadie came on stage to mess with stuff and he spotted the pick. He picked it up and started walking off, then turned around and threw it. It landed right in front of the rail and the photographer rushed to it and picked it up and gave it to me. I told him he was a bad ass. The End Of Everything started to play and the crowd went crazy. The band came out on stage and the girl next to me starting screaming that she wanted to fuck Paulo or some shit. They started playing Rain and even though my neck still hurt from the Lamb Of God show, I head banged a lot. I sang every word to every song and head banged for every non-vocal part. Matt Heafy came down to the barricade three times to play solos. Paulo came down once and the girl next to me went ape shit. During Down From The Sky this dumb ass who was right behind the Paulo obsessed girl used people's shoulders to get above the crowd, and fell onto his fucking neck on the other side of the rail. I seriously thought he was fucking dead. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and he was completely still. I looked up and Corey and Matt were both staring at him. Matt stopped the song and said "that's what you fuckers are there for. FUCK!" to the security. He then asked that if there was anyone with any medical experience to please come to the front, NOW. A bunch of the security guards surrounded the guy and picked him up, he was conscious, but his legs were limp, they had to carry him out. Matt kneeled down on the stage and grabbed the guys hand and gave him a pick. Then he asked that if anyone knew that guy to make sure he's alright before they leave. They started the song back up from "Growing fat on the throne of an empire". During My Hatred I noticed I was the only one up front that was singing along. Matt came to the rail for the solo and walked right up to me and gave me a fist pound and continued to play the solo. I got goosebumps during Into The Mouth Of Hell We March. After their set Corey and Matt were throwing picks to the crowd. Matt reached out and handed one to me. I went to buy a shirt but they were sold out of the one I wanted so I got a poster instead. Then went outside and waited for what seemed liked forever for the band to come out. Paulo came out first, with this extremely hot girl with huge tits. Everyone was telling her she was hot and Paulo asked "Shit, why don't you guys say stuff like that to me." This moron next to him said "Travis, you're a sexy bitch!" and Paulo said "I'm not Travis, but okay, thanks." The guy was all embarrassed and said quickly "Oh, yeah, Paulo (he mispronounced it) I mean." Got his autograph on my poster and waited for the rest of the members. Corey was next and he told everyone to hold on so he could get some stuff from the bus first. Got his autograph and told him that it was an amazing show. Travis came out and I asked him if he'd sign my poster and he asked if I had a pen, I said no, but Corey does. So he said "Corey does? Okay we have to go down here then". We walked to the bus and he said he had to drop some shit off first then he'd be back. Got his signature and then went back to the door to wait for Matt. Waited for about ten minutes and when he never came out I walked back to the bus, figuring he might come out the back door of the venue instead. As soon as I go to the bus he came out of it and started signing people's tickets, shirts, and whatever else they had, not really saying much. Then he signed my poster and said "Hey man! Thanks for rocking out! That was killer!" I told him that I'll do it again when they come back.
One of the funnest fucking shows I've been to. Plus, Matt Heafy likes me. Haha!
The End Of Everything
The Deceived
Suffocating Sight
Down From The Sky
When All Light Dies
Torn Between Scylla And Charybdis
My Hatred
Into The Mouth Of Hell We March
Like Callisto To A Star In Heaven
Throes Of Perdition
Like Light To The Flies
A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation
Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr
I think it's pretty accurate but I'm sure I misplaced a few.

mankvill 10-06-2009 11:47 AM

[QUOTE=Fires Of Sedition;231696]
They have three fucking guitarists and none of them play any fucking solos at all.[/QUOTE]

The Iron Maiden of wigger deathcore!

Fires Of Sedition 10-06-2009 11:56 AM

[QUOTE=mankvill;231698]The Iron Maiden of wigger deathcore![/QUOTE]

Spot on, old chap.

xStructualDefect 10-06-2009 12:08 PM

[QUOTE=mankvill;231698]The Iron Maiden of wigger deathcore![/QUOTE]

i don't really see WC as wigger deathcore, they don't dress like that all. neither does Suicide Silence. but both of their fanbases sure do. now shit like Emmure, Winds of Plague, Suffokate, that's fucking wigger deathcore.

MunicipalWasted 10-06-2009 02:12 PM

You're a dick.

Fires Of Sedition 10-06-2009 02:29 PM

I know, but they deserved it.

makethemsuffer12 10-06-2009 04:23 PM

[QUOTE=Fires Of Sedition;231719]I know, but they deserved it.[/QUOTE]

As much as I hate to admit, it is pretty fucked up to spit on a band, even one as bad as Whitecrapel.

Nickweiser 10-06-2009 04:27 PM

i agree solos over breakdowns anyday. Metal over deathcore. But the behavior towards Whitechapel was a lil immature. Just like when Trivium opened for Maiden in Europe in early 07, i love both bands but shit thats just wrong. Would u like it if that happened to you? and shit at least it wasnt emmure. that was the only band ive actually considered throwin somethin at

b_halperin 10-06-2009 04:28 PM

[QUOTE=makethemsuffer12;231731]As much as I hate to admit, it is pretty fucked up to spit on a band, even one as bad as Whitecrapel.[/QUOTE]

I agree and disagree. It was a total douche thing to do, but its fucking whitechapel so its funny haha.

mastodon421 10-06-2009 05:23 PM

[QUOTE=MunicipalWasted;231718]You're a dick.[/QUOTE]


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