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Jochen 09-20-2009 09:19 PM

Alice in Chains -- Milwaukee, WI -- September 20th, 2009
I just got to my dorm from Alice in Chains, which was a great show. I'm not sure if it sold out this time, but it probably came close. There was no opening band, and it started around 8:30-5 and went till around 11. It was in the ballroom, so the sound wasn't the greatest, but I've heard worse. Anyways, before I forget, there was fat asshole, who looked like he was in the mafia who would flip out if anyone tried to move passed him, touched him, bumped into him, or moshed by him. He hit a few people and it looked like he had to have his dad and brother there to make sure he didn't kill anyone, which, as far I know, he didn't...yet. Anyways, great performance from the band, lots of energy, good setlist too, although I would have rather heard some different songs and more songs from s/t. Anyways, I'm done boring you, here's the set...

Rain When I Die
Check My Brain
Them Bones
Dam That River
A Looking in View
We Die Young
Love, Hate, Love
God Am
Acid Bubble
Angry Chair
Man in the Box
It Ain't Like That
No Excuses


jeremysaal 09-21-2009 12:45 PM

Very nice! I am going to see them tonight in Minneapolis. They always put on an awesome show and I'm pumped to see them again.

Kick that fat bastard in the balls for me the next time that you see him. You get people like that every now and then, and they deserve a piece of their own medicine.

Sanitarium78 09-22-2009 07:15 AM

Nice pic! the place looks packed. I know they've been touring the last couple years but I think it's awesome that they can come back after so many years of silence and Layne's death and release a new album and still get that kind of turnout for a show. I know they still get played on the radio a ton but still a lot of bands who go silent for awhile fans end up forgetting about and i'm glad too see that hasn't happened with them. Of course having a singer that sounds erriley similar to Layne sometimes also helps.

Indestructible 09-22-2009 12:52 PM

Any AIC album after layne the new singer has to sound close to him because it would be weird to hear an AIC album that didnt sound anything like him at all.

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