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The_jman 09-13-2009 09:30 PM

X-Fest -- Dayton, OH -- September 13th, 2009
Montgomery County Fairgrounds

After getting lost as usual, and almost thinking we would be late, my girlfriend, her little cousin, and I arrived at x-fest. It was her cousin's first rock concert, so she was pretty excited.

I was interested in seing Halestorm, who were first.

I like their album, and heard from a buddy that they were surprisingly good live. It turned out to be true. They came out and played incredibly tight, from the akapella intro of Its not you, by Lzzy Hale, to getting the crowd to sing I get off in their closer, they kicked ass.

Halestorm Setlist:
Its not you
Dirty work
Bet you wish you had me back
(Drum circle)
nothing to do with love
I get off

after halestorm we made our way over to buy drinks. It was already hot and sunny, so I'm glad I don't drink beer. We bought waters which were $3.50 a piece, needless to say we hung onto the bottles and then found a water fountain to fill them from.
food was flipping expensive too. I'm not posative but I'm pretty sure that a corn dog is not worth 4 bucks.

Anyway we heard sick puppies next, they were better than I expected.

We then went to eat lunch catching bits of Cavo, Red, hurt, and cage the elephant. none of which really impressed me.

Then at about 3:30, my girlfriend's cousin wanted to watch all of Holliwood undead. They were... different. I was of the opinion they were a couple of rappers with an occasional guitar chord, but hey not my type of music. No idea what all they played other than opening with undead.

I totally skipped Our Lady Peace, what I did hear sounded kind of boring.

Mudvayne came on at 5:25 and they sounded pretty good other than the fact that the girls wanted to leave after fall into sleep to go use the bathroom. I guess it wasn't a huge deal cause you could still hear them, but I was like, why didn't you just go earlier?
Maybe it was a good thing we moved cause it allowed us to get a good place to watch Alice in Chains who I really wanted to see.
not 100% sure of the Mudvayne set, assuming from what else they've played on tour and from what I recognised they played.

Mudvayne set
Not Falling
Internal Primates forever
death blumes
fall into sleep
a new game
do what you do
nothing to Gein
Dull Boy

aadditionally this was the last date on the mudvayne tour, they said they were going home after the show.

Finally a little after 6:30, Alice in Chains went on.
They used to be my girlfriend's favorite band, and I enjoy them as well. After the sound troubles at rock on the range, I was hoping they would sound better. At rock on the range in may, I got enough hint to know they were good, I just didn't realize how good until tonight.
I still cannot get over how much William sounds like Lane. They went over their hour and 10 minute alotment by a few minutes, but who in charge of the show would want to tell Alice in Chains to not play anymore?

Alice in Chains Set

Rain when I Die
Check my brain
Them bones
Damn that River
A looking in View
We Die young
Down in a hole
No Excuses
Acid Bubble
Angry Chair
Man in the Box

I thought it was a better set than last time I saw them, although I'da liked junkhead over damn that river, and sludge factory over again, not a huge Again fan, although it kicked ass live just like the rest of them.
I felt lucky to get down in a hole, they've not played it much lately. Granted I would have loved Nutshell too which has been played on this tour, but down in a hole was just as good live as I hoped it'd be.
I wish I could have seen them when Lane was Alive, but William does a great job, and overall it was a fucking awsome show.

feel free to correct me if I made any errors, as I said I wasn't totally sure on that mudvayne set. I'm pretty sure all the songs are here just not supremely confident in the order.

TonyD 09-13-2009 09:57 PM


I thought it was a better set than last time I saw them, although I'da liked junkhead over damn that river, and sludge factory over again, not a huge Again fan[/QUOTE]

wat no dood!?

Also, if they only played one song, I'm guessing it was [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w98ht7j4i4Q"]this.[/URL]

The_jman 09-14-2009 06:33 AM

yes they played that one, look on the set, I marked acid bubble as a new one only cause I wasn't posative on the title, I recognised check my brain and a looking in view. So technically they played 3 new songs off black gives way to blue, but I knew the other two well, it was just the third new one I didn't know, and judging by the other song they have played from black gives way to blue so far I assumed it was acid bubble.

DethMaiden 09-14-2009 07:33 AM

My brother was supposed to go to this show but couldn't get off work; he's a big Hollywood Undead fan. He also likes Alice in Chains because for the last six years he's had it rammed in his ears by me.

By the way, Da[B]y[/B]ton has a "y" in it. Don't misspell my fucking hometown bro. :finger2:

The_jman 09-14-2009 12:49 PM

Now I feel like a total idiot
I cannot believe I spelled dayton wrong. I must have been tireder than I thought last night.

and my gf confirmed that the third new song was acid bubble. Apparently William anounced it and I missed it.

sorry about the spelling error, lol.

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