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pantera1115 08-05-2009 11:06 AM

Mayhem Fest 2009 -- Mansfield, MA -- August 4th, 2009
Venue: Comcast Center

Holly shit what a day. I will start off by saying this was one of the most intense crowds I have ever seen, and was proud to be apart of every second of it

White Chapel-Did not play, I think it was bus troubles not sure. I do actually like white chapel some what but their live show was not that great when I saw them before, so this didn't upset me that much

Stemm-This was today's jager band and holly damn, they literally stepped on stage, and played one riff, and the place exploded into chaos. It really got intense when they covered domination by pantera(just the end breakdown) For a band hardly any one knew that was pretty impressive

Stemm Stelist:(I only know the first song, but they played 6,or 7) 5/5
Face The Pain
Domination Cover(Just the End Breakdown)

Behemoth-I am in no way a black metal fan so I didn't know any songs. I will say however that they were very clear, and had very good sound quality, so I am confident some one else who is a fan will love their live show.

Behemoth Setlist:2/5(I Hate Black Metal Sorry)(A friend of mine knows them so I got it from him)
1.Slaves Shall Serve
2.At The Left Hand Of God
4.Conquer All
5.Of Fire and The Void
6.Chant For Eskaton 2000
7. I Got Erection

Godforbid-A very good show. They sounded much better then they did when I saw them with lamb of god.I got to meet the drummer while I was walking around later in the day, I pointed him out as he was walking,he smiled and shook my hand. A very cool dude to say the least

Godforbid Setlist:4/5
1.Force Fed
2.War Of Attrition
3.Walk Alone
4.Broken Promise
5.To The Fallen Hero
6.The End Of The World

The Black Dahlia Murder-Eh...they were alright I was getting my spot for all that remains while this was going on I could still see them pretty good though. They seemed decent enough.

The Black Dahlia Murder Setlist:3/5(stole this from another poster, thank you mastodon421)
1.Statoury Ape
2.Everything Went Black
3.Necropolis[new song]
4.A Vulgar Picture
6.What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse
7.Unhallowed/Funeral Thirst

All That Remains-Fucking amazing as always. The singer had so much energy, and you could tell they were happy to be home.The pit was fucking nuts. Every one was moving. People were being carted out all day from getting fucked up it was awsome.:rocker:

All That Remains Setlist:5/5
1.This Calling
3.Forever In Your Hands
5.The Air I Breathe
7.Two Weeks

Job For A Cowboy-Very good show from them. they let me down when I saw them back in 2007 but this time they were sick I was catching my breath during this band so no pit action for me plus I wanted to get my spot back for Trivium.

Job For A Cowboy Setlist:4/5
1.Knee Deep
2.Altered From Cathechization
3.Unfurling A Darkened Gospel
4.Constitutional Masturbation
5.Entombment Of A Machine

Trivium-In my opinion the best band on the side stages. Their guitar player went into the pit and started moshing while playing guitar and not fucking up. Iv wanted to see this band for so long and they did not disapoint at all

Trivium Setlist:5/5
2.When All Light Dies
3.Down From The Sky
4.Throes of Perdition
5.Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr

Cannibal Corpse-This band sounded amazing, and I am not their biggest fan. I was in line to meet all that remains while they were playing but could see them and the chaos they brought from where I was. Damn good show from the kings of death metal.

Cannibal Corpse Setlist:5/5
1. Evisceration Plague
2. ?
3. I Cum Blood
4. ?
5. Make Them Suffer
6. Priests Of Sodom
7. Hammer Smashed Face
8. Stripped, Raped, & Strangled

Bullet For My Valentine-They were ok I guess nothing special didn't pay much attention and most people didn't really pay attention to the fact that they were playing

BMFV Setlist:2/5
Dont know, Dont Care

Killswitch Engage-They tore the place up, what else can I say? any time KSE is in new england theres gona be chaos. I even saw a group of people moshing in their seats, and the lawn pit was dangerous to say the very least

Killswitch Engage Setlist:5/5
1.My Last Serenade
3.Fixation On The Darkness
4.Rose Of Sharyn
5.Starting Over
6.A Bid Farewell
7.My Curse
8.End Of Heartache
9.Holy Diver

Slayer-Fucking amazing. There were some minor problems however during one of their songs the sound kept going in and out, and the pit on the lawn , although it had its moments,wasnt that intense witch is understandable cause it was dark and every one was tired. more people went for the seats then the pit.other then these small problems slayer kicked ass, and I cant wait to see them on a tour of their own some time soon I hope.

