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andrew_metalhead 08-13-2009 08:40 AM

Paul Gilbert -- Hollywood, CA -- August 12th, 2009
I went for the free Paul Gilbert clinic at Guitar Center Hollywood and there was a huge line when I got there 2 hours before the clinic was supposed to start. I was like the 200th person in line. Thankfully I still got in.

Paul played 9, may be 10 songs. He would play a song and then talk a little bit before playing the next song. He gave out a lot of valuable advice and it was an honour to have been able to see him perform and take such precious lessons from one of the fastest shredders I've ever seen.

He played only covers but when someone asked him how he composed riffs for Technical Difficulties and Superheroes, he actually showed us how he did it by playing bits of those songs. I wasn't familiar with some of the songs that he played, as they were REALLY old. This was the setlist as I remember it :

1. Intro jam
2. Muddy Waters cover
3. Aerosmith cover
4. Touch Me (The Doors)
5. Rolling Stones cover
6. Muddy Waters cover
7. Johnny Cash cover
8. Technical Difficulties/Superheroes riffs
9. Light My Fire (The Doors) :rocker: :rocker:

I took lots of pictures and after the clinic was done I waited in line for close to an hour before finally getting my guitar signed!!! :party::party:

Here are the pictures:

I took a 5 minute video of Light My Fire and will post it soon. Cheers.

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