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jhdeity 08-10-2009 06:24 PM

Mayhem Fest -- Camden, NJ -- August 7th, 2009
Well my review is going to be different from the others. I'll touch on a few setlists but I'll try to give you guys a taste of the backstage experience. There was so much cool shit going on that I just mingled from area to area and had the time of my life.

It started at 7:am when our boy Himmer picked me and Beyond The Scar up in a brand new Cadillac Escalade to cart us to the show. We were there by 10am and started pregaming instantly. Soundcheck was at 10:30 and only the 1st bands get a soundcheck so they're basically soundchecking for all the side stage bands. My boys tore up a 5 song set while I manned the merch tent and tried not to keep hitting on the Behemoth merch tent girl.

Beyond The Scar

Means to an end
The Mirror Reflects
Reap what you sow

Yes they're cd is called Ruination and it came out a year before Blowjob for a Cowboy. Here is the BTS victory shot:


After they finished up I told the merch girl I'd see her backstage for Behemoth and I went back to drink some free beer. The coolest part of the day is we could carry our beer into the pavallion so I didn't spend any money until the main stage and got oblitterated. Here we are chilling after setting up the merch tent:


Here is the Behemoth merch girl and their gear backstage:



I watched some of God Forbid with Bam Margera and ventured over to the Metal Mulisha area with him:


Heading back I ran into GWAR who were there for a signing:


After pounding 15-20 beers and killing a bottle of Jager it was time to check out Behemoth. By far the highlight of the side stages. They played I got Erection also:





Trivium Killed it. Like them or not they sounded great that day and were the best Jager band with the coolest response.

After that I noticed all the girls heading backstage. As much as I wanted to check out Cannibal Corpse I had pussy on the brain and CC must be chick repellant because backstage became a total chick fest. I ventured around, grabbed a few beers and everything else was a blur until Killswitch.




Missed Bullet for my Valentine totally and caught Killswitch. Wish I hadn't. I like Killswitch but they were boring as fuck live. I was on the verge of passing out when I decided to drink more Red Rockstar (which i highly recommend) and get my 17th wind.

It was time for Slayer and I went fukkin apeshit the entire set. By far the highlight of the night and the sound was amazing

We skipped Manson and hit a few strip clubs. The 1st one was total hotties in bikinis but we got free shows back in the corner. The 2nd club was naked but lame. It stayed open until 4:am which is the only reason we went there. Great end to a great night. All hail Joysey! :rocker:

WageSlave 08-10-2009 07:52 PM

good shit dude, i saw u at their booth while i was merching around. I remembered what you said about the KFK shirt, i was about 2 say hi, but i was tryin 2 find my friends. Sick pics

hellawaits77ny 08-11-2009 02:43 AM

Wow, you like yourself don't you?

jhdeity 08-11-2009 05:56 AM

I have no idea what you're talking about. Just trying to give a different perspective. I actually posted a ton of more great pics but it only lets you post 14 pics which sucks. I have 30 great Behemoth shots and had to delete them blindly so if I'm in most of the pics it was more by accident. Sorry if you're an emo fag and hate yourself. If I get a chance I'll post some more Behemoth shots. I was point blank when Nergal would come back to change guitars and shit. He was drinking the red Rockstar shit too. I also got some great video of Inferno and his incredible feet. I befriended the Hot Topic stage manager early on and he let me roam around anywhere I pleased all day. Very cool dude.

I was pissed I missed the Kerry King signing as we were all in chick mode at that time. Some dude came up to me in the merch tent and talked about the KFK shirt and was cool as hell. Some older dude actually offered me $50 for the shirt which in hindsight I probably should have done.

I got in trouble for handing our free shot glasses to underage people but who fukkin cares. The Jager shot glasses with Beyond The Scar on them were cool as shit and probably one of the coolest free things being given out that day. I started asking people toward the end and if they said they were 21, it was their lucky day. hahaha

Indestructible 08-11-2009 05:59 AM

[QUOTE]Beyond The Scar

Means to an end
The Mirror Reflects
Reap what you sow

Yes they're cd is called Ruination and it came out a year before Blowjob for a Cowboy. Here is the BTS victory shot:[/QUOTE]

I think i saw them open for stemm last year

[QUOTE] caught Killswitch. Wish I hadn't. I like Killswitch but they were boring as fuck live. [/QUOTE]

if you like a band how are they boring live. seeing a band live makes them better to me.

jhdeity 08-11-2009 06:13 AM

I came in right at Rose of Sharyn which is a great song and watched the Wall of death. I think I was still in Behemoth mode and listening to the next few songs was just mind numbing boring. Yes I was totally wasted but The new song, my curse, Heartache (which I love on cd) just didn't translate well live. I knew Holy Diver was next and would rather have my spleen pulled out than sit through that so I went and grabbed a Rockstar and beer to get ready for Slayer.

I've seen Killswitch live 3 times now and they're just not a good live band to me. I'll still buy their cd's and if they had been the 1st band I heard I may have liked them more. It's like trying to listen to Manson after Slayer almost. I don't hate Manson but I know I would have been bored so it was better to leave and get a jump on the rest of the night.

jhdeity 08-11-2009 06:17 AM

[QUOTE=Indestructible;223425]I think i saw them open for stemm last year

Yeah they're on the Stemm dvd that comes with Blood Scent partying and jamming out in the crowd. I think they played Buffalo and Crocadile Rock in PA with them. There's been talk of them collaborating on a song together. That would rule. Joe from Stemm is one of the most down to earth guys out there.

MunicipalWasted 08-11-2009 08:24 AM

That sounds so fucking awesome.

Derelict 08-11-2009 08:47 AM

damn, i'm just out of the picture in that crowd shot of behemoth

jhdeity 08-11-2009 10:16 AM

I took a shit ton of pics from that angle. Sucks I had to delete them. if you want I can email them to ya. I'm going to see if it'll let me post some in a reply when I get home. I'll put the videos up on youtube today.

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