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ijwthstd 09-03-2009 12:01 PM

The Mentors -- Hollywood, CA -- September 3rd, 1993
at the short lived but magnificent HBS Auditorium. Short 50 min set, El Duce was no longer playing drums.

01. God's Gift To Women
02. All Women Are Insane
03. Donkey Dick
04. Sex Slave
05. Golden Showers
06. Heterosexuals Have The Right To Rock
07. Sandwich Of Love
08. Woman From Sodom
09. Constantly Jackin' (ad-lib lyrics but a noble attempt)
10. The 4 F Club

I got caught taping but the guy busting me felt bad about and took me to meet El Duce who told him to give me my tape back.

Natrlhi 09-03-2009 07:07 PM

These guys used to make me laugh so hard. Some of their riffs were actually quite good. Then El Duce became a raging alcoholic / drug addict and went all G.G. Allin and basically self-destructed. Sad. Anyway, this was a blast from the past - thanks!

[QUOTE=ijwthstd;226654]El Duce was no longer playing drums.[/QUOTE]

...because he was often too drunk and / or high to play. All he could do was bellow into the mic at that point.

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