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Maiden33 09-30-2009 04:14 PM

Evergrey -- Milan, IT -- September 29th, 2009
Source: [url]http://www.blabbermouth.com[/url]

01. Fear
02. As I Lie Here Bleeding
03. Soaked
04. More Than Ever
05. She Speaks To The Dead
06. Watching The Skies
07. In Remembrance
08. Blinded
09. End Of Your Days
10. The Masterplan
11. Still In The Water
12. Monday Morning Apocalypse
13. Words Mean Nothing
14. I'm Sorry
15. When the Walls Go Down
16. Recreation Day
17. Broken Wings
18. A Touch Of Blessing

This is a very interesting set, with both a few big pros and a few big cons. First, 3 songs from Monday Morning Apocalypse is a big no for me, but I do like In Remembrance, so that's not bad. Really awesome to see Watching the Skies back in, I don't think they'd been doing it for quite some time until now. Odd to see Broken Wings in the encore and not at the beginning. Torn song selection is weak, I think the title track and Fail would've been much better calls than Fear and Soaked. And holy shit, Words Mean Nothing? Amazing. I would die to see that live, it's such a powerful little track. Also I'm Sorry and She Speaks to the Dead are great non-essential live songs for them. I wouldn't be mad if I saw this setlist, as what it lacks in sheer hits/quality is pretty much made up for by the couple of surprises.

EchoesOfDecimation 10-01-2009 03:12 PM

Yeah I have to agree, kind of disappointing set. But personally, I would just be happy to see Evergrey live.

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