Slayer Setlist:4/5(I cant give them a perfect score because they did have sound prolbems, so they were not perfect but still amazing)
2.War Ensemble
4.Psychopathy Red
5.Born Of Fire
6.Mandatory Suicide
7.Chemical Warfare
8.Ghosts Of War
9.Dead Skin Mask
10.Hell Awaits
11.Angel Of Death
12.South Of Heaven
13.Raining Blood

Marilin Manson-He shocked me. Love him or hate him he knows what he is doing on stage. and is very good for what he is. (A LOT of people left after slayer)

Marilin Manson Setlist:4/5
1.We're From America
2.Disposable Teens
3.Little Horn
4.Irresponsible Hate Anthem
5.Four Rusted Horses
7.The Dope Show
8.Rock Is Dead
10.Sweet Dreams
11.Beautiful People

Overall this was one of the most fun shows iv ever been to. The pits were nuts, the people were chill,the music was great, and there were free rockstars, I recomend this show to any one.:rocker:

slipknot4ever24 08-05-2009 12:49 PM

how many people would you say stayed for Manson?

300%_Density 08-05-2009 01:44 PM

And people continue to drink the All That Remains kool-aid.

(sic)&disturbed 08-05-2009 05:22 PM

[QUOTE=300%_Density;222756]And people continue to drink kool-aid.[/QUOTE]

MMM! I love kool aid!:tongue:

Kevin-J 08-05-2009 06:04 PM

Cannibal didn't do I Cum Blood. Here's the set:

1. Evisceration Plague
2. The Time To Kill Is Now
3. Fucked With A Knife
4. Unleashing The Bloodthirsty
5. Make Them Suffer
6. Priests Of Sodom
7. Hammer Smashed Face
8. Stripped, Raped, & Strangled

JuuKun 08-05-2009 08:46 PM

I went. Decently fun day, even if I hated most of the bands. :party: Got the Ezkaton booklet signed by Behemoth, and then a picture with the band where Inferno's choking me. Also, very weird to see Nergal smiling in the picture. Not an expression I'm used to seeing on that face, painted or not.

Don't think that the people around me appreciated my cheering when they told us Whitechapel's bus broke down, though.

Oh, and, despite the corpse paint, Behemoth aren't Black Metal anymore, btw, haven't been for like ten years. They're 100% Kickass, but they're more Death than Black these days. Seen them 4 times now, it's always a good time.

pantera1115 08-06-2009 05:40 AM

[QUOTE=Kevin-J;222798]Cannibal didn't do I Cum Blood. Here's the set:

1. Evisceration Plague
2. The Time To Kill Is Now
3. Fucked With A Knife
4. Unleashing The Bloodthirsty
5. Make Them Suffer
6. Priests Of Sodom
7. Hammer Smashed Face
8. Stripped, Raped, & Strangled[/QUOTE]

Thanks man. Like I said im not their biggest fan I knew Evisceration Plague, and hammer smashed face (cause thats a bad ass song) I think I saw a video of them playing I cum blood on this tour so I assumed they played it and the others I either asked some one or heard him call it out

Hammer Smashed Face 08-06-2009 06:04 AM

Anyone know the times each band is expected to play? I am considering the show at Camden and this information would be helpful. TIA

petrovar 08-06-2009 08:10 AM

[QUOTE=Hammer Smashed Face;222843]Anyone know the times each band is expected to play? I am considering the show at Camden and this information would be helpful. TIA[/QUOTE]

Each band on the Jager and Hot Topic stages get like 25-30 minutes I would say. The main stages get 40-45 (except for Manson and Slayer who get an hour)

jhdeity 08-06-2009 11:38 AM

I am so jakked up for Camden tomorrow. If you're going, get there early to check out my boys Beyond The Scar. The drummer Chris Pernia is also in Pessimist is is an absolute monster. The side stages are going to be like a drum clinic with so many great drummers playing the same day. Speaking of which Corey Pierce from God Forbid is one of the coolest guys in music and a total class act. You gotta respect someone with that much talent who will stop and talk with anyone like he knows them.

I highly recommend picking up Stemm's cd Blood Scent. I ordered it off their myspace page and it came with a kick ass dvd. The song House of Cards was one of my favorite songs released in 2008. These guys are the UFC house band and they always put on a good show and can party with the best of em. Very cool and very down to earth.

Soundcheck at 10:am and party at 2:pm. It's ON! :flame:

